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Artimide Zatti1 Quiz Brother A. Zatti. 2 Rearrange the names of the following towns in chronological order as they are mentioned in the life of Zatti:

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1 Artimide Zatti1 Quiz Brother A. Zatti

2 2 Rearrange the names of the following towns in chronological order as they are mentioned in the life of Zatti: Bernal, Viedma, Boretto, Bahia Blancha, Junin Boretto, Bahia Blancha, Bernal, Junin, Viedma

3 Artimide Zatti3 Pick and Choose

4 4 What was the name of the ship by which he arrived in Argentina? A: SS Gustizzia B: SS Victoria C: SS Pacenzia D: SS Negrizia

5 Artimide Zatti5 What is the name of the Town where he was born? A: Biretta B: Torino C: Boretto D: Moretta

6 Artimide Zatti6 At the age of nine Zatti fell from a tree he climbed to pluck some fruit. What type of tree did he climb? A: Plum Tree B: Fig tree C: Peach tree D: Strawberry tree

7 Artimide Zatti7 What was the name of the town in Argentina in which they settled? A: Junin B:Bernal C:Bella Blancha D: Bahia Blancha

8 Artimide Zatti8 What was the name of his Spiritual Director who First suggested that he has a vocation A: Fr. Cavalli B: Fr. Castelli C: Fr Roggia D: Fr Vecchi

9 Artimide Zatti9 His parents’ names where: A: Louis & Albina B: Louis & Mattina C: Louis & Maltina D: Leo & Albina

10 Artimide Zatti10 In which year did the family emigrate to Argentina? A: 1879 B: 1891 C: 1884 D: 1897

11 Artimide Zatti11 When did Zatti first leave home to join the Salesians? A: 1900 B: 1903 C: 1905 D: 1908

12 Artimide Zatti12 What sickness did he suffer from that prevented him to go to novitiate? A: Malaria B: Tuberculosis C: Yellow Fever D: Typhoid

13 Artimide Zatti13 What year did he make his first profession? A: 1895 B: 1908 C: 1910 D: 1915

14 Artimide Zatti14 What year did Fr Garrone die and Zatti was appointed to be in charge of the administration of the hospital? A: 1908 B: 1911 C: 1914 D: 1917

15 Artimide Zatti15 What date was Zatti sent to jail? A: 20 August 1915 B: 20 September 1916 C: 15 August 1920 D: 30 February 1915

16 Artimide Zatti16 How old was Brother Zatti when he died? A: 65 B: 68 C: 70 D: 72

17 Artimide Zatti17 Which year did he die? A:1943 B: 1948 C:1954 D:1951

18 Artimide Zatti18 In which year was Zatti beatified? A: 2000 B: 2002 C: 1998 D: 2004

19 Artimide Zatti19 TRUE or FALSE

20 Artimide Zatti20 Brother Zatti was a qualified nurse, True or False? False, he never had any formal education; however he was bright and had learnt many things over the years and was quite good in helping to cure patients. He did eventually manage to get a diploma.

21 Artimide Zatti21 He was afraid to sleep with a dead man in his room, True or False? False, he took a corpse to his room because the patients where afraid to sleep with the corpse in the ward.

22 Artimide Zatti22 Zatti always kept two clocks in the operating room, on showing the correct time while the other was one hour slow; true or false? True, and when he was asked why they showed different times he commented there was no point of keeping them if they both showed the same time.

23 Artimide Zatti23 Zatti had a beautiful tenor voice; true or false? False, he had a baritone voice.

24 Artimide Zatti24 Zatti wrote his own death certificate to be signed by the doctor to certify that he was dead, True or False? True; he seems to have known that his death was imminent and he was quite prepared and undisturbed by it.

25 Artimide Zatti25 Test your Knowledge

26 Artimide Zatti26 Why was Br. Zatti sent to prison?!! Once a convict was being treated at the hospital and while there he escaped during the night. The Salesians were held responsible by the police and Br Zatti assumed full responsibility. He therefore was arrested and spent his time in a prison cell as he was being tried in court. After three days he was released.

27 Artimide Zatti27 There was a serious dispute between the doctors of Viedma and those of Patagones. What did Brother Zatti do to help solve the dispute? He this by inviting them all to an excellent dinner in the dining Room of the Salesian School

28 Artimide Zatti28 What was the ‘pact’ between Fr Garrone and Zatti when he arrived at Viedma, and how was it sealed? That if cured he would dedicate the rest of his life for the care of the sick poor. It was sealed by making a promise at the altar of our Lady.

29 Artimide Zatti29 What was the reason why his hospital building was knocked down and his hospital transferred to another place. Because with the creation of the new diocese the hospital was chosen as the new site for the House and Offices of the new Bishop.

30 Artimide Zatti30 He once had an accident in the hospital which the beginning of his failing health before he died; what happened? He went to repair a leakage in the water tank and had to climb a ladder. The ladder slipped and he fell down, receiving a sever knock in the process which left him dazed. The doctor confined him to bed.

31 Artimide Zatti31

32 Artimide Zatti 32 Brother Zatti attended the canonization of Don in Rome on 1st April 1934 True or False? True, he was chosen to represent the community and the past pupils at the feast of canonization.

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