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Role of NGO in upliftment of society – A case study of Kalgidhar Trust, BaruSahib, HP, India Amarpreet Singh Ghura – Assistant Professor, Babasaheb Gawde.

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1 Role of NGO in upliftment of society – A case study of Kalgidhar Trust, BaruSahib, HP, India Amarpreet Singh Ghura – Assistant Professor, Babasaheb Gawde Institute of Management Studies. Dr H.S.Cheema – Director, Institute of Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Harjit Singh Lamba – Technology and Management Consultant.

2 Objectives To understand the role of NGO towards the empowerment of women in India. To know whether the CSR activities play a significant role in uplifting the standards of women. To know various social activities being undertaken by Kalgidhar Trust. To know how a component of spirituality can help an NGO to achieve its social objectives.

3 Scientific Question Addressed NGO have a positive role to play towards empowerment of women in India? It was also attempted to explore if CSR activities could have an interface with development activities, that can provide upliftment to the economic status of women? Scientific study also attempts to know the various social activities being undertaken by Kalgidhar Trust? An attempt is being made to assess the influence of spirituality on molding the NGO”S to the path of selfless service.

4 Methodology Used Both Primary and Secondary data was collected. Primary Data – A personal Interview was conducted with Dr Devender Singh and his team. Secondary Data – Journals, Research Papers, and Articles.

5 Social Evils Female feticide Education in rural areas Drug Abuse Domestic Violence Elderly widow issues Orphans

6 About Kalgidhar Trust, BaruSahib. Mission To establish permanent peace in the world through the synthesis of value based scientific education and moral rejuvenation thereby creating good global citizens. Vision Aim to be an enabler for the creation of ‘high caliber’ globally diversified student base nurturing all-round excellence, beyond academic dimension to produce tomorrow’s value-based global citizens from the under- privileged classes.

7 Founders Sant Attar Singh Ji Sant Teja Singh Ji

8 Programs Akal Academies Akal Teacher’s Training College Akal Rozgar Yozna Akal College of Divine Music and Spiritualism Akal De-Addiction Cum Réhabilitation Centre Akal Charitable Hospital, Baru Sahib Akal Child Welfare Foundation Akal Home for Elderly & Widows

9 Education Program Summary Akal Academy Number of Schools 70 Facilities For 83,000 Students Total Area 550 acres Built up Area 3.2 million Sq. Ft. Eternal University Colleges 6 Students 1500 Free ship 650

10 Kalgidhar Trust’s Beneficiaries Direct Beneficiaries 32000 students. 2745 teachers/professionals. 161,000 patients. 1050 orphans and Other poor students. 200 senior citizens. 1200 Widows and needy women. 1740 Addicts and their families. 9822 earth quake victims affected in Kashmir Indirect Beneficiaries 2200 construction manpower engaged at various centers. 32000 families of students who act like global messengers of universal brotherhood. 5000 rural providers/suppliers.

11 Highlights of Scientific findings Created an emotional change against female feticide. Substantial reduction in social problems such as domestic violence, family discord. Empowerment to secure better status in society. Rescued from Drug addiction

12 Conclusion All the programs of Kalgidhar Trust have a root component of spirituality. This component of spirituality is the success mantra of the Kalgidhar Trust.

13 Conclusion Women have been empowered through education, professional training and offering jobs in Akal Academies, this has enhanced their matrimonial values. Drug Rehabilitation centers have shown 82% success rate which is way above the maximum success rate of about 42% reported so far in international sphere. To encounter the menace of female feticide, The Kalgidhar Trust emphasizes on educating the girl child. Akal Academies has led to constructive turnaround in social problems like crime, Drugs addiction, Female foeticide, Marital discord and Domestic violence.

14 Suggestions All companies should work like catalytic agents for social transformation. All companies from small business to large corporations should partner with the programs of the Kalgidhar trust, to help them make a difference in the society.

15 The partnership can work in following ways: Sponsorship – Sponsor an Academy, Class room, Child’s Education, land for academy, and drug Addict’s treatment, an orphan and elderly services. Providing innovating technical solutions in the field of education that can help them to meet their goals cheaper and faster. Volunteering – Using their talent to raise the funds for the Kalgidhar Trust

16 Reference: Sanjay K Agarwal,(2008),Corporate Social Responsibiltiy in INDIA, 1 st ed,Noida:Sage Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee, (2005), Corporate Social Responsibility Doing the Most Good for your Company and Your Cause, 1st ed, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons. Dr.Jatinder K. Gulati & Ravneet Kaur (2007), “Drug Abuse: Trends and Issues” Presented at International Marketing Conference on Marketing & Society, 8-10 April, 2007, IIMK. Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India (2007), A Handbook of Statistical Indicators on Indian Women 2007. New Delhi, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India,33

17 Cheema Sahib (2010)“AKAL DE-ADDICTION CUM REHABILITATION CENTRE” Retrieved from (accessed 29 th January 2011) Femida Handy & Meenaz Kassam (2004), “Women’s empowerment in rural India” presented at the ISTR conference-July 2004. Toronto Canada. Arun K Aggarwal & Neeru Gupta (2007) “Gender issues: Why I was not born as a son?”, Retrieved from er-issues-why-i-was-not-born-as-a-son/ (accessed 25 th January 2011) er-issues-why-i-was-not-born-as-a-son/ “Elementary Teacher Training Academy” Retrieved from (accessed on 30th January 2011)

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