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The Covenantal Principle

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1 The Covenantal Principle

2 Definition That principle by which the interpretation of a verse or group of verses is determined by a consideration of its covenantal setting. It is the agreements or contracts made between God and man. They can be conditional or unconