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Volume 5, Issue 1 October 8 th 2014 Principal: Ms C Ní Chianáin Deputy Principal: Ms T Devaney.

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1 Volume 5, Issue 1 October 8 th 2014 Principal: Ms C Ní Chianáin Deputy Principal: Ms T Devaney

2 Page 2 of 6 Students’ Page Scoil Colm Newsletter Our class, 6 th class, have been preparing for the school’s 75 th anniversary celebration. The celebration will take place on the 22 nd of October, 2014. We will be performing some of the things that we have practiced on the school stage. We are also finding things out about the school from 1939 to 1954. First things first, we have been rehearsing a short play about what Irish school’s were like 75 years ago. We will also sing an Irish song during the play. We have also done two interviews, one with Mr. O’Donnell and one with a past pupil named Liam Flynn. The two of them told us a lot about what the school was like years ago. One of the main things we have been rehearsing is the song ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow,’ from the 1939 classic movie ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ We are singing this choice of song because ‘The Wizard of Oz’ came out in the same year as the school opened. Another thing we have been rehearsing is a poem by the famous Irish poet named W.B. Yeats. We are learning his poem because he died the year the school opened. Last but not least, our class were split into two groups and we went to the resource room to find some old items. We found old photos and milk bottles. The bottles were used for lunches back in the old days. I think the celebration will be a great success and I had a great time preparing for it with my class. By Carl and Reece – 6 th Class During September my class and I were preparing for our school’s 75 th Anniversary. This will happen on October 22 nd in the school hall. Firstly we prepared interview questions for Mr O’Donnell and Liam Flynn. We recorded the interview questions and answers. Some of the class went to see interesting artefacts in the resource room. They got to see an old milk bottle, a gas mask and an old helmet. Secondly we are learning an Irish play and song because it’s about a school day 75 years ago. As well as that we ae learning a song called ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ because it was released when the school was opened, in 1939. Also a poem by W.B. Yeats, a famous poet, because he died in the same year the school opened. Lastly we are performing all of this on the 22 nd of October 2014 on the school stage for the whole school and I can’t wait. By Cian H and Ryan – 6 th Class WB YEATS 1865 - 1939 Wizard of Oz Poster 1939 We had a visit from Mr. Sheedy. He used to be the principal in the school. He told us al about himself and about the school years ago. Alan, Second Class We are celebrating out 75 th anniversary. Our teachers told all of us to wear our uniforms to school. Then, that day we took a photo of the whole school wearing our uniforms in the shape of 75. It looked really cool. Conor G., Second Class

3 Page 3 of 6 Students’ Page Scoil Colm Newsletter For the 75 th Anniversary of Scoil Colm we separated the five classes in the school, each class getting a fifteen year period to get as much information and to do a project on it. We, the 6 th class, got the first fifteen years; 39 – 54. We started with half of the class going to the computer room to look for pictures and information, while the other half stayed and looked for artefacts in the resource room. They found pictures, an old milk bottle and a gas mask. A few days later we wrote down questions to ask Mr O’Donnell, a past teacher and vice principal. We were also lucky enough to interview a past pupil, Liam Flynn, who was here during the opening years of the school. Also we are learning a song from the first colour movie, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ called ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, a brief poem by W.B. Yeats who died in 1939 and also a play in Irish. The Anniversary celebration will be held on the 22 nd of October in the hall with every class performing something of their own choosing on the stage. By Jake and Eoghan – 6 th Class We interviewed, Mr. O’Donnell, who retired last year. He told us that the teachers were all male when he started. There were about 40 pupils in the class. The school day was longer, they finished at half past three. But there was a longer lunch time too, 1 hour and a quarter. They did get sandwiches and milk but there was no menu like today! Mr O’Donnell taught in Scoil Colm for 40 years. He said he has lots of fond memories. William, Sam S, Gerrard, Sam C, Marc. We also interviewed a past pupil, called Liam. He was captain of the school football team. Scoil Colm was called Scoil a Dó back then because there were three schools. The classroom would have been very bare. There were window up high to let light in from the corridor. There was no running water in the classrooms. The boys drank water from the tap in the yard. The trough is still there today but we just sit on it! Liam loved school because he was the football captain and they won the school league in Croke Park a few times. Conor L, Cian, Justin, Josh R, Kyle We compared school life in Scoil Colm from 1954 - 1969 to 2014. They had black boards and chalk. We have a white board, markers and an Interactive Whiteboard. Then we wrote poetry about Scoil Colm, past and present. It was hard to get words to rhyme! We investigated around the school for information. We drew sketches to go for with our project. Oisín, Owen, Aaron, Josh E, Conor A We examined roll books from the 1950’s. The list of names in the class went on two pages. All the names were written in Irish. The classrooms must have been very full. We still use a roll book nowadays and the teacher does another roll on the computer. In our school museum we have a glass milk bottle and an ink well from those days. Nathan, Rufa, Gherardo, Seán B, Alex, Seán S. On the 19 th of September we had a school photo. It was for the 75 th anniversary. The photo was taken on the school yard. All of the classes were in the photo. The photo was in the shape of 75. First, we went outside. Next, we lined up. After, we took the photo. Finally, we went inside. I LOVE Scoil Colm. David L, Second Class We interviewed Mr. Sheedy. He was the principal from 1996 until he retired in 2010 when he was 60. When Mr. Sheedy was a teacher, he used to teach all of the subjects. Mr. Sheedy banned marbles when he was principal because they were dangerous. In Scoil Colm, we do violin, G.A.A. and we visit the library to read books. We have a siopa where you can buy rulers, red pens, pencils and ties. James K, Second Class Our school is having an anniversary this year. The school is 75 years old and there will celebration on the 22 nd of October. We took our 75 photo last week. All of the boys were in the shape of a 75. It was a good picture. Evan R., Second Class Mr. Sheedy came to our class. He told us that football was one of the most popular things on yard when he was principal. 75 years ago, Scoil Colm was built. In 2010, Mr. Sheedy retired from Scoil Colm. Bobby, Second Class SCOIL COLM 75 TH ANNIVERSARY 2014

