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Canterbury Tales. 3 Types of Social Class  Military  Nobility  Knight  Squire  Clergy  Prioress (nun and three priests)  Monk  Friar  Parson.

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Presentation on theme: "Canterbury Tales. 3 Types of Social Class  Military  Nobility  Knight  Squire  Clergy  Prioress (nun and three priests)  Monk  Friar  Parson."— Presentation transcript:

1 Canterbury Tales

2 3 Types of Social Class  Military  Nobility  Knight  Squire  Clergy  Prioress (nun and three priests)  Monk  Friar  Parson

3 Social Class (con’t)  Laity  Landowners  Franklin  Professionals  Clerk, Man of law, Guildsmen, Physician (doctor), Shipman (skipper)  Laborers  Cook and Plowman  Stewards  Miller, Manciple and Reeve  Church officers  Summoner and Pardoner

4 Knight  Most noble of all of the pilgrims  He has military strength  Chivalric  Polite  Generous  Loyal

5 Squire  Son of the knight  Apprentice – knight in training  He has fought before in battles, but he is devoted to love  Strong, beautiful, curly-haired young man  Well-dressed in clothes with flowers on it.  Desires the attention of a lady  He enjoys playing the flute, writing, and riding.  He is a dutiful son and cuts his dad’s meat.

6 Yeoman  Freeborn Servant  Wears green from head to toe  Carries a large bow and feathered arrows  He also has a sword and shield  He is a forrester (knows how to get around the forest).

7 Prioress  Madame Eglentyne  She is not part of the formal court but tries to act like she does.  She eats daintily (reaches for food daintily and delicately)  She speaks French, but with an English accent  She is compassionate towards animals (she cries when she sees a mouse trapped in a trap).  Feeds her dogs: roasted meat and milk– odd for this time, food was scarce.  She has an enormous forehead- this is beautiful for the time.  She wears prayer beads on her arm which hang from a gold brooch with the words “love conquers All”.  Another nun and 3 priests accompany her.

8 The Monk  Very handsome  Loves hunting  Keeps horses  Outrider– Looks after the monastery’s business with the external world).  His horse’s bridal can be heard jingling in the wind (like a church bell).  He knows that he isn’t supposed to hunt (as per the church), but he thinks that is ridiculous and dismisses those rules.  He is fat, bald, and well-dressed.

9 Friar  A member of a religious order who lives by begging.  Friar is jovial, pleasure-loving, well-spoken, and socially agreeable.  He hears confessions and gives easy penances for people who donate to the church.  He is popular with wealthy landowners.  He is all about the people who “help him”. He is liked by innkeepers and barmaids (food and drink).

10 Merchant  Tastefully attired (nice boots, fur hat)  He is a salesman  He borrows money, but is in debt  The narrator doesn’t know his name

11 Oxford Clerk  A thinker  Threadbare  Student of philosophy at Oxford  Loves books

12 Serjeant of Law  He was very revered in the group  Lawyer who is well spoken, and writes well.  He knows his case law by heart. He is often appointed by the king as a judge in the court.  He is wealthy and buys a lot of land (he owns it free and clear with no loans).

13 Franklin  white=-bearded  Wealthy gentleman farmer  Possesses a lot of land, but wasn’t born of nobility.  He has a preoccupation for food (he has plenty).

14 Guildsman  Artisans--tradesmen  Dressed in uniform of their guild.  The narrator likes their shiny attire. He thinks they are fit to be city officials

15 Cook  Chaucer feels he is skillful at his profession.  But Chaucer the cook has an ulcer that is put into the food (puss) and therefore, Chaucer can’t eat the food.

16 Shipman (Skipper)  Wears a dagger on a cord around his neck.  When he is on his ship he steals wine from the merchant (that is what he transports).

17 Doctor  He practices but he is into astronomy  He has a good set up with apothecaries because they work together to make each other money.  He is aware of modern and ancient medicine information, but isn’t involved in the religion part of the Middle ages.  He is frugal– Chaucer jokes that his favorite medicine is Gold (getting paid).

18 Wife of Bath  Seamstress  Always the first to offering at Mass.  She gets upset if someone goes in front of her.  She has had five husbands and 3 pilgrimages to Jerusalem.  She has also been Rome, Cologne, and other pilgrimage sites.  Her teeth have gaps between them  She is jolly and talkative. She gives good love advice because of her experience.

19 Parson  Gentle  Poor villager  Pure of conscience  Truly believes in Christ  He enjoys preaching and instructing parishioners  He hates excommunicating those who cannot pay their tithes.  He walks with a cane and visits all of the parishoners no matter how far they live.  He is dedicated to his parish and doesn’t look for a promotion within the church.  He is even kind to sinners and tries to teach by example instead of scorn.

20 Plowman  Works hard  Loves God and his neighbor  Labors “for Christ’s sake”  Pays his tithes on time

21 Miller  Red Hair  Makes crude and bawdy jokes  Drinks  Is is stout and strong. He lifts doors off their hinges.  He has a wart on his nose with bright red hairs sticking out of it like bristles.  He has a mouth like a furnace.  He wears a sword and buckeler, and loves to joke and tell dirty stories.

22 Manciple  He is the administrative assistant of the Inn of Court (school of law).  He is uneducated, but is very smart common sense wise.

23 Reeve  He is long, tall, and thin  Has short hair (reminds the narrator of a priest).  He manages his lord’s estate so well that he is able to hoard his own money and property from the lord.  He is a good carpenter, and always rides behind everyone else.

24 Summoner  Arraigns those accused of violating Church law.  When drunk he speaks a few Latin phrases he knows.  His face is bright red from an unspecified disease.  He is corrupt—he uses his power for his own gain.  He uses his power with the young women and tries to have sex with them in his area of jurisdiction.  For example- for a quart of wine, he would let another man sleep with his girlfriend for a year and then not charge him with a crime.

25 Pardoner  He was just in the court of Rome.  Rides with the Summoner.  He has long blond hair  He sings while he rides.  He thinks he rides very fashionable (nothing covering his head).  He brought a lot of souvenirs from his trip in Rome.  The narrator compares his voice to a goat because it is so high pitched (alluding to the fact that he may be homosexual).  He is disrespectful to the poor (and tries to get money for his own gain).  The pardoner is a good preacher, storyteller, and singer.

26 Host  He is a corrupt figure – named Bailey  The group stayed with the host.  He was a beautiful man  He had bright eyes and a large man  He had bold speech patterns  He was jovial friendly  Shrewd businessman  After he takes their money, he flatters them to make them forget how much money the just gave him.  The word quiet means repay– it is a motif throughout the tales—each characters put in a sort of debt by the previous character’s tale, and must repay him or her with a new tale.

27 7 Deadly Sins  wrath wrath  greed greed  sloth sloth  pride pride  lust, lust  envy, envy  Gluttony -- Franklin Gluttony

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