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“Comenius” – “N.E.S.T. – New Europe with Stronger Ties” 2014.

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2 “Comenius” – “N.E.S.T. – New Europe with Stronger Ties” 2014


4 The Book of Genesis

5  The origin of life on Earth is the question disturbing human minds during centuries.  Almost every nation has legends and myths about the origin of life.  Different stories can be found in ancient spiritual books as Bible and Quran...  Many scientist are doing their best to find the answer.  Music, literature and other fine arts are all about truth seeking.

6  Our team from Latvia had an opportunity to observe how the modern art of the cinema reflect aforementioned issues.  Thanks to the cinema and global internet network some ideas and hypothesis about the origin of life have got a wide spread.

7 Nothing but movies have given us an understanding of eternal values. Nothing but movies have given us an understanding of eternal values.

8 We took a look at life from a different angle, what we have not done before.

9 We became surrounded by the mystery of life. Matrix

10 Affecting emotional status Influence on people minds Expansion of horizons Formation of personality Synthesis of visual arts (sound, color, image) Improving of the erudition Identification of the watcher with the character Available to the masses Re-comprehension of social myths in accordance with the epoch Movie

11 We have listed just a few functions of movies: educational, informational, artistic...

12  The origin of life on Earth is one of the major issues in human history, so there are lots of movies about genesis.  Students from our school have had not only to watch them, but to select the most interesting movie and to write an essay about it for you.  Also we have tried to classify our essays.

13 I.Documentaries: 1.Popular science; 2.Religious-historical.

14 II.Live-action scripted movies: 1.Drama. 2.Science fiction. 3.Adventure and thriller. 4.Fanatasy. 5.TV plays and other TV series. III.Animation.

15 1.Andrejs Kučerjavijs. “The Universe from the beginning to the end.” 2.Žanna Treščalina. “History of the World in 2 hours.” 3.Julija Gedroviča. “Genesis.” 4.Artjoms Novickis. “Naked science.” 5.Aleksejs Sedih. “The Big Bang Theory.” 6.Katerina Bolotova. “BBC: The First Eden.” 7.Karina Kozlovceva. “Discovery Science : Through the Wormhole.” 8.Linda Aksenova. “Curiosity – Did the God create the Universe?” 9.Ksenija Koroteckaja. “Discovery: Through the Wormhole: Is there a Creator?’’ 10.Aleksander Ribalko. “Geogenesis.” 11.Michael Korcevskis. Jim Tetloy’s film “World creation.” 12.Ilja Kazanli. ’’God does not throw dice’’. Popular science movies (Student essays based on movies)

16 14. Katerina Osinovec.“Wonders of the Universe.” 15. Julija Pisecka.“Life origin of the Earth.” 16. Aida Teybova.“Earth: Making of a Planet” directed by Yavar Abbas. ‘’Earth Biography’’. 17. Ivan Zhuk.“The Neanderthal in Us. Revealing the Last Mystery of Our Origin” directed by Jorg Mullner. 18. Valerija Čudova.“Worth of the Earth.” 19. Valerija Grigorjeva.“Origin of Life on Earth.” 20. Eliza Krinina.“Multiuniverse.” 21. Aleksandra Zaytseva.“Naked Science: The Big Bang.” 22. Vladislavs Laman.”Giperboreja’’ 23. Elina Titova. 24. 25. Lusine Tumanyan 26. Kirills Kopiks“The Origin of the Universe.”

17 Live-action scripted movies 1.Inna Meshkauska “Adam and Eve.” 2.Anna Parilo “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick. 3.Aleksander Rassudovskij “Matrix.” 4.“After Earth” (2013). 5.Iļja Moroz “Elysium” (2013). 6.Erik Dolnikov 7.Maksim Slobodjanik 8.Elina Sauka “Divine Comedy” by Isidor Stock.


19 TV plays and other TV series 1.Maksim Gorjunov “Godlike comedy.” Theatricals 1.Darja Kudrjavceva “Divine Comedy” puppet-show of S.Obraztsov spectacle.

20 Animation 1.“Escape from Planet Earth” (2013). 2.“Starship Troopers: Invasion” (2012). 3.“The Mystery of the Third Planet” (1981). 4.“Creation of the Earth” (1957). 5.“Birth of the Earth” season 2 of “Albert asks”. 6.“Stories of the Old Testament” (2011). 7.“Creation of the Earth” the plasicine cartoon. 8.“My first Bible” (2013).

21 Popular science movies Movies, which present the hypothesis that the Earth was created by Creator or God. Movies,where the story focuses on hypothesis - that the Earth was created without the help of God (based on the laws of nature).

22  Genesis (from Greek - γένεσις) means origin, occurance, generation.  Word genesis derives from the Old Testament book of Life.

23 The beginning The beginning At the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. The Earth was shapeless and empty, darkness was all over, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

24 Movies present 5 hypotheses about the origin of life on Earth. 1.Creationism – hypothesis asserts that life on Earth was created as the result of the act of creation by the help of supernatural being - God.

25 2.Hypothesis of spontaneous origin of life, which is based on the idea of ​​ multiple life creating reactions originating from organic and non organic matter.

26 Biogenesis An alternative to creationism Louis Pasteur Plato Aristotle Galileo GalileiRené Descartes Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Francesco Redi

27 3.Hypothesis of steady state, according to which life has always existed.

28 4.Panspermia – hypothesis that life has been inscribed to the Earth from outer space (by meteorites, asteroids, space dust). Panspermia Justus von Liebig William Thomson Hermann von Helmholtz Svante Arrhenius Peter Lazarev

29 5.Hypothesis of the historical origin of life on Earth by means of biochemical evolution.

30 Humanity can not be deprived the possibility to ask questions, to think, to feel and to dream. The movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” that was based on Arthur Clarke stories and directed by Stanley Kubrick forces us to ask ourselves and humanity about: - Who are we? - Where are we from? - Where do we go?

31  Our project is an outstanding journey towards the mystery of the origin of the Universe and our planet by means of cinema, television and internet.  The are lot of hypotheses,but there is no unequivocal answer.  Future holds the answer.

32 Dare to believe in discovery,look for the answers-it is all about our project.

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