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1 with For students choosing post 18

2 Careerpilot Year 12/13 students - let Careerpilot help you: Save all your topics of interest and your Profile in My Careerpilot














16 Save all your topics of interest and your Profile in My Careerpilot


18 Feedback as of Oct 2013 250,000+ have used Careerpilot since launched in Nov 2011 520+ completed Careerpilot feedback survey 98.5% found it useful 95% will use it again 95% would recommend to a friend ‘I have found out a lot more about what jobs are available and some of the ways to get there.’ ‘It has made the choices available to me more clear.’ ‘Provided useful info on apprenticeships.’

19 Careerpilot App. for any phone or tablet Download it from the Careerpilot site or from Careerpilot App. QR code

20 Make sure you make the best choice for you! Complete the online survey and tell us what you think Thank you

21 Sue Lewis The Western Vocational Progression Consortium

22 Helping 13 -19 year olds plan their future work and study. v Supporting adults and young people in mapping their existing skills gained from life, learning and work to the skills valued in HE. The WVPC resources: Providing information, advice, support and real stories to inspire adults to progress to HE level study. v

23 Today I will explain it You will try it You will feedback

24 A tool to help post 16 students: Map skills and experiences to skills valued in HE See best match skills Identify evidence of skills at level 3/4 See potential for higher level study See that the gap between Level 3 and 4 is achievable Is a web-based tool. What is it? Autonomy Collect Communicate Personal development Evaluate Initiate Knowledge Lead Manage Numerical Plan Problem solve Review Teamwork Could help with personal statements, applications for jobs, etc. Pilot, what works best?

25 Why are skills important?






31 I can work autonomously and I have demonstrated this on my work experience placement, through my voluntary and part time work, when I …..


33 Task: 1.Logon to 2.Register 3.Go to ‘Build your Profile’ 4.Answer the questions 5.Tick box to see profile results 6.View ‘best match’ skills




37 1.Think of a task you completed where you used this skill. 2.Look at level 4, have you done this? 3.Write your evidence explaining what you did and making sure it meets the standard. Dictionary definition

38 Let’s do it! Showing evidence Level 3 TaskEvidence to meet standards Use the language of the standards Level 3: Sophie is doing A Levels. Every term has to assess her performance in her subjects against a set of assessment criteria given to her by the teacher. She then has to set targets to show how she will improve. This term she has said she will read more background information for English and see a play which is on locally. Sophie assessed her performance and set targets for improvement Level 3: Explain how you assessed your own capabilities against given criteria and how you engaged in guided development activities which helped you improve. Task should show independent performance

39 Let’s do it! Showing evidence Level 4 TaskEvidence to meet standards At Level 4 you will also have to explain how you reviewed and developed the performance of yourself and others. Level 4: In his role at Sports Direct Jordan has to assess his performance each week against the goals set for him by the company. He looks at data to review his performance as well as others in the company. He is asked to assesses who is best for what job so that they can meet company goals. Sometimes, without supervision, he has to assign staff to different roles. He often supervises new staff and he tries to pass on tips and suggestion about how they can meet company goals. Jordan assessed his own and others’ performance against company targets and supervised new staff in meeting company targets. Task should show independent performance

40 Task: 1.Start with your best match skill. 2.Identify a task you completed where you used the skill. 3.Add your evidence, matching it to the standards for 4 or 5 skills. You can use the same task more than once but… make sure the evidence explains how you used that skill. E.g. if the skills is problem solving write about how in the task you did that, if communication then write about how you used that skill. Don’t forget to save

41 Work in pairs to help each other improve the evidence so it matches the standard. Ask: What did you do to …? Why did you decide to do that? How did you go about it? What outcome did you achieve?, etc. Let’s do it! Work in pairs


43 Let’s do it! How to use your results If you are not sure that HE is for you If you are not sure what course to do When applying for a higher education level course If you decide to apply for an Apprenticeship, college course or job

44 How to use your results






50 Thank you

51 The WVPC partnership: Broadening access to HE across the SW From July 2014, all 12 unis in the SW fund

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