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The odyssey book 9 study guide.

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1 The odyssey book 9 study guide

2 1. How does odysseus identify himself when the king asks his identity
1. How does odysseus identify himself when the king asks his identity? Also, what does he tell the king about himself? i am laertes’ son i am odysseus formidable for guile in peace and war famous home is in ithaca has been detained by calypso longs for home

3 2. reread lines 24-26. what does odysseus value most highly?
“Where shall a man find sweetness to surpass his own home and his parents? in far lands he shall not, though he find a house of gold.” home and family

4 3. what happened in the land of the lotus eaters
3. what happened in the land of the lotus eaters? why didn’t they stay there? they live all day eating the honeyed flower lotus but those who eat this plant never care to report or return they become forgetful of their homeland

5 4. how does Odysseus describe the cyclopes people?
giants louts without a law to bless them they don’t plow or sow, everything grows untended no muster or meeting

6 5. in lines 80-86, what did osysseus see as they approached land?
a cavern with many rams and goats inside a sheepfold made from slabs of stone

7 6. How does odysseus describe the cyclops?
a prodigious man (meaning remarkably great in size) a loner savage and brutish he seemed more like a shaggy mountain than a man

8 7. odysseus has been referred to as “the strategist”
7. odysseus has been referred to as “the strategist”. How does he reveal that trait in lines ? he plans for potential conflict he takes a select group of his best fighters he leaves guards with his ship he takes maron’s irresistible drink to use as a possible weapon against the giant

9 8. what did odysseus’ men plead with him to do?
to take the cheeses and the kids and the lambs aboard their ship and to quickly escape by setting sail once again

10 9. how did he respond and why did he respond that way?
he knew that was sound advice but he refused because he wanted to see the caveman and what he had to offer

11 is the rock described that the cyclops used to close off the cave?
a slab of solid rock so large that two dozen (24!!)four-wheeled wagons, with heaving wagon teams, could not have stirred it

12 11. reread lines Agamemnon was the greek king who led the war against the trojans. consider what odysseus says about agamemnon. What point is he making about himself by claiming this association? he is making sure that the cyclops knows he was integral to the greeks great victory at troy he is suggesting that he is a warrior to be reckoned with he may not be humble but what he says is true! the three greatest warriors for the greeks in the trojan war were achilles, ajax, and odysseus

13 12.what is odysseus warning the cyclops about at the bottom of page 1115?
the concept of honoring strangers and seeing to their needs even before any questions are asked is of utmost importance in this culture he is warning the cyclops not to defy zeus by not seeing to the needs of the strangers in his home now (meaning odysseus and his men)

14 13. how does the cyclops respond to this?
he tells odysseus “you are a ninny...coming here from the other end of nowhere telling me to mind the gods!”

15 14. reread lines 185-190. Why does odysseus lie to the cyclops about his ship?
he thought he’d find out, but i saw through this, and answered with a ready lie: ‘my ship? poseidon lord who sets the earth a-tremble, broke it up on the rocks at your land’s end. a wind from seaward served him, drove us there. we are survivors, these good men and I,’

16 14. reread lines 185-190. Why does odysseus lie to the cyclops about his ship?
odysseus now knows with certainty that the cyclops has no qualms about mistreating his guests or their property so he lies to protect his ship and the men on it

17 15. how does the cyclops respond to what odysseys told him in the previous question?
he didn’t say anything, but... he grabbed two men like squirming puppies beat their brains out (which splattered on the floor) dismembered them and had them for his meal gaping and crunching like a mountain lion

18 16. what is odysseys contemplating in lines 203-210
16. what is odysseys contemplating in lines ? why does he not do it? he took out his sword and was going to stab the cyclops in his midriff - right where the liver is but he doesn’t do it because he realizes they would perish if he did because... they could not move the ‘ponderous door slab’

19 17. identify the simile in lines 214-224
17. identify the simile in lines what does this tell us about the cyclops? the cyclops opened the door slab to let the sheep out, and then ‘reset the stone as one would cap a quiver’ meaning: the cyclops reseals the cave with the massive rock as easily as an ordinary human places the cap on a container of arrows

20 18. what three things happened in lines that indicates that luck is on the side of odysseus? first: he found the olive tree in the cave second: the four men odysseus would have chosen to help him all won the toss third: the cyclops brought all the rams into the cave, not just the youngest

21 19. why does odysseus offer the cyclops the liquor he brought from the ship?
he offers the wine, knowing that cyclops won’t be able to resist and counting on its sleep-inducing effect

22 20. what question does the cyclops ask odysseus in lines 264-65
20. what question does the cyclops ask odysseus in lines ? how does odysseus respond? what can the reader infer about the plans of odysseus based on this response? he asks his name odysseus responds ‘nohbdy’ the reader knows this is not his name the reader could realize that nohbdy sounds like nobody so, the reader could infer that he purposely planning ahead, concealing his identity, and possibly setting a trap for the cyclops