4 Page 4 of 6 Students’ Page Scoil Colm Newsletter Our class is doing a project on the 75 th Anniversary of Scoil Colm. We have put together some questions and some music and also a poem. Firstly some of my classmates went to the resource room to find some information about the school 75 years ago. We found an old milk bottle, a gas mask, an army helmet and some pictures. We came back with the pictures and milk bottle and a very big, black, old telephone. When we got all the information about school 75 years ago Mr O’Donnell came in to answer our questions, just to give us a little bit more information. Ms Forde and Ms Harrison picked a song and a poem for our performance. The poem is by W.B. Yeats and our song is ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow.’ Our school will be singing it for the whole school. I’m looking forward to seeing how the other classes are doing because we did very well. By Jack and Cameron – 6 th Class The school is 75 years old this year. The teachers took a photo of us. We were in the yard. The photo was taken on the 18 th of September. It was shaped as a 75. Adam R., Second Class Our school is 75 years old. Mr. Sheedy, the old principal told us about school in the old days. Mr. Sheedy banned marbles because someone got hit on the head with a marble so then the boys played football. Now we play lots of other sports in P.E. There will be a celebration on the 22 nd of October for the school’s anniversary. Cian W., Second Class Our school had our photo taken for the 75 th anniversary. First, we had a practice and then we had the real one. All of the boys were in the shape of 75. Ms. Fallon and Ms. Ní Chianáin took the photo. The day was the 18 th of September. After the photo we all put our hands up in the air. Clayton, Second Class In our school, we play football. When the bell rings, we go to our line. Then we go inside and we do work. I like our school. I don’t want it to change. Our school is 75 years old. Kian M., Second Class Mr. Sheedy was the principal in 1996 until 2010. They played on the yard a long time ago. Now Ms. Ní Chianáin is the principal. The school is 75 years old. Dane McGuinness, Second Class Our school is 75 years old. We took a school photo on the yard. Ms. Fallon and Ms. Ní Chianáin took the photo of a 7 and a 5. It was on the 18 th of September. There will be a celebration on the 22 nd of October! Sam, Second Class Our school is having a 75 th anniversary this year. We took a photo using all of the boys in the whole school. It looked so cool when our Ms. showed it to us on the computer. The photo was shaped like a 75. Harry, Second Class We took the 75 photo in the yard on September the 18 th. This year is the anniversary of our school. It is 75 years old. There is going to be a celebration on the 22 nd of October. Ms. Ní Chianáin and Ms. Fallon took the photo. It was so much fun! Calum, Second Class The 75 photo was taken in the yard on the 18 th of September. It was fun. Our school is 75 years old. It is the 75 th anniversary. There will be a celebration on the 22 nd of October. I can’t wait! Larry, Second Class On a Thursday, we had the 75 photo. We went to the yard to have the photo taken. All of the children were in it. It was in the shape of a 75. It is the 75 th anniversary of the school. It was a good day and great fun. Christopher, Second Class We took the 75 th anniversary photo on the yard. We all smiled when the photo was taken. Ms. Ní Chianáin and Ms. Fallon took the photo for us. The photo was in the shape of 75. The whole school was there. Ben, Second Class SCOIL COLM 75 TH ANNIVERSARY 2014

