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How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning

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1 How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning
Treasures, 4th Grade, Unit 2, Week 4 This PowerPoint was created by Dr. Anita Archer as a part of the Wichita Schools Vocabulary Project. Users are encouraged to edit, reorder, reformat (change theme) or augment the slides to fit their classroom needs. * Words have been added from the passage.

2 invent* verb If you invent something such as a machine or a process, you are the first person to think of it or make it. synonym – create, develop

3 invent example Ben Franklin invented the Franklin stove.

4 invent example Ben Franklin also invented this musical instrument.

5 invent word relatives invent verb invented verb inventions noun inventor noun Would you like to invent something new? Ben Franklin, an American born in 1706, invented many things. One of his inventions was the Franklin stove. Ben Franklin is a very famous inventor.

6 Other words for Ben Franklin
- cian Ben Franklin played music. He was a musician. He worked with electricity. He was an electrician. He was involved in politics. He was a politician.

7 Other words for Ben Franklin
- er Ben Franklin loved to write. He was a writer. He helped print a newspaper. He was a printer. He liked to do experiments. He was an experimenter.

8 Other words for Ben Franklin
- ist Ben Franklin drew cartoons for newspapers. He was a cartoonist. He studied science. He was a scientist.

9 mischief noun Mischief is something amusing that may cause trouble. synonym – pranks, tricks

10 mischief example This kitten can get into a lot of mischief.

11 mischief example When he was young, Ben Franklin worked as a newspaper printer. Ben got into mischief when he pretended to be a woman and wrote an advice column for the newspaper.

12 mischief checking understanding
These toddlers could get into lots of mischief. How might they get into mischief? Begin by saying: These toddlers could get into lots of mischief. They could....

13 hilarious adjective When a joke is hilarious, it makes you laugh a lot. Synonyms - very funny

14 hilarious example We laughed at the hilarious antics of the monkey in the movie. He got into lots of mischief.

15 hilarious example Is this Ben Franklin joke hilarious? How did Ben Franklin feel after he flew a kite in a thunderstorm?

16 hilarious example Shocked!

17 convinced verb To be convinced is to have accepted someone’s views. Synonym – talk into, persuade

18 convinced example During the American Revolutionary War, Ben Franklin went to France. He convinced the leaders of France to help the Americans defeat Great Britain.

19 convinced check understanding
What have you convinced people to believe or do? Begin by saying: I convinced someone to ... convinced

20 independence noun Countries seeking independence wish to govern themselves. Synonym – self-government, freedom, liberty

21 independence example The American colonists fought against the British (Red Coats) to gain their independence. The colonists wanted to rule their own land.

22 independence example Ben Franklin helped write the Declaration of Independence.

23 independence check understanding
What is a synonym for independence? Begin by saying: A synonym for independence is...

24 dizzy adjective Someone who feels dizzy finds it hard to keep his or her balance. Synonym – self-government, freedom, liberty

25 dizzy example and check understanding
Jake has gone around and around on this ride. He is feeling dizzy. He can’t even stand up. Tell about a time when you were dizzy. Begin by saying: I felt dizzy when...

26 whirlwind analyze the word
A whirlwind is a wind that ___________ around you. Show the movement of a whirlwind with your arm.

27 whirlwind check understanding
What would happen to lightweight objects in a whirlwind? Begin by saying: If there was a whirlwind, lightweight objects would...

28 nowadays analyze the word check understanding
Nowadays are days that are right ___________. If something happened today or recently, did it happen nowadays? If something happened 200 years ago, did it happen nowadays?

29 handy analyze the word check understanding
When something is handy, it is nearby or near your_________. Many people keep their cell phone handy. What are some everyday items that you want to keep handy? Begin by saying: Some everyday items that I want to keep handy include: ...

30 Lesson Review Tell students the word hint
Lesson Review Tell students the word hint. Have them form the number on their desk and then show you. Word I am thinking of a word that means invent mischief hilarious convinced independence dizzy whirlwind nowadays handy how you feel after being on a roller coaster very funny talking someone into doing something freedom getting into trouble to make something that no one else has thought of

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