23 21. what happens to the cyclops in lines 282-299
21. what happens to the cyclops in lines ? how does odysseus demonstrate characteristics of a hero in this section? odysseus and his men heaved a burning hot spike in the eye of the cyclops thereby blinding him odysseus ‘cheered my men along with battle talk to keep their courage up’ also, he joined his men in the maneuver he leaned on the spike himself, rather than removing himself from harm’s way thereby he is acting as an inspiring role model and leader for his men

24 22. find the epic similes in lines 292-297 and lines 299-303
22. find the epic similes in lines and lines what two things are being compared in each case? what are the effects of this figurative language? odysseus compares pushing and turning the spike in the cyclops’ eye socket to a ship carpenter turning a drill in a plank on a ship’s deck he compares the hissing of the cyclops’ eye to the steam given off by a white-hot axe head that is dipped in a cold tub of water discuss effects of this figurative language

25 23. “then he sent up a howl for Cyclopes who lived in caves on windy peaks nearby” Who sent up a howl? WHy? what happened when the neighboring cyclopes come to him? how does this reinforce the idea of odysseus as epic hero? the cyclops sent up a howl he sent up a howl because he was gravely injured and wanted help when the neighbors came they were on the outside of the cave and calling to him saying ‘what ails you? why do you cry? no man has tricked you or ruined you?’ he responded nohbdy as a result the neighbors left this reinforces the idea of odysseus as epic hero because his lie about his name paid off

26 24. what is learned about polyphemus (cyclops) from the allusion in lines 321-322?
“let it be your father , poseidon lord, to whom you pray” the reader learns that the cyclops is the son of poseidon

27 25. how does odysseus again demonstrate qualities of an epic hero in lines 325-336?
odysseus and his men are at a stalemate with the cyclops the have now neutralized him but not defeated him odysseus again thinks of a trick this time to deceive the cyclops once again his clever planning will fool a formidable foe

28 26. what plan does odysseys devise to escape the cave of the cyclops?
the rams of the cyclops were handsome, fat and had heavy fleeces so he used twines of willow to tie them together, three abreast then slung a man under each middle one to ride there safely, shielded on the left and right

29 27. explain what is happening in lines 358-374. Why is this ironic?
this is the part where the rams were going out to pasture in the morning the last ram to go out was the wooliest one, the choicest one, the leader the cyclops patted him and speaks to him saying, why are you the last one to go out? that’s not like you. are you grieving over my eye? well i swear that nohbdy will not get out alive! If only you could speak and tell me where he is! he would not escape my fury! this is ironic because odysseus is escaping under the belly of this very ram!

30 28. how does the crew react when odysseus and his men at last return?
we saw, as we came near, our fellows’ faces shining then we saw them turn to grief tallying those who had not fled from death

31 29. explain who says the following and why: “Godsake captain
29. explain who says the following and why: “Godsake captain! why bait the beast again? let him alone!” this was the crew of odysseus speaking they are saying this because odysseus keeps taunting the cyclops shouting things like “How do you like the beating we gave you, you damned cannibal?” these taunts so enraged the cyclops that he broke off the top of a hilltop in heaved it after them as they set sail causing a spuming geyser and giant wave that could have easily sank the ship

32 30. notice that odysseus used the warlike epithet “raider of cities” in his second boast to the cyclops. What trait is displayed here? in revealing this information, odysseus displays his pride but in this instance it is a rash foolhardy action because the cyclops might use this info to cause odysseus trouble with his father, poseidon, who is already angry with the greeks

33 31. what is revealed in lines 421-430?
the cyclops tells of a prophecy made long ago by a prophet named telemus telemus predicted that the cyclops would lose his eye at the hands of odysseus the cyclops said he always thought that this odysseus would be a giant, armed in great force, not someone small, pitiful, and twiggy like odysseus

34 32. reread line 437-452 and explain them
32. reread line and explain them. How is odysseus responsible for this? this is where the cyclops beseeches his father poseidon to curse odysseus so that he will never see home again and if he does return home, he prays that it will be a day far far from now and the time in between should be dark and if he ever comes home may it be strange and chaotic and may he be alone

35 32. reread line 437-452 and explain them
32. reread line and explain them. How is odysseus responsible for this? odysseus had brought this curse on himself by provoking the cyclops with his boasting not once - but three times! and despite the warnings of his men

36 33. what did odysseus and his crew do after they landed?
they evenly divided the cyclops’ flocks they gave odysseus the prize ram he slew it and offered it to zeus as a peace offering

37 34. what is foreshadowed in lines 470-473?
“but zeus disdained my offering; destruction for my ships he had in store and death for those who sailed them, my companions.” this lets us know that zeus is angry with odysseus it foreshadows that the things the cyclops prayed for might actually all come to pass

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