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Welcome to the International Summer School „SENSE 2011“

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1 Welcome to the International Summer School „SENSE 2011“
Dr. Ute Kopka und Florian Lange

2 Agenda Braunschweig and its University The Summer School „SENSE 2011“
Organizational Matters

3 Academic Schedule | Orientation Day

4 Module 1: Language and Cultural Training
First part: Start: Tomorrow: 8:30 Uhr From – lessons a day, from 8:30 Uhr – 13:30 Uhr Two classes (A1 and A2/B1) A1 – beginners course Teacher: Barbara Pätz Classroom: Raum 040 (Welcome Point), Bültenweg 74/75 in Braunschweig All teaching materials will be provided A2/B1 – advanced course Teacher: Linda Marie Fricke Classroom: Room -117 (basement), Bültenweg 74/75 in Braunschweig From Friday June 30th additional courses with Ms. Fricke for students with advanced german knowledge | Orientation Day

5 Module 1: Language and Cultural Training
Second part: From – , 2 hours a day German Exam: A1 – beginners course Teacher: Michaela Bödcher-Nimo Classroom: Raum 040 (Welcome Point), Bültenweg 74/75 in Braunschweig All teaching materials will be provided Time: 8:00 – 10:00 Uhr A2/B1 – advanced course Time: 18:00 – 20:00 Uhr | Orientation Day

6 Module 2: Study Course in Industrial Engineering
From – 6 hours a day Person in charge: Franz Dietrich Couse Content: Working on specific projects in the field of industrial engineering. Adress: Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Fertigungstechnik Langer Kamp 19 B D Braunschweig | Orientation Day

7 Module 3: Fundamentals of Aircraft Aerodynamics
From – 4 hours a day 10:30 – 12:30 Uhr 13:30 – 14:30 Uhr Person in charge: Dr. Richard Semaan Course content (for example): Fundamental aerodynamic terms Two-dimensional boundary layers Adress: Institut für Strömungsmechanik Bienroder Weg Braunschweig Seminar room | Orientation Day

8 Module 7 or Module 8 Second part:
 two different modules after attending at Module 3 Module 7: Independent Study From: Person in charge: Dr. Richard Semaan, Course Content: Working on an specific project in the field of aircraft aerodynamcis Module 8: Lecture Rocket Propulsion+Excursions From: – Person in charge: Timothée Pourpoint Visiting Professor from Purdue University, USA | Orientation Day

9 Module 4: Study Course in Automotive Engineering
From – 10:00 Uhr – 11:30 Uhr 12:30 Uhr – 14:00 Uhr Person in charge: Louisa Liesner Course Content (for example): Basics of verhicle design and engineering, Advanced driver assitance systems Adress: Institut für Fahrzeugtechnik Hans-Sommer-Straße Braunschweig Room: HS 4.1 | Orientation Day

10 Module 7: Independent Study
Work on an individual scientific project in different fields. From: – 8 hours a day You will get your individual project during the next days! | Orientation Day

11 Module 6: Practical Lab work in advanced biology
From – 8 hours a day Person in charge: Dr.Martina Jahn Course content: Techniques of bio-chemistry and genetics, Independent and specific lab work Adress: Biozentrum, 2. Obergeschoss Spielmannstraße Braunschweig | Orientation Day

12 Exam and Presentation Credits: 6 ECTS Credits – German Language Course
6 ECTS Credits – Modules Pass up to three tests or written reports You have to attend to 80% of the courses German Exam: Final presentation at | Orientation Day

13 Excursions and Events Plenty of different excursions and events during the summer school Program: Campus Tour Today City Tour Braunschweig Today, 15:00 Uhr Visit of the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg Wednesday, 11:30 Uhr Sommerfest TU - Sportzentrum Thursday, 19:00 Uhr Visit of the Airbus factory in Hamburg Farewell BBQ at the International Office The Airbus tour is mandatory for the participants of module 2/3/4 List at the door of room number -116 Please attend to the excursion, if you have registrated for it! | Orientation Day

14 Agenda Braunschweig and its University The SENSE Program
Organizational Matters

15 Organizational Matters
Communication We will publish all the news at our Facebook Fanpage Board at room -116 at the basement of the International Office Adress of the International Office Bültenweg 74/75 38106 Braunschweig Phone: 0531/ (Info Point), (Florian), (Andre) Office hours: Monday – Thursday 10:00 Uhr – 16:00 Uhr Friday 10:00 Uhr – 13:00 Uhr Emergency Phone number: | Orientation Day

16 Organizational Matters
Internetaccess WLAN Access at the Campus of TU Braunschweig Name: sense2011 Password: summer!2011bs WLAN Access at Studentenwohnheim „An der Schunter“ „Schunternet“ (ask your roommates) 8€ WLAN Access at the Studentenwohnheim „APM Rebenring“ Cable No costs | Orientation Day

17 Organizational Matters
Temporary student ID You are enrolled as a student at the TU Braunschweig Student id = bus ticket Bus/Tram: Please enter the bus at the front door Show the ticket Use regional trains in Lower-saxony Always have a photo id with you

18 Organizational Matters
Health insurance You will get the insurance-card during the next days list of english speaking doctors at the International Office If possible, schedule an appointment (you may have to wait else) Bring your insurance card and 10€ to the doctor

19 Organizational Matters
Das Campus-Team der Techniker Krankenkasse Rüdiger Novak und Jens Kynast Pockelsstraße 9 38106 Braunschweig

20 Organizational Matters
Liability insurance Das Campus-Büro der Debeka Sascha Borges, Rafael Jeske Pockelstraße 9 38106 Braunschweig

21 Organizational Matters
Please keep your room clean and tidy Otherwise a cleaning company will clean the room and you will pay the extra fee (100€)

22 Organizational Matters
Please sign your data sheets! Please sign the ‘Information about German Liability Insurance’ sheet! Please return your name tags at the end of this meeting! Then you will get your temporary student ID and your cafetaria card

23 Thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention! We wish you a succesful „SENSE“ program 2011!!! | Orientation Day

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