5 Page 5 of 6 Students Page Scoil Colm Newsletter A man visited our classroom last week. His name was Jason. He is 25 and was in this school years ago. He told us that if you where very good you would get an extra muffin on a Friday. He told us Ms Ní Chianáin was a teacher back then. If you were bold you would be sent to the principal’s office and you would be sent home. You would have to write 100 lines to say you were sorry. When he left, we gave him a packet of sweets to say thank you. By James Room 3 Some of the teachers were strict when Jason was in school. They got muffins on Friday, sometimes they get two. If you were bold you would have to do lines or get sent down to the office. Ms. C, Ní Chianáin was his first teacher. Jason started school in 1998. They started and finished school at the same time as we do. He had a black board in his classroom and no interactive white board. He got student of the year in second class. Nathan Hanley Stewart welcomed him into our class. Eoin Verlin gave him sweets to say thank you and Jason left. Joshua,Room 3 Our interview with Jason was very good. We asked him questions and he answered all of our questions. Nathan Stewart greeted him into our classroom. We had a fun time when Jason came in. He told us that on Fridays he would get an extra muffin. He also told us he would get sent home if he was very bold. When he left, Eoin gave him a big box of chocolates. I enjoyed Jason’s visit. By Sean Room 3 Jason is twenty four. He went to Scoil Colm in 1998. Ms Ní Chianáin was his first teacher. If he was bold he would get sent to the office and sent home. He won student of the year in second class. We asked him lots questions and he answered politely. At the end, Eoin gave him chocolates and shook his hand. We enjoyed having him as a guest. By Callum Room 3 Last week Jason came into our class into our class to answer questions. He joined the school in 1998. His first teacher was Ms. Ní Chianáin. Jason said if you where bold you would get sent the office then sent home. He said Ms. Ní Chianáin was a nice but strict teacher. They finished school at the same time as us at half two and went to yard at the same time. On Friday they got muffins. Jason said the classrooms weren’t as colourful as they are now. They played GAA every day. He was even part of the GAA team. There was no breakfast club. You could only join homework club in sixth class and it was in St. Agnes. There was a different principal called Mr. Sheedy. He said the work was really hard but if it’s not hard you won’t learn anything. They played football and tag out in yard. He said he had lots of friends and he is still in touch with most of them. Aaron F Room 3 Last week Jason visited our classroom. We asked him questions. His first teacher was Ms Ní Chianáin. He got muffins on a Friday. If you where good you got two muffins. If you were bold you got sent to the office, and sent home. Jason went to school on Scoil Colm. He is 25 years old now. He was very nice to us. Nathan, Room 3 Scoil Colm 75 Years Old 2014 The School Logo with a motto of “Seek Peace” in Gaelic.

6 Page 6 of 6 Parents’ Page Scoil Colm Newsletter It has been a busy start to the year and our pupils have settled in nicely. Ms Murray’s and Mr Duffy’s second class boys are working very hard in Room 1. Once again, we will be making a special effort to maximise the amount of teaching time that your sons receive in class and would ask that you help us with this by keeping all classroom interruptions to a minimum. Please make appointments to meet teachers outside of teaching time where necessary, either by putting a note in your son’s journal or through Alison in our school office. There are many after-school activities in which your son can become involved and we would encourage them to do so. Breakfast club, homework club, GAA training and orchestra have already begun, so if you are interested in these or any other activities, please contact the school. For the safety of our pupils, we ask that you ensure that they are not in the yard before 8.40am. Also, although we like to hear of our pupils getting exercise through cycling, we do not have facilities to store or lock pupils’ bikes safely in our school. Unfortunately, we must therefore inform you that Scoil Colm cannot be liable for any bicycles on our premises. We would like to welcome the whole school community to our 75 th Anniversary celebration on 22 nd October at 11.15am. Please tell neighbours, friends and family that may have attended the school in the past that we would love to see them too. Looking forward to welcoming you on the 22 nd. Claire Ní Chianáin PLEASE KEEP OUR PUPILS SAFE Parking / Car Park: Parking in the school car park is for staff cars only. This measure is taken to limit the number of cars driving in the car park for the safety of our pupils. We ask parents/visitors to please help us to keep our pupils safe by not driving in to the staff car park or parking on the footpath directly outside the front of the school. Thank you. Attendance / Early Collection of Pupils The time that your son spends in school is valuable learning time. As parents and teachers, we want the best for the boys and don’t want them to miss a minute of their education. Please remember that your son should not be taken out of school unless it is absolutely necessary. Parents can support us in this by requesting hospital/doctor/dental appointments outside of school hours where possible. Should you need to collect your son early from school for any reason, please remember to sign him in/out in the school office. This is for safety and security reasons. New Deputy Principal Following the retirement of Mr O'Donnell, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Ms Therese Devaney as the new Deputy Principal since the beginning of the school year. We wish her every success in her position. School Shop Copies, pencils, pens, journals, etc. can be purchased from the school shop on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.00 to 9.30am.

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