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Crisis Campaigns Tom Say, Campaigns

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1 Crisis Campaigns Tom Say, Campaigns Officer @yaSmoT

2 Background Set up in 1967, campaigning ever since

3 How we campaign Evidence based Targeted Noisy Coalitions and partnerships Homeless people and volunteers Crisis campaigners

4 What we campaign on Four key priorities: Help from the council Support from benefits Renting a home Homelessness services

5 Recent/current campaigns No Going Home Revenge evictions Local Welfare Assistance Who Benefits? No One Turned Away

6 Single homeless people who ask their council for help are being turned away to sleep on the streets. Based on evidence: Experience of our clients Crisis research: Turned Away, Nations Apart, No One’s Priority Others: No Second Night Out, Local Government Ombudsman Scotland and Wales

7 Turned Away: Quiz! 1. ‘Joy’ left her home after being beaten up by her ex-boyfriend. She wants to move out of the area and so has gone to a neighbouring council to ask for help… a)She was told to ring a domestic violence hotline on phones that didn’t work b)She was told that her circumstances meant she would get somewhere to permanent eventually but would live in temporary accommodation until then c)She was told she was not a priority for the council because she did not have children d)She was offered a place in a specialist refuge for women fleeing domestic violence e)She was told to look on the internet for somewhere to live and to borrow money from friends for a deposit

8 Turned Away: Quiz! 2. ‘Geoff’ is 30 and has learning difficulties and was staying with a friend but has just been asked to leave… a)He was told to fill in an online form but received no help, despite explaining that he couldn’t read or write b)He was told to go to the local Citizen’s Advice Bureau for help instead c)He was told he needed proof of ID and medical documents, even though he explained these were still in the flat he was now locked out of d)He was offered supported accommodation e)He was found emergency temporary accommodation in a B&B

9 Turned Away: Quiz! 3. ‘Simon’ lost his job, struggled to pay the rent and was kicked out of his flat. He’s since been sofa surfing and sleeping rough sleeping rough… a)He was given a map showing winter night shelters b)The advisor arranged for him to sleep at a church night shelter c)Told he should have contacted council before he was evicted, nothing they could do now d)He was told they couldn’t help him now but he should come back for an appointment with a housing advisor... in a month’s time e)He was told hat the council couldn’t help him until he started claiming any benefits

10 No One Turned Away Current legislation not working for those owed the lesser duty Single homeless people deterred from approaching council Many left with no option but to sleep on the floors of friends and family, squat in abandoned buildings, or sleep rough We want all parties to make a manifesto commitment to carry out a review of the support given to single homeless people under the homelessness legislation in England.

11 No One Turned Away Petition now passed 30,000 signatures Media coverage and celebrity support Debate in Parliament yesterday Emailing parliamentary candidates Personalised actions from those with experience of homelessness and front line workers Manifestos published, General election… ???

12 Get involved Sign the petition! @crisis_uk and #NoOneTurnedAway Find out more about all our campaigns:

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