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Lesson 1: Causes and Evidences of Climate

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1 Lesson 1: Causes and Evidences of Climate
Students will be able to: Identify an evidence of climate change, focusing on the relationship between CO2 concentrations and atmospheric temperature. Describe the greenhouse effect and identify the gases involved in it. Describe how carbon enters the atmosphere as depicted by the carbon cycle Identify sources of CO2 emissions

2 What does anthropogenic mean?
CLIMATE CHANGE What does climate mean?

3 What is the Greenhouse Effect?
2 7 5 1 6 3 4

4 Which Greenhouse Gas has the greatest emissions?
List of terms: Fluorine Gases Methane Carbon Dioxide Nitrous Oxides

5 Global temperatures vs. CO2 concentrations
Split into pairs Using the table provided in your worksheet, have one person create the graph for global temperatures and one person create the graph for CO2 concentrations. Now compare these two graphs. What is the correlation between global temperature and CO2 concentrations?

6 CO2 Concentrations:

7 Global Temperature:

8 How does Carbon enter the atmosphere?
Word Bank: Auto and factory emissions Animal Respiration Dead Organisms and waste productions Fossils and Fossil Fuels Plant Respiration Photosynthesis Sunlight

9 Which is the highest source of Carbon dioxide emissions?
Word Bank: Burning fossil fuels for Transportation Fossil fuel consumption to produce Electricity Residential and Commercial use of fossil fuels Other (Non fossil fuel combustion) Industrial use of fossil fuels

10 Activity: Pictionary Sources of CO2 emissions
The teacher will split you up into groups of four or five. Pick a person to start Start the timer for one minute The first person to start will draw a source of CO2 emissions The rest of the group will try to guess what the source is before time is up

11 So how can we reduce CO2 emissions?

12 Homework Students will complete the following activities, like a scavenger hunt. Find a brief story from someone you know about how Climate Change affects him or her. Write down a description of this story. Find an object (a picture or the object) you use or describe an activity you encounter in your life that emits greenhouse gases. Describe a new way to use this object or complete this activity in a way that emits less greenhouse gases.

13 Lesson 2: Impacts of Climate Change
Students will be able to: Identify the predicted impacts of a warmer atmosphere on the earth, focusing on the water cycle and oceans Determine the impacts of climate change on animals and plants in El Yunque, focusing on the impacts of rising temperature and changing precipitation patterns.

14 More Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Warmer Atmosphere

15 What are some natural processes that can be affected by a warmer atmosphere?

16 What are the impacts of a warmer atmosphere on the water cycle?

17 How would a warmer atmosphere affect the oceans?

18 What are possible environmental effects of warmer oceans?

19 What are some impacts of climate change that are specific to the tropical islands?
Warmer Atmosphere Warmer Oceans Sea Level Rise Change in Evaporation Precipitation

20 Habitat Shift Activity

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