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One power venture sdn bhd

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1 One power venture sdn bhd
Where everyone profits!

2 Company background Established: 9th April 2014
Head Quarters: Cyberjaya Malaysia Focus: mCommerce Business Solutions Operations: Malaysia and Indonesia Company background

3 What is mCommerce? Do business via mobile device
Uses Apps, Mobile Website or SMS In OPV we use SMS to:- Register Purchase Product Reload Check Business Info Withdraw Commission

4 1POWER SMS M Solat OPV Reload Center 3 main products

5 1power sms Instant SMS Broadcast Scheduled SMS Broadcast
Customized SMS Broadcast SMS Auto Responder Can send upto 8,300 SMS per minute to ALL Malaysian and Indonesian Mobile numbers Worth RM899

6 mSolat Islamic Prayer Time Calculator
Calculates for any location on Earth using Latitude and Longitude positions. Calculated time is sent via SMS to the recipients mobile phone at the preferred time on a daily basis.

7 OPV Reload Center Can reload ALL prepaid mobile lines in MALAYSIA and INDONESIA Can pay ALL postpaid mobile lines in MALAYSIA Can pay ASTRO BILL. More to be added in future.

8 Get all these products and incredible benefits!
RM200 ONLY! Get all these products and incredible benefits! One time payment Renewal not required Excellent products that you will use Incredible INCOME opportunity!

9 Income opportunity

10 Just share about us! For each person that you introduce, you get paid RM70 INSTANTLY! Another RM10, is paid the following month. 14 days money back guarantee. Terms and conditions applies.

11 Make the products free! Just sponsor 3, and the product is FREE.
No time limit. No quota. No condition. No limit on sponsorship.

12 Start earning an income!
If you sponsor 1 direct, you qualify for 1st Level Income. If you sponsor 2 direct, you qualify for 1st and 2nd Level Income. If you sponsor 3 direct, you qualify for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level Income. If you sponsor 4 direct, you qualify for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Level Income.

13 Qualify for higher income!
If you sponsor 5 direct, you qualify for 8 Level Income.

14 Maximize your income! If you sponsor 6 direct, your commission from Level 2 to Level 8 increases.

15 Earn unlimited passive income every month!
Just purchase 4PV worth or products every month to qualify for that months bonus. You are paid 10% of purchased PV value up to 8 Levels deep.

16 You decide your income! Learn Sponsor Duplicate

17 More benefits! Recognition 1 Star and above Company Turn Over
Campaigns More benefits!

18 Get trained! Proven to create results.
Special training for OPV members. Special pricing for OPV members. Those who attend this training will be trained and coached for at least 1 year. Your chance to get all the skills to succeed. PROVEN!!!

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