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Https:// =udsTIFLsz6g =udsTIFLsz6g The Keys To Workshop Success John Hatton Division 1-2 Vice President.

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1 =udsTIFLsz6g =udsTIFLsz6g The Keys To Workshop Success John Hatton Division 1-2 Vice President

2 Congratulations! You are interested in presenting a workshop or helping others with presenting a workshop of their own! That is the first step to making your workshop great! Following this slide are many helpful tips, steps, and words of advice on how to present a workshop that is both informational and exciting. These are not a definite set of guidelines on what you MUST do, but they are certainly proven to be effective ways to present a workshop.

3 Topic Workshops present different topics Before creating your workshop, you should begin by finding what you would like to present about.

4 Possible Topics Communication Teamwork True Colors Time Management School Spirit Poster Making Brainstorming Overcoming Obstacles Group Roles Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Leadership Techniques Public Speaking Include but are not limited to :

5 Theme Some presenters find that a theme, movie, book, etc. that applies to your topic can really make your workshop stand out!

6 Possible Themes Iron Man Star Wars Mickey Mouse Cat In the Hat Cinderella Food Kung Foo Panda Forest Gump The Beatles Scooby Doo The Avengers Clothing Planet Earth Disneyland

7 Activity Find how you want to present the information Construct a rough timeline Create or use an activity or multiple activities or ice breakers that relates to your Workshop Keep in mind that you still need time to speak and present information, so don’t create too lengthy of an activity

8 PowerPoints and Movie Clips All are excellent tools to present with There are ways to use these tools ineffectively – Excessively wordy PowerPoints – Long/unrelated video clips – Speaking directly from PowerPoint

9 Effective PowerPoints In most cases, the PowerPoint that is very effective alongside a presenter is the one with: – an eye-catching layout – slides with only a few words that summarize what is spoken about

10 Effective Video Usage Pertains to the theme of your workshop Entertains Audience Doesn’t go on for a long time past the message, losing the attention of the audience

11 Conclusion 2-3 Minutes Summary of everything presented

12 Evaluation 2-3 Minutes Open the floor to any additional questions or commentary from audience in regards to your workshop

13 Put It All Together Create a final script to help control thoughts and meet time requirement Practice activities beforehand Gather all supplies necessary

14 Applications for Workshops For Regionals, State, and Nationals – Applications are due November 24 th at 5pm

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