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Progression to HE – independent learning skills you will need to succeed.

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1 Progression to HE – independent learning skills you will need to succeed.

2 Here is a checklist of the independent learning skills needed by all students in Higher Education. We’ve included youtube links to help you where possible, but do ask staff for help if you’re not sure about something.

3 Independent and autonomous learning skills including; Critical thinking Reflective writing Note-taking Speed-reading Time management Continued….

4 More independent learning skills; Using keywords effectively to research your topic. (i.e. ‘searching’ skills). You tube video on using google advanced search (Google scholar is also extensively used in HE, but is likely to be customised for your HE institution – so they will help you to use it). Tackling complex ‘long read’ items such as academic/ peer-reviewed journal articles, reports etc. The emphasis here is on stamina for in-depth analysis, although there will be links to speed- reading initially.

5 Evaluating sources, including; Knowledge of what is a reliable/ trustworthy source. Differences between primary/ secondary, and scholarly/ non-scholarly sources. Being selective and structuring literature reviews. HU

6 Where different information sources are made available in your institution and how and when you might use them. You are likely to be given this information as part of the induction to your new course. This includes using your institution’s VLE.

7 Plagiarism – being aware of and avoiding plagiarism. Referencing work correctly including; When do I need to reference? Plus - How to understand bibliographies/ reading lists/ citations.

8 You can see that the skills blend with each other – so for example if you are evaluating sources then you are also engaged in some part of a literature review as a critically- thinking student. All of the listed skills will save you time and increase your marks.

9 A final word - By the time you are coming to the end of your course in HE, you will be practised in using all of these skills with confidence. So don’t worry! Always ask for help if you want it.

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