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OpenLandscapes is a proposal of 1 ‘openLandscapes’ The Knowledge Collection of Landscapes Science C. H. Henneberg, M. Puhlmann,

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1 openLandscapes is a proposal of 1 ‘openLandscapes’ The Knowledge Collection of Landscapes Science C. H. Henneberg, M. Puhlmann, J. Pilz, L. Laacke, C. Dalchow 28 March, 2015 Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Müncheberg, Germany

2 2 Introduction Landscape related sciences Characterised by broad interdisciplinary aspects Various domains of knowledge, e.g.: fundamental sciences, applied sciences, social sciences, land use and landscape planning Disciplines communicate current research activities and publish recent results separately. Consequence ‘Landscape science’ related knowledge is far- scattered Up to date information on landscape research is difficult to obtain even if it is freely available 28 March, 2015

3 3 Introduction All landscape researchers would benefit from a publicly available repository that provides... core information on landscape research, an interpreted terminology and a steadily expanding knowledge database, a possibility to search information on specific topics within the most important web sites in world wide web, access to open data. This we would like to achieve with openLandscapes. Content and structure of openLandscapes may allow defining the system boundaries of ‘landscape science’. 28 March, 2015

4 4 Introduction openLandscapes currently comprises the features: Projects Knowledge (→ publications & presentations) Competences (→ experts, institutions & networks) openLandscapes Wiki openLandscapes Search (→ thematic search) Knowledge and information are... well structured and clearly arranged, linked to keywords (term + scientific context), easy accessible. 28 March, 2015

5 5 Projects in Landscape Research 28 March, 2015

6 6 Research Project in Detail 28 March, 2015

7 7 Scientific Project Overview 28 March, 2015

8 8 Publications 28 March, 2015

9 9 Publication Category: More Scientific Publications 28 March, 2015

10 10 Publication: Detail 28 March, 2015

11 11 Experts, Institutions, Networks 28 March, 2015

12 12 Wiki Pages Aim Access to up to date knowledge of landscape related sciences (contents, concepts, definitions, relations) Wiki is organised in two categories: ‘Glossary Wiki’ › Specify and elaborate terms associated with scientific context, e.g.: Ecosystem services _(Landscape Ecology) › Link to definitions (drafts or published) › Link to relations between wiki pages ‘Essay Wiki’ › A resource for additional knowledge and further explanations or discussion of new ideas › Supplement the information given in ‘Glossary Wiki’ 28 March, 2015

13 13 ‘Glossary Wiki’ & ‘Essay Wiki’ 28 March, 2015 Wiki Header Wiki Content

14 28 March, 2015

15 15 Definitions Associated with: Ecosystem services_(…) 28 March, 2015

16 16 Wiki: Search Options 28 March, 2015

17 17 Lists of Available Wiki Pages 28 March, 2015

18 18 28 March, 2015 Interconnection Network Keywords TermScientific Context BiodiversityLandscape Ecology Geo ecologyEarth Science Projects ProjectKeyword = Term + Scientific ContextPubl. TitleMembers Project1Biodiversity_(Landscape Ecology)Publ.1Person1 Project2Geo ecology_(Earth Science)Publ.2Person2 Publications TitleKeyword = Term + Sci. Context Publ.1Biodiversity_(Landscape Ecology) Publ.2Geo ecology_(Earth Science) Glossary Wiki Pages Page Name = Term + Sci. Cont.TermSci. Context Biodiversity_(Landscape Ecology)BiodiversityLandscape Ecology Geo ecology_(Earth Science)Geo ecologyEarth Science Essay Wiki Pages Page NameAssociated with Glossary Page What is new …Biodiversity_(Landscape Ecology) A new approach…Geo ecology_(Earth Science) Documents Title (engl.)Document Publ.1bio.doc Publ.2geo.pdf Persons PersonField of Science = Sci. Context Person1Landscape Ecology Person2Earth Science

19 19 Thematic Search: Open Data & Open Access 28 March, 2015

20 20 Data publishing framework (not yet implemented) Aim: To provide tools & support for publication of research data which are a fundamental base for research, cooperation and interdisciplinary communication. The data publishing framework shall … assist data providers in archiving and publishing research data, enhance data accessibility, encourage re-use of data. Key issues are: DOI implementation, data registration, data publication, bibliographical and core metadata, repository development. 28 March, 2015

21 21 Outlook IALE-D and ZALF have agreed to ensure system hosting, technical development and maintenance. openLandscapes will continue to promote open access in the field of landscape science. Future fields of activity: Functionality improvement Access to open data › Data publishing framework (DOI, primary data, metadata) Joint publications › Defined user group for each publication Community building › User group › Quality control group › Open data working group 28 March, 2015

22 22 Invitation We would like to extend an invitation to everybody to... visit openLandscapes sign in and add knowledge to openLandscapes take active part in quality control of openLandscapes give hints concerning functionality improvment join the ‘open data working group’ URL of openLandscapes: 28 March, 2015

23 23 Link to Wiki Pages Via Term 28 March, 2015

24 24 Scientific Project Overview 28 March, 2015

25 25 Link to Wiki Page Via Scientific Context 28 March, 2015

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