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Earth Day Essay, Poster & Photography Competition 2010 Biodiversity at Risk! Outstanding Entries.

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1 Earth Day Essay, Poster & Photography Competition 2010 Biodiversity at Risk!
Outstanding Entries

2 Sectional Prizes

3 Best Marine Essay Entry
-Morganne Kellier -Montego Bay High School for Girls Topic: How do Marine Activities Impact Biodiversity? “Over many decades, marine pollution and coastal degradation have become serious developmental issues in the region and world thereby affecting biodiversity.” “Human activities act as a driver of marine habitat loss… the growing number of tourists presents a significant threat to many coastal habitats which can disturb by trampling or direct harvesting… exploration and development of oil and gas activities threaten marine habitats….” “Overfishing has played an important role in the decline and extinction of many species… Even with management practices now in place, fisheries have major impacts on ocean environments, ranging from direct harvest to by-catch effects, habitat destruction, genetic changes and food web changes.” “Educating children is the most important step in preserving marine biodiversity, as the future of our planet lies in their hands.”

4 Poster Best Depicting Jamaican Biodiversity Issues
Poster theme: “Biodiversity and Human Society” -Priscilla Murray -Westwood High School

5 Most entries in the photography category
Youngest Entrant Most entries in the photography category Photography Theme: “Biodiversity: Its Glory and Demise” Name: Julene Forbes School: Pembroke Hall High

6 3rd Place Winners

7 3rd Place Essay Dana Brown Westwood High School
Essay Topic: Climate Change: A Challenge for Biodiversity “It is well known that environmental temperatures fluctuate. However, some organisms are able to maintain a constant body temperature despite temperature changes in the environment, while others cannot. Hence, the significant changes in the environment can have severe effects on animals and even plants.” “…at risk are thousands of species of animals including polar bears, whose hunting grounds are largely on ice. Indeed, reports already indicate that many bears are losing weight and some are even starving.” Underground water sources are climate sensitive and Caribbean countries that rely on a single source of fresh water such as The Bahamas, Barbados and Antigua may suffer from drought. Reduced rainfall lowers water supply and causes a reduction in river discharge, as well as slower rate for the recharging of the fresh water resources which can contribute to prolonged drought impacts. “

8 3rd Place Poster Theme: Biodiversity and Human Society Odaine Roper
Cornwall College

9 3rd Place Photograph Catherine Bell Immaculate Conception High School
Theme: Biodiversity: Its Glory and Demise “The smallest creature, however beautiful, contributes to the demise of nature”

10 2nd Place Winners

11 2nd Place Essay Morganne Kellier Westwood High School
Topic: How do marine activities impact biodiversity?

12 2nd Place Poster Ali-Shakeel Lettman Mannings High School

13 2nd Place Photograph Jordan Thame St.Georges College
“The photograph shows how we destroy trees that are indigenous to Jamaica”

14 First Place Winners

15 1st place Essay Topic: Climate Change: A Challenge for Biodiversity
Ravon Buttler Marcus Garvey Technical High School Topic: Climate Change: A Challenge for Biodiversity “Climate change is very evident everywhere we look. .. In Jamaica, we notice that it is getting hotter and hotter... It is also evident in Jamaica’s weather pattern, in which Jamaica experienced a drought between November 2009 to present...” “Links between climate change and biodiversity can run both ways: biodiversity is threatened by climate change but proper management of biodiversity can reduce the impact of climate change.” “There is evidence that climate change is affecting biodiversity and will continue to do so... Consequences of climate change on the species component of biodiversity include changes in distribution, increased extinction rates, changes in reproduction timings, and changes in the length of the growing seasons for plants.”

16 1st Place Poster Sean Michael Salter Cornwall College

17 1st Place Photograph Fiona Bowley Hampton High School
“This photo shows how man’s destructive activities are slowly but surely robbing the Earth of its natural beauty and biodiversity.”

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