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SANA - Tanzania.

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1 SANA - Tanzania

2 From East Africa - Tanzania
Stories Told by Same Sex Attracted Men From East Africa - Tanzania

3 About SANA NGO registered in Tanzania
Aim: To reduce the spread of HIV in Tanzania Special focus on key populations Men who have sex with men People who use drugs Male and female sex workers People living with HI

4 Story No. 1 Salim, a 19 year old MSM who is a sex work was raped by a policeman on his way home from a club, He said: the police had a electrical wire , they beat me with it, they forced me to have sex with them. Four came to arrest me and two of them raped me. They had pipes, and they hit me on the bottoms of the feet. I couldn’t walk afterwards and i didn’t go the hospital because I was afraid of being harassed with the health providers.

5 Story No. 2 Peter , a 24 years old gay man in Tanzania, he went to the Ilala hospital to be treated for an STI, Peter said the doctor examined me and told it was gonorrhea but then refused to treat me , he said “you already have sex with men now you come here to bring us a problems, go away “ he told me he would not treat me because am a gay. I come back home and went to Pharmacy to buy medicines.

6 Story No. 3 Nassor, 28 years old gay man, in Dar es salaam he has beaten, raped many times, he said when club , I meet street boys who go around night at night, they took my phone, money, raped me, beat me many times, but never went to the police , He explained “I’m afraid to go to the police because they might tell me I don’t have right , they might say we are not dealing with gays’ cases.

7 Story No.4 Joseph, a 23 years old male sex worker from Mororgoro, he has been arrested in the street at two times. The first time, police beat him with (Virungu), the second time, he said two police Jamii arrested me in magomeni mapipa. They beat me took me to the magomeni garden spend. One police jamii was force me to have sex with him in order to be released and I agreed and having sex with after that another police jamii came and ask me to suck his dick and if I refused, he will take me to the police post, so I suck his dick and after I finished he beat me and tell me run before I arrested you again.

8 Story No. 5 Ahmed, a 21 years old gay men, was turned to the police by his family 2013 when they found out he was a gay, his brother beat him and take him to the police station, Ahmed was not sure what his brother was told the police, but after being detained for one day without questioned, he was released. When he went home his parent said they would no longer pay for his school fees because he is homosexual, so Ahmed decided to go to the police to report his parents, the police called his parents and his brother come to discuss the case. According to Ahmed this time his brother told the police officer “this guy is having sex with other men”, then the police started to support his brother and started to complain “why don’t you stop doing that , they punish me with stick and then they released me and told my brother “Go with him and check on him for some days. If he continues having sex with men , return him back to the police again” Ahmed went home and, but his family chased him away after a week . He said “Up to day I don’t have place to stay, and my family refuse to pay school fees because I’m a gay.

9 Story No.6 Rama, a 22 years gay man in Dar es salaam, get SIT and went to Temeke hospital, he decided to mask his sexual orientation, He said “I was afraid to tell the doctors about my sexual orientation because of stigma, so I created a face story to convince a doctor , I said “ Two days a go, I was drunk, I passed out somewhere and people raped me. So I thinks I got anal STIs. The doctor the doctor started to insult me , saying “ you are a man why you are doing this? it is not right for a real man to do something like this” I said “I’m not a gay, it just happened” The doctor said “ Next time don’t to something like that, H gave me a piece of paper said go to the pharmacy and buy that medicine.

10 Current HIV prevalence in Tanzania
Source: National Multisectoral Strategic Framework III, 2013/14 – 2017/18

11 Challenges Stigma and discrimination
Late response on HIV in key populations Lack of understanding of HIV prevention needs regarding key populations Shortage of correct information about HIV for KPs Low availability of water-based lubricants Low availability of friendly health services for KPs

12 Government and CSO’s Efforts
Policy development, e.g. National Multisectoral Strategic Framework 2013/14 – 2017/18 National AIDS Strategic Plan Outreach service guide for HIV prevention among drug users 2010 Government Instructions, e.g. MOH TACAIDS NACP Muhimbili hospital - TAPP Community response, e.g. SANA Other groups and organizations Local Allies, e.g. TACOSODE TGNP NACOPHA Friendly Heath Services Centers e.g. - PASADA - IDC Research, e.g. Muhimbili University University of Oslo Development partners, e.g. UNAIDS - WHO - HIVOS – Capacity Building UHAI – Capacity Building International HIV Alliance – Capacity Building Conferences 1st African Conference on Key Populations in the HIV Epidemic (Dar es Salaam 2012) 2nd Annual replaning meeting May 2014 Tanzania Key population strategic workshop May 2014

13 A video With the presentation here is a short video to assist.
Introduction to SANA Three MSM are talking about different experiences on HIV in Tanzania After the presentation we invite you to take party asking questions and participate in this discussion.

14 Hearing from the horse’s mouth


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