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Credit Management zonder verspilling Wilma Arends, 22 maart 2012.

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1 Credit Management zonder verspilling Wilma Arends, 22 maart 2012

2 Corporate Fact Sheet 2010 Over $1.62 billion revenues 2010 6600 employees 16+ Manufacturing Plants Globally 20+ Sales Offices Globally Corporate Headquarters: St Louis, MO, USA CEO: John S. Stroup Ticker Symbol: BDC (NYSE) Electronics and Communications markets Key markets: industrial automation, broadcast and Enterprise

3 Belden Company Values Belden is committed to fulfilling the highest standards in terms of ethical conduct and integrity at all times and in all places. Customers define our success. We invest in our people. We succeed together through teamwork. We play to win. Continuous improvement is our way of life. We reach for greatness. John S. Stroup President Belden Inc.

4 Belden Worldwide Headquarters Production bases Sales subsidiaries and offices Joint-Venture-sites Spain Barcelona Madrid Sweden Malmö Switzerland Dachsen UAE Dubai Austria Vienna Canada Cobourg Czech Republic Horni Pudluzi China Beijing Dalian Huizhou Shanghai Denmark Gjern France Colmar Domont Horbourg-Wihr Lyon Germany Ettlingen Neckartenzlingen Schalksmuehle Japan Tokyo Mexico Tijuana Nogales Netherlands Hilversum Venlo Russia MoscowSingapore USA St. Louis, MO (Headquarters) Chambersburg, PA Leominster, PA Richmond, IN Washington, PA Great Britain Littleborough Manchester Wessex Hungary Budapest Italy Bagnacavallo Lugo Milan Torino

5 Belden European Sales Footprint Austria Vienna Belgium Brussels France Domont Horbourg-Wihr Lyon Germany Ettlingen Neckartenzlingen Schalksmühle Great Britain Littleborough Manchester Wessex Spain Barcelona Madrid Sweden Malmö Hungary Budapest Italy Agrate Brianza Giaveno Netherlands Hilversum Venlo Russia Moscow Switzerland Dachsen

6 Germany Ettlingen Neckartenzlingen Hungary Budapest Italy Bagnacavallo Netherlands Venlo Belden Manufacturing Footprint EMEA Czech Republic Horni Pudluzi Denmark Gjern United Kingdom Littleborough

7 In 1933, Lumberg com- pany is founded by Karl and Erich Lumberg in Schalksmühle near Düsseldorf, Germany. In 2002, Lumberg Automation Components GmbH is formed. In 2007, Belden Inc. acquires Lumberg Automation. In 1924, Hirschmann company is founded by Richard Hirschmann in Esslingen near Stuttgart, Southern Germany. In 2005, Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH is formed. In 2007, Belden Inc. acquires Hirschmann Automation and Control. In 1902, Belden is foun- ded by Joseph Belden in Chicago, Illinois. In 1993, Belden expands into Europe. In 2004, Belden and Cable Design Techno- logies merge to form Belden CDT Inc. In 2006, Belden CDT Inc. is renamed Belden Inc. History

8 Credit Management Belden EMEA Belden strategie: Identify opportunities for enhanced revenue generation by making risk transparent and acceptable by Belden Strategy, and keeping receivables at a low level. Wees pro-actief: ken het land waar je verkoopt, je markt en je potentiele klant!

9 Lean Management Definitie: Het vastleggen van processen welke onze teams en leiders in een lijn zetten van constante vooruitgang. Continuous Improvement

10 Het Team Susan Sun. Junnie Zhu. Wilma Arends. Eric Chan. John Einwalter. Brent White. Tom Hale. Dennis Yang. Wayne Shen. Barry Leung. Chad Kibler. Blue Li

11 Scope & target sheet Kaizen Event Scope & Target Sheet Basic DataKaizen Team Kaizen Location Suzhou Shared Services Process Owner John Einwalter Process Boundaries AR Credit Policy and related procedures Team Leader Eric Chan/Chad Kibler Tool Transactional Process Improvement (TPI) Co-Leader Start Date 09/12/11 End Date 09/16/11 Facilitator Brent White Daily Start Time 8:30 AM Daily End Time TBD Co-Facilitator Team Meeting Area Suzhou Meeting Room Team Members (1) Wilma Arends (EMEA), (2) Tom Hale (BAG), (3) Wayne Shen (APAC) (4) Blue Li (APAC) (5) Susan Sun (APAC) (6) Barry Leung (APAC) (7) Dennis Yang (APAC) (8) Junnie Zhu (APAC) (9) Eric Chan (APAC) (10) John Einwalter (Corp) (11) Chad Kibler (Corp) Kick-Off Meeting Room via teleconference Kick-Off Meeting Date 9/12/2011 Kick-Off Meeting Time 8:30 AM Report-Out Meeting Room Suzhou Meeting Room Report-Out Meeting Date 09/16/11 Report-Out Meeting Time 9:30 AM Team Resources Problem Statement In 2011, the global organization has struggled to meet free cashflow and OWC targets. A large contributor to not meeting those targets is the amount of Account Receivable that are past due. As a global organization the past due amount has ranged from USD 35.2 million to 54.6 million. The company does not have a global risk profile when extending credit to customers or a standard decision process that each location follows. How Is The Need For This Kaizen Tied To A VSM? How Is the VSM Tied To SDP and an AIP, TTI's, or KPI's? In order to reduce the amount of Past Due AR, we must understand and standardize the approaches we take to customer credit risk as a global organization. A reduction in Past Due AR will improve OWC. Kaizen Objectives (Related To VSM, SD, AIP, TTI's, Or KPI's) The objective would be to review current credit policies and potentially create standardized policy/template approach that can be utilized globally. Standard processes can be used in determining how we grant and review customer credit lines to prevent the potential for past due receivables. The focus will be on how we determine when and amount of credit to extend to customers and the tools used in the process to make a quality decision.

