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Discoveries made on the mantle (TILMA) of the Virgin of Guadeloupe Empress of America Andre Fernando Garcia Discoveries made on the mantle (TILMA) of.

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2 Discoveries made on the mantle (TILMA) of the Virgin of Guadeloupe Empress of America Andre Fernando Garcia Discoveries made on the mantle (TILMA) of the Virgin of Guadeloupe Empress of America Andre Fernando Garcia

3 Here is something that not only will surprise you but will fill you with stupefaction. Take knowledge of what science has discovered on the mantle of the Virgin of Guadeloupe

4 1.The ophthalmologic studies carried out on the eyes of Mary have detected that when the eye is exposed to light, the retina is contracted and when the light is removed, it becomes fully dilated, just as it occurs in the eye of a person who is alive.

5 2. The temperature of the fiber of agave (maguey) with which was manufactured joining TILMA of Juan Diego, remains at a constant temperature of 98.6 F or 36.6 C degrees, the same as a human body living.

6 3. One of the doctors who has analyzed the joining TILMA has placed his stethoscope at the bottom of the black belt that Marie was wearing and he heard the heart beats at a rate of 115 beats/minute, the same as those of a baby in the womb.

7 4. No traces of paint was not discovered on the fabric. At a distance of 3-4 inches of the image, it does not seem that the fibers of fabric, the colors had disappear. Scientific studies have not been able to discover the origin of the coloring, nor the way in which the picture was painted. They do not detect any vestige of brush strokes or any other technique of painting known. NASA scientists confirm that the material which gives the colors belongs to no known element on earth.

8 5. When the fabric was examined under laser, it demonstrated that there is no coloration on the place nor around the fabric, and that the colors was floating at a distance of (1/100 inch) on the fabric, without touching him. In fact, the colors float in the air on the surface of the joining TILMA! Is it not extraordinary?

9 6. The rough material making the TILMA has a lifetime of at most 20 to 30 years. There are several centuries, a replica of the image was painted on a piece of fabric from maguey and it disintegrated after a decade. In addition, after almost 500 years of this miracle, the fabric, with the image of Mary, remains as strong as he was on the first day. Science cannot explain why the equipment has not disintegrated.

10 7. In 1791, the hydrochloric acid was accidentally spilled on top of the right side of the joining TILMA. At the end of 30 days, without any special treatment, the fabric assigned himself miraculously reconstituted.

11 8. The stars who appear on the mantle of Mary reflect the configuration and the position of the constellations that were in the sky of Mexico City the day or the miracle occurred.

12 On the right side (front view) of the mantle of the Virgin, the constellations south are indicated. At the top, there are four stars who are part of the constellation Orphiuchus More bottom left, we observed Libra and to its right, which resembles a tip of arrow, corresponds to the beginning of Scorpio In the middle, there is the constellation Lupus and to his left, the end of Hydra. down, we see very distinctly the Southern Cross; above appears the square slightly tilted in the constellation of Centaurus

13 The left side (front view) of the mantle of the Virgin you can see the constellations of the North: on the shoulder, a fragment of the stars of the constellation of the Bouvier (Herdsman) More bottom to left, follows the Ursa Major constellation in form of saucepan. The surround at the top right, the hair of Berenice. On the bottom right, the Grayhounds and left Thuban, the brightest star in the constellation of the Dragon. At the bottom of two stars parallel (which are part of the Great Bear) are distinguished another pair of stars in the constellation of the tick (Auriga) and to the west, toward the bottom, three stars of the Bull (Taurus) and are identified in their entirety and in their place, the 46 most brilliant stars which surround the horizon of the Valley of Mexico.

14 9. In 1921, a man hid a bomb of great power in a floral arrangement, he placed it at the foot of the TILMA. The explosion destroyed all around, except joining TILMA which remained intact.

15 10. The scientists have discovered that the eyes of Mary have all three effects of refraction of the image of a human eye.

16 11. In the eyes of Mary (of only 7- 8 mm) it was discovered of tiny images human, that no artist could paint. The same scenes are repeated in each eye. By using a digital technology, the images in the eyes were enlarged several times and have revealed that in each eye, was reflected the image of the Indian, Juan Diego opened his tilma before Bishop Zumarraga. The greatness of this image: a quarter of a millionth of a millimeter.

17 All these facts inexplicable that stand the test of time make us understand, that still today, our Mother Marie wants that all its children have the right to life. His message of the day had to aim that stops the death of children that were offered in sacrifice to pagan gods.

18 In closing, here are three surprising facts: 1. "Guadalupe" means in an indigenous language: "crushed the head of the serpent", which is found in Genesis 3:15 "Marie is victorious over satin" 2. The image depicts a quote in Rev 12 “A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman dressed with the sun, with the moon under her feet" 3. The Blank door a black belt at the waist, which symbolizes the pregnancy, to indicate that God wanted that Jesus was born in the three Americas, in the heart of every American. "All my life I will praise the Lord, the rest of my days, I will sing praise for my God." (Ps 146:2)

19 This presentation wants to remind you that the Virgin is always there when you need her, that she will never abandons us and that we will always be her loving children Never forget the words she said to Juan Diego: My little child, the smallest of them all do not let anything afflict you Don’t you know that you are on my knees? Am I not here, I am your mother

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