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We take our good money to buy food. Food waste in landfill is one of the biggest single contributors damaging Earth! Take all of that food waste out of.

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2 We take our good money to buy food. Food waste in landfill is one of the biggest single contributors damaging Earth! Take all of that food waste out of landfill, and create nourishing “Earth Food” which will replenish Our Green Earth. Not just recycling! It is something much more powerfully sustaining and is exceptionally rewarding for all species on earth – not just us humans! It is called “Replenishing Our Green Earth”! A large portion of that food we throw in the dump-bin which ends up in landfill creating a massive toxic problem.


4 Help prepare your food waste to feed Our Green Earth By bringing food waste recycling fully into the local community through every household, you and your community benefit becomes extraordinary. We must stop making “Big Business” and “Government” responsible for our Earth! Let us turn our food waste into useful profit for Earth itself - our naturally recycling Earth - for its replenishment, just by simply preparing it and feeding it to Earth. Replenishing versus Recycling

5 The Earth is Starving We should all be pursuing Zero Food Landfill, by bringing recycling back to benefit every household. We spend good money on food, and then throw much of this away into the rubbish bin, creating landfill. Food in landfill is the single largest group that generates Methane Gas = 25 times worse than Co2. The big question is, can we take our kitchen waste and convert this to good food to replenish our earth? Yes we can! Our Green Earth has developed a complete solution in 5 easy steps Every household in Australia is generating inordinate amounts of food waste daily. This adds to bad corrupting landfill. We can create a more sustainable future by converting our kitchen waste to good food for Our Green Earth. How do we do it? We gather all of our kitchen lawn & garden waste and convert it to compost using the Our Green Earth Replenishment Kit for a few dollars a week.

6 How You Can Help! We are talking about a simple easy to use household recycling system. How does it work? Take all your kitchen waste and put it into the Earth Replenishment Kit Bucket. Add good bacteria = Probiotic Green Earth Matrix. This process creates “pre-compost” and highly “Concentrated Organic Plant Liquid” which is called “Liquid Gold”. Empty contents of full first bucket into the Earth Replenishment Kit Composting Bag, with other garden wastes and add Our Green Earth Soil & Plant Elixir. Leave for a while converting it into good compost. Take this good compost and replenish your garden or our Earth. This process should take about 4 to 6 weeks. You should have started again with your second bucket within the 4 to 6 week program i.e. when your first bucket is full.


8 How You Can Help! (cont) What you can do to change and rectify our current “food waste” issue & go for zero food landfill with us: 1.Learn how to replenish our earth! 2.Do not rely on just recycling – it does not replenish anything of earth! 3.Food waste can only be managed by the end user – YOU and your team! 4.Your team is your household! Manage them well and help all learn to manage Earth! Food waste is a major issue in our modern communities, but we must refrain from promoting the concept that reducing food supplied will reduce waste. As the quote states, reducing abundance always leads to scarcity, followed by poverty and worse - starvation! We must understand the basic foundation of the complete food chain in order to comprehend the nature of how starvation on earth develops. “Reducing Waste is a Virtue!...But... Reducing Abundance leads to Scarcity and Poverty!” JRF

9 – The World Vision Plenty is not the cause of waste. We are! Nature has never known waste. We cause it! Nature manages its abundance well. We don’t! But we can change our way, consult with and follow nature, and learn to manage abundance well! We must understand that humans starve because earth is starving. Humans are on the second level or the second stage in the chain of starvation regarding the food chain, not the first! What is first? It is the Earth – the Soil of Earth itself! It needs both water and nourishment (food) in order to replenish itself. When it is robbed of either or both, or dosed with unnatural accelerators to produce growth, it will starve and we of course in time, are the next in line! Earth will grow abundance if we feed it well. Food

10 The Five Easy Steps 1.Collect kitchen waste and process it daily 2.When bucket is full leave to stand 14 days. 3.Tap off the “Highly Concentrated Liquid Gold” and use diluted 300-1 as a topical nourishing spray on all your plants and lawn. 4.Place all the bucket contents in the “OGERK Composting Bag”, add lawn clippings and garden leaves etc., and add the OGE Probiotic Matrix to the mix. Mix well and leave for a week. Roll bag a few times to mix or use a small garden fork. 5.Place the highly nourishing compost contents after 14 to 21 days in your Garden – it feeds your soil!

11 Cost Summary to Feed Your Earth 1.The Initial “Earth Replenishment Kit” System set up cost. 2.Then the small ongoing cost....and the processing of all your kitchen waste should cost you no more than a cup of coffee or two a week. How cost effective is that! 3.Initial ERK cost will soon pay for itself. 4.Call or email now for your Country’s current pricing or speak with the person who introduced you, or gave you a brochure. Feed your Earth and your Earth will Feed You! WM

12 Mutual Benefits We feed the Earth using the Our Green Earth Replenishment Kit and the Earth feeds us. You know exactly what is in your compost because you put it there. Rotting food is anti-compost and can damage your garden and your personal environment with harmful pathogens. Read carefully the warnings regarding the serious flaws of the potting and compost mixes that come from overseas due to their severe and potentially lethal toxicity. The high level of toxins in those mixes placed in the garden is not only harmful to the environment, but children, pets and birds can be contaminated unwittingly, plus the food and herbs that we eat, which negatively affects many households making the members sick. You’ll stay healthy only by keeping our Earth Healthy.

13 Get Started Today Turn your food waste into abundance of food for the Earth. Start Replenishing Earth by getting your household involved today. Stop the “Starvation Cycle” in its tracks by placing your food waste where it matters – not in the “Recycling Bin” which goes into landfill – but in your “Earth Replenishment Kit Bucket” to compost, to feed your soil, which feeds your plants, which feeds your household and so feeds us and our Earth! We must complete the circle to keep Earth healthy and so then we keep ourselves healthy. This is the Law of Nature. Follow it and you will live well.

14 How to order “Our Green Earth” Complete Composting Systems Contact the person who introduced you, or gave you a brochure (find their name and contact number on their business card, or the brochure) Write to us by email: Write to us by post: Our Green Earth PO Box 109 Oatlands, NSW 2117 Australia Order online at: Landline Freecall Australia: 1800 980 682 See Online for: Earth Replenishment Kit - The Worlds most effective complete composting system Also: Our Green Earth Probiotic Matrix Granules & Elixirs Additional Components for Extending OGERK Composting Capacity Coming soon: Our Green Gobbler Food Waste Processing Machine Our Green Gobbler Coffee Processing Machine Even more if we fed Earth our food waste instead of burying most of it in landfill!

15 Households - Please take note! We as the end users cause 88% of the total food waste below! In the 6 portions of the pie-chart above we are directly involved in causing the top 4. It is time to stop the waste by saying No to landfill and Yes to composting to feed our Earth together!

16 Our Green Earth – Our Host We Deserve??? If one seed can grow a forest – one person can change the Earth so the forest can grow – just multiply yourself and your composting, in others. Look after Nature and Nature will look after you!

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