12 Roadmap Management Process – Operational Cash flow Operational Cash Flow Operational Cash Flow Accounts Receivable Manageme nt Risk Profile Risk Profile Standard Work Credit Approval Process Credit Approval Process Invoicing Cash Application Dunning

13 De huidige realiteit

14 Waar willen we heen? External customer 外部客戶 Sales 銷售 Finance Leadership 財務決策者 Credit Risk/Collecti on team 信貸風險 & 催 收團隊 Sales Leadership 銷售領導者 Division Manageme nt 各部門參與 者 Marketing 市場

15 Policy

16 Checklist en tools

17 Proces

18 Key Kaizen Breakthrough Identified IssueProcess Change in Kaizen Lack of a standard method globally to evaluate data. A standard checklist for data evaluation was established. Differing approval levels and personnel existed globally. Standardized our approach to approval globally. We lacked a standard tool to evaluate customer credit risk. Leveraged the EMEA tool, and put it into the global process.

19 Results Metric Pre-Event Baseline Pre-Event Target Est. Post Kaizen Actual Improvemen t* AR Past Due$55.9 Mil. (Jun) $43.1 Mil. (Dec) $40.0 Mil. (Dec) $3.1 Million for the remainder of 2011 * Improvements from credit policy and collection changes versus previous KPI targets

20 Communications Plan AudienceObjectiveFocused Key MessagesMediaFrequencyAssignedDue date CFOEngagement Need senior management support coming out of the Kaizen Various TreasuryASAP Regional VP FinanceCommitment Implementation support, follow approach consistently FLTProject / Newspaper ItemTreasuryOct 19-20 in STL BU LeadershipAcceptance Sell benefits of Faster Credit Decisions, Less Negotiations, Shared Standards (customer treatment, systems), Admin Savings, Lower OWC SLT MeetingOne-timeCFONext meeting after Oct 20 Sales LeadershipUnderstanding Sell benefits of Faster Credit Decisions, Less Negotiations, Shared Standards (customer treatment, systems), Admin Savings, Lower OWC Meeting with VP, FinanceOne-Time - includes presentation/instruction on escalation VP Finance & Credit Leader Soon after FLT SalesCommitment Sell benefits of Faster Credit Decisions, Less Negotiations, Shared Standards (customer treatment, systems), Admin Savings, Lower OWC Email, CBT Training?OngoingSales LT for the Region TBD Credit TeamsEngagement Important new enhancements to the credit process. Will require training on new process (Checklist, Matrix, Escalation) VariousOngoingTom Hale, Wilma Arends, Eric Chan TBD A structured communication plan has been put together to insure success in implementation.

21 Lessons Learned Wilma’s Law: The warmer the climate, the higher the Days Sales Outstanding. We have much better understanding and agreement among our three divisions. I learned about the tools and processes that we can leverage. We accomplished far more than I dreamed possible. We learned that we were similar in our approaches.

22 Vandaag: Minimaliseren van risico Kredietwaardigheid van klanten, landen en markten –Continue monitoring, bezoeken, informeren –Country rating –Marktonderzoek

23 Bedrijfsprocessen Controle over leveringen: Verlagen leveringstijd: openen warehouse op locatie Harmonisatie incoterms: CIP-CPT Track & trace Check Point Rotterdam Check Point Dubai Check Point Agent Check Point Customer

24 Bedrijfsprocessen Klachten Twee wekelijkse vergaderingen met kwaliteit- logistiek- inside sales afdeling Root-cause analyse

25 Collection OnGuard Business Units Profielen: risico groepering per klant –Assessment –Benadering Regio’s Totale risico Belden: customer groups

26 Vandaag: BU Sales & Complaints Cretix Credit Assessment Sales Toolbox Customer creditworthiness Country risk Market risk External information sources MarketingSales Supply Chain


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