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This project is about Ramsar Good Luck RAMSAR. Ramsar is located in north of Iran. The population of Ramsar is about 31,000 in 9,ooo faimlies. Ramsar.

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Presentation on theme: "This project is about Ramsar Good Luck RAMSAR. Ramsar is located in north of Iran. The population of Ramsar is about 31,000 in 9,ooo faimlies. Ramsar."— Presentation transcript:

1 This project is about Ramsar Good Luck RAMSAR

2 Ramsar is located in north of Iran. The population of Ramsar is about 31,000 in 9,ooo faimlies. Ramsar lies on the coast of the Caspian sea. It was also known as Sakhtar in the past. Natives of Ramsar speak the Gilaki language which is a member of Iranian language. The town is known for having the highest levels of natural background radiation on Earth. The Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance now includes 1,950 sites (known as Ramsar Sites) covering around 1,900,000 km 2 (730,000 sq mi

3 Ramsar Known as the bathing resort of the Caspian and by far the most beautiful site of the whole coast, it is unique in terms of scenery including forest, forested hills, and proximity to the Caspian beach. Wooded hills roll down nearly to the beach itself while the powerful outlines of the Alborz mountains range from an impressive background. The last Shah built a palace (now a pa/ace museum, or Muzeh kakh-e Shah) in the thickly wooded hill overlooking Ramsar, the setting of which is one of the most magnificent anywhere along the Caspian coast.

4  The thin coast strip is covered with rich vegetation including palm and orange trees among the flower beds. There isn't much in the way of activities here, nor is there much of historical or architectural interest, but the breathtaking scenery is enough for most holiday makers. Since the mountain stops only a few hundred meters short of the coast in this point, the town is squeezed into little more than one main street, and the natural limits to its development have helped to make this the most attractive of the seaside resorts. Ramsar's two luxury hotels are constructed on two adjacent terraces looking out upon a restful landscape. The oldest hotel, today looking more like a museum than a hotel, has an old- fashioned charm as well: extra-ordinary cast-iron statues covered with aluminum paint produce a wildly rococo effect. RAMSAR INFORMATION

5 wetland rces. The Convention on wetland of International importance especially as waterfowl habitat [also known as the Ramsar Convention ] was signed in Ramsar, Iran, on February 2 1971 and came into force on 21 December 1975. The Convention provides a framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources. The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands is forty-two years old, and has been collaborating with the private sector for fourteen years. Diveinto the special adventure of Ramsar as it hosts its 11 th international with us Meeting.

6 Barmah forest The Barmah Forest Ramsar Site is 225 kilometres directly north of Melbourne, on the Victorian side of the Murray River floodplain. It is the largest River Red Gum forest in Victoria and consists of a system of permanent and tempory wetlands that depends on regular river flooding. This site was chosen for its size and large, diverse populations of plants and animals.

7 RAMSAR HOTEL The new hotel designed as a modern accommodation equipped with all facilities for the tourists, forms a large white splash amidst the greenery. A long alley of palm- trees leads from both hotels to the beach. The hotels have six restaurants with qualified personnel capable of providing the tourists not only with all sorts of services but also excellent local and foreign dishes. Furthermore, other facilities such as the handicrafts shop, bookstore, prayers hall, volleyball ground, swimming pools (for both sexes), cinema, children's play ground, a number of mineral water springs; post and telecommunications, and finally a convenient and spacious parking lot for those traveling by car, are provided for you. Towards Chalus, the forest sweeps down to the sea.

8  Some areas around Ramsar have the highest level of natural radioactivity in the world, due to the presence of radioactive hot springs. In the high- background radiation districts of Ramsar, the average dose of radiation received by a person for one year is about 10 mSv, and can reach levels in excess of 260 mSv. ·natural radioactivityhot springsmSv  The highest levels of background radiation recorded in the world to date is from areas around Ramsar, particularly at Talesh-Mahalleh which is a very high background radiation area (VHBRA) having an effective dose equivalent several times in excess of ICRP-recommended radiation dose limits for radiation workers and up to 200 times greater than normal background levels. Most of the radiation in the area is due to dissolved radium-226 in water of hot springs along with smaller amounts of uranium and thorium due to travertine deposits. There are more than nine hot springs in the area with different concentrations of radioisotopes, and these are used as spas by locals and tourists. [5] This high level of radiation does not seem to have caused ill effects on the residents of the area and even possibly has made them slightly more radioresistant, which is puzzling and has been called "radiation paradox".background radiationICRPradiumuraniumthoriumtravertine [5]radioresistant radioactive

9 Ramsar I wish you liked my project and you learn something about Ramsar GOOD LUCK

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