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Observing Users CS352. Announcements See syllabus for upcoming due dates. 2.

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1 Observing Users CS352

2 Announcements See syllabus for upcoming due dates. 2

3 PRICPE and where we are Predispositions: Initiated at project idea/inception. Gives us things to Research. Research: Empirical, other kinds of research possible too. Gives us Insights. Insights: Lead to requirements and Concepts to pursue. Concepts: Lead to Prototypes 3 Iterate/ Evaluate

4 Observational research PRICPE: As with other Research, you start with a goal (gleaned from “P”), aiming to deliver “I” (insights). Same 4 key issues as with interviews: –Goals, relationship, triangulate, pilot. –Extra note on relationships: Ethnography –Fly on the wall Contextual inquiry –Apprentice

5 What to observe users doing 1. A system that exists (than which you want to do better) –OR 2. A process, activity, etc., that your system is supposed to support so as to improve the user’s experience –OR 3. Your prototypes (even if just a sketch on a napkin).

6 How often/many to observe In real world, if you’re a developer: –Steve Krug (“Rocket Surgery Made Easy”) recommends spending at least 1 morning/month at this. –He recommends observing 3 users during that morning. In here: –Refer to HWs/Project assignments.

7 Stuff to include in observations: We are observing the: Space –Description –Meaning –Appropriateness Objects (technological and not technological) –Description –Meaning –Appropriateness People/activities –Description –Meaning/Role –Success/failure

8 People and Objects My first “victim” was a male between 19/22 years old. He was about 5.9 feet tall and he was thin. He was wearing khaki short and a black T-shirt. He had black sport shoes. He was carrying with him his skate board. He had a big black back pack but it seemed almost empty. He had a lot of brown curly hair. Because of his age and his skate board, I assumed he was a student; he “looked like” all the other teens. Furthermore, he seemed to know exactly where he was going, what he was looking for and how to get it. He never stopped during the time he was there and never gave the impression to be lost.

9 Actions At 4:40pm, he came in from the A entrance and was looking toward the computer area. He decided to take a right just after Section 2. He walked a few steps and stopped. I assumed he realized no more desks were available in this are. It didn’t bother him, he didn’t feel embarrassed and turned back and went back from where he entered the area. He didn’t hesitate once then because he had seen a free desk. He chose to sit down in the Section 2 on a stool. c c

10 Space (and people) Diagrams are worth 1000 words

11 Examples Do they make us feel “there”? –What can we see in these, in detail? –Note desc/meaning/appropriateness. Examples: –Observing software tutorial for teacherssoftware tutorial –Observing in KEC atriumKEC atrium

12 You and the observation You: –Have your stuff ready. (extra pen, camera...) –Dress like them. Explain: Not an evaluation of them, but rather to lean about X. –Don’t talk to your partner! –Fill in your notes immediately after. Collect other data for triangulation, eg: –Official descriptions and sketches eg: KEC atrium drawing. eg: e-cafe menus. –Artifacts subjects created. eg: their doodles on their scratchpad.

13 In-class activity : The following people should: group 1: learn from the demo. group 2: observe the demo’er. group 3: observe group 1. –Goal: How to help users like the ones you’re observing succeed at what they’re doing? Observe (use paper for your notes) Discuss a few (doc cam) –Does it make us feel “there”? –Reveals new info/subtleties, ie Insights?

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