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Welcome Back to ASD 2014-2015 Welcome Ms. Vera Hendrix NEW AIDB Vice-President.

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1 Welcome Back to ASD 2014-2015 Welcome Ms. Vera Hendrix NEW AIDB Vice-President

2 Inservice Week— Please See Schedule Today: Dept. Meetings Convocation (Speaker) Lunch Policies & Procedures

3 Inservice Week— Managing Crisis Safely New Policies Drug Testing Institute Wide Institute Appropriate Dress Expectations Medication Training Bus Driver Recertification Injury Procedures Complete Review of All Policies (Form)

4 This Year? Expected Enrollment Prepare for Accreditation (Committees) Strategic Plan CPR Training IEP Review/Training Data Analization Technology

5 ASD Are We The Best?—Yes! In everything?—No, But We’re Working On It! WHY Do We Strive to Be The Best? Because You KNOW...

6 Why We Are Here? You Know... We Can Care More! You Know... What We Have Done! You Know... Who’s Lives Have We Touched!

7 DeJaylin “DJ” Hardwick Tragedy

8 I’m Coming To ASD

9 Thank You

10 If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now!? Jeremy Phillips’ grandmother (Louise Phillips) called just to let you know that she enjoyed graduation yesterday. She stated everything was nice and she appreciats everything ASD has done and will do for Jeremy Phillips. She stated she just wished she would have gotten him here sooner as a student.

11 That’s Why He Is At ASD Oh, Wow! This is great! I'm walking around with my chest stuck out now. My boy can run! How about that? Go Leroy! Tell staff to keep encouraging him, maybe that's all he wants, just a little attention!!!!! When he comes home from school he always isolates himself in the room, only conversing when he has to. Tell staff to keep up the good work! That's why I brought him here to ASD, because I knew you guys could reach him when I can't. He can get very, very, very stubborn at times, but I don't back down, I stand my ground with him. My aunt, a retired high school counselor, always tells me we spoiled him while trying to protect him, we didn't mean to, just wanted the best for him and this is why were here. So proud of my baby! Please understand my worries as a mother and how scared I am because of previous health issues. Thanks. Karen Raine

12 How Will We Be Remembered This is Kim, Darius’ mom. I just wanted to thank all of you for the part that you played in Darius life. It was soooo hard to send my 9yr old away from me, but I knew he had to learn to be independent. Alone with your help and dedication to Darius, plus my many pop ups! Lol he has surpased his goals. I had him to write down his goals before he left for ASD and we just scratched off the last one and that was to go to collage. Not only did he graduate, but he will forever be remembered at Gallaudet! He did wonderful. He set records in track and field and then broke his on records. He went to NCAA Championship 3 times! Now rank #8 in the nation in triple jump! Was on a record breaking football season that made world wide news! Darius also had a beautiful baby girl name Baylee that we tragically lost at 11mnts old. It broke my hard to see my child hurt sooooo bad and I couldn't fix it. But I knew who could and I pray for him and Bri (Baylee's mom). But Darius stayed strong for his baby, our beautiful angel. Just like ASD, I've made multiple trips to DC, to support my child in everything he do. My have he grown into a wonderful young man!, a person that others want to follow. I've always told Darius to be The Leader! During graduation I cried through the whole thing. I saw my child in his cap and gown and I lost it! I remembered ALL the people who said he couldn't do it. But they didn't know Darius. Tell him what he can't do, he will prove you wrong! Determination, motivation, dedication! I'm just soooo proud of him. He now has made DC his home. Do I miss him here? Yes! But I've taught him all I know about life. He has knowledge and great determination to do what ever he wants. So, I'm not worried. He belongs there. He will be assistant track and field coach at Gallaudet this fall or at the middle school. He loves kids! Darius also is starting to model on the side. He wants to go to culinary school. He is going to get his masters! There is no stopping him! I say, go for it. I've been thinking that at the beginning of ASD school year that there should be a mandatory session for students and parents. Too many kids are just being dropped off and there has GOT to be parent participation. There's a get out what you put in. Parents have to be involved to see their children reach goals! I told Darius a long time ago that deafness is NOT a disability! It only means that you can't hear as good as other people. That you're not dumb. There is nothing wrong with your brain, so I accepted no excuses. I would love to talk to incoming students and parents. I'm attaching some pics. Again thank you ALLLL soooo much! Please share...esp to Connie.

13 Darius Flowers—Class of 2009




17 ASD Home OF Champions!

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