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Inherit the Wind Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee.

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2 Inherit the Wind Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee

3 About Jerome Lawrence 4 Jerome Lawrence was born in Cleveland, Ohio in the year of 1915. His parents names were Samuel and Sarah Rogen Lawrence. In the year of 1933, Jerome Lawrence graduated from the Glenville High School. After graduating from high school he went of to study to Ohio State University with a couple of his friends. Then he graduated from there a couple of yeas later in 1937. After that he went of to the University of California in Los Angeles. Then he Participated in World War II. He continues to write and he now lives in Malibu, California.

4 About Robert E. Lee 4 Robert E. Lee was born on October 15, 1918 in Elyria, Ohio. His parents names were Claier Melvin and Elvira Taft Lee. He graduated from a school in his hometown called Elyria high school in the year of 1934..After graduating from Elyria high school he went off to study in Northwestern University in the year of 1935. Then he studied for two years util 1937 in Ohio Wesleyan. He too took participation in World War II. Then he died on Jan. 8, 1994.

5 “Ten top quotes” 4 “The God Lord guv us the heart,and the Good Lord guv us the glands to sweat with.” (Mrs. Krebs pg. 10) 4 “The devil ain’t so obliging.” (storekeeper pg.. 10) 4 “If the devil sends it’s Goliath into battle, it magnifies our cause.” (Brady pg. 29) 4 “Where are we from, where are we, where we going?” (Hornbeck pg. 34) 4 “All the answers of those questions are I the bible.” (Rachel pg. 34) 4 “Hello devil, welcome to hell.” ( Hornbeck pg.. 36) 4 “ the devil does not run this town.” (second workman pg. 59) 4 “We believe the glory of the earth.” (Brown pg. 62) 4 “ the Lord made men the Master of the Earth…!” ( man pg. 65) 4 “Do we believe the Truth of the Word?” (Brown pg. 65)

6 Historical Context 4 In the year of 1955, when Inherit the Wind was first published a lot of things were going on. In the year f 1955 the well know theme park Disneyland was opened for the first time ever. A lot the famous and strong Rosa Parks was arrested because she refused to give up her seat to a white person. A couple of years before, in the year of 1953, in Greece women finally got the right to vote.Those were some of the events that were going on while Inherit the Wind was written.

7 Poem 4 God created women and men but not with a pencil or with a pen. 4 He blow into our noses to give us life so that men would cherish his lovely wife. 4 He made loins and tigers with fur and claws, now we cant go near them or they'll eat us all. 4 This is the truth weather you like it or not, but just keep in mind that he died and gave it all for us. 4 THE END!

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