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Act Two We are learning... To be able to develop our knowledge and understanding of Act One and the main dramatic features used by the playwright.

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1 Act Two We are learning... To be able to develop our knowledge and understanding of Act One and the main dramatic features used by the playwright.

2 The theme of religion 1. Read page 33-36. How do we know that Alec has become very involved in religion as he has grown older?

3 1. He sings hymns at home. He did really well in the Bible exam (top-equal). He owns his own Bible. He regularly attends several religious groups. He spends less time with Ian and more time at his religious groups.

4 2. Read pages 33-35. Explain Davie’s reaction and attitude to Alec’s interest in religion.

5 2. He is happy for him to do it as it keeps him out of trouble. It reminds him of his own youth. He thinks it will be a passing phase, just like it was for him when he was young. He teases Alec about it.

6 3. Read page 36. Explain Ian’s attitude towards Alec’s interest in religion.

7 3. He thinks that Alec is spending too much time at the Mission. He feels left out and he doesn’t like the fact that Alec is not spending time with him (like he always used to).

8 4. Read pages 37 and 38. Why do you think that Alec cannot answer the question that he is asked? How does he feel about this incident? How does he react?

9 He does not know the answer- he doesn’t really believe in God, and Jesus is not even in his heart at all. He only realises this when he is asked this question by Mrs Lutula. He attends these religious groups as they give him comfort which helps him cope with his mum’s death.

10 Note (theme of religion and theme of poverty) It could be argued that one of the reasons why Alec becomes interested in religion is because it is a way for him to escape his social class. Most of the people he meets at the Mission would not be living in poverty like him and his father.

11 4. (PART 2) He got embarrassed. He becomes shy. He feels trapped. He feels uncomfortable. He panics. He becomes disorientated. He is confused. He questions himself. He feels angry.

12 The character of Davie 1. Read page 34 What does Davie tell us about himself when he was young? How does this highlight how much he has changed since then?

13 1. He liked reading and he had hopes, dreams and ambitions for the future. He was interested in religion and he was a member of the Boys’ Brigade, where he worked hard and gained the position of sergeant. (In other words, he was very similar to Alec)

14 However, as an adult, Davie: Is not interested in religion anymore. He has lost his faith. He has no ambitions or hopes for the future. He lacks the will and motivation to do anything. He is a failure: he has not achieved any of his hopes and dreams. He is not a successful person (unskilled job; struggling with money; gambling; alcohol; single parent).

15 The relationship between Alec and Davie Read page 34. What does Davie encourage Alec to do? Why do you think he does this?

16 Davie encourages Alec to: Work hard and do well at school. He does this because: So that he can get a good job when he is older. So that Alec does not end up like him.

17 The theme of hopes and dreams 1. Read pages 40-41 Explain what is taking place. How does Alec think he did?

18 Alec is sitting an entrance exam in order to be accepted into a private school. Alec thinks that he has done badly and has failed.

19 2. What is Ian’s attitude about Alec attending private school? (Page 41, 42, 43) 3. Explain the reasons why Ian has this attitude.

20 2. He is not happy for Alec. He doesn’t seem pleased. He teases him. He makes jokes about private school. He is not supportive or encouraging.

21 3. He might be jealous of Alec’s achievements. He doesn’t value education or think that school is important- he has other priorities in life and different hopes for the future. He knows that he will not be able to see Alec much now and he might be worried that they will drift apart.

22 The relationship between Davie and Alec After Alec is accepted into private school, his relationship with his father begins to slowly and gradually fall apart over the next few years. Give reasons why you think this happens.

23 The relationship between Alec and Ian What information are we told on page 43 that is significant in terms of the relationship between the two?

24 Ian tells Alec that he and his dad might have to move to England as his dad may be getting made redundant. This means that Alec and Ian will not be able to continue their friendship, possibly.

25 The character of Davie Read page 45. What do Davie’s old records suggest about him? How do you think he feels about having to sell them? Why?

26 Good musical taste. Suggests that he is intelligent. He is forced to sell his records as he is short of money. This might make him feel frustrated and like a failure as he is an intelligent person but must sell his possessions to survive.

27 The relationship between Davie and Alec 1. What is the real reason why Davie and Alec have an argument? (pages 46-47).

28 The two people have had the stress and worry of Davie losing his job building up inside them. This stress and worry leads to resentment between the two. Davie is struggling to cope and he feels that Alec is not doing anything to help. Davie feels resentful of the fact that Alec is going to private school and has the opportunity to have a much better life than him. He feels that he has failed, and this creates tension with Alec as he is doing better than his dad ever did.

29 2. Read pages 47-48 What information are we told? How do you think Davie feels about this? How do you think Alec feels about this?

30 The electricity bill has not been paid and it has been cut off. Alec tells Davie he can use his bursary money to pay it. Davie Embarrassed. Thankful to his son. Disappointed in himself. Ashamed. Worthless. Alec Angry. Worried about how he will get a new uniform for school. Resentful towards his dad.

31 The relationship between Billy and Ian Read pages 48-50 What evidence is there to suggest that Billy is a good father to Ian?

32 Billy gets Ian a job working with him (painting and decorating). Billy is not pleased when Ian suggests that he might follow in his footsteps and join the army. He tries to discourage him because of the danger involved and the commitment that is required. Billy gives Ian advice about his future.

33 The relationship between Alec and Davie Focus on pages 51-56. Identify the main things that Davie and Alec argue about.

34 Davie has been drinking and arrives home drunk. Alec is annoyed that he didn’t know where Davie was. Alec is annoyed that there is hardly any food in the house, and that the house is filthy. He thinks that they are living in squalor. Alec is angry that Davie has used his bursary money to gamble, and still hasn’t paid the electricity bill yet. He needs new clothes for school. Alec disapproves of the fact that Davie has been spending time with women- perhaps he doesn’t want anyone to replace his mum. Alec is annoyed that Davie asks him about his personal life, and Davie feels like Alec does not speak to him anymore.

35 The theme of poverty Look at the following pages. Find evidence that shows that Davie and Alec are living in poverty. 33, 46, 47, 52, 53, 56

36 They only own one mirror. It is broken and they can’t afford to replace it. Davie has to sell his possessions (records) to get some money. The food that they eat is not very nutritious or substantial. Their electricity is cut off as they can’t afford to pay the bill. Davie has to borrow money from Alec’s bursary. They can’t afford to buy coal which means that their house is very cold. They have to burn their possessions to keep warm.

37 The relationship between Alec and Davie What information are we given on page 62 and why might this be significant in their relationship?

38 Alec is going to get his own place when he starts at university. Davie is getting re-housed by the council. The two of them have lived together since Alec was born. It is likely that they will begin to drift apart further.

39 The relationship between Alec and Davie Pages 56-64. 1. What main emotions do you think Alec and Davie are feeling during this scene? 2. What types of things do they burn in the fire? 3. What does this represent (symbolise)?

40 DavieAlec Sombre Depressed Sad Empty Nostalgia Reminiscing Reflective Regret Sombre Sad Nostalgia Reminiscing Reflective

41 The yacht. Alec’s hymnbook. Chair from the wedding. Alec’s comics. Davie’s sailmaking tools. Alec’s school books. These different objects represent important memories from the past for both Alec and Davie. They are significant objects from the past.

42 The burning of these items from the past is important because: It symbolises the fact that their lives have changed. It symbolises the fact that they are moving on with their lives.

43 Alec at the end of the play SituationThoughts and feelings He is going to university. He is intending to get his own flat. Moving away from his dad. Happy, excited, optimistic about the future and the opportunities he will have. Happy, excited, nervous, anxious about the future. Sad; concerned about his dad. Escaping his old life of poverty. His life is changing for the better.

44 Davie at the end of the play SituationThoughts and feelings He is being re-housed. Alec is going to university and leaving the family home. Hopeful that he might be moving somewhere better, but sad to be leaving somewhere with so many memories behind. Sad as he will be living alone for the first time, and will not have the company of Alec any more. Proud that Alec is making something of his life.

45 SituationThoughts and feelings He is unemployed. He is single. Worried about money. Despair about his future prospects. Feeling worthless. Lonely. Low self-esteem. Unwanted and unloved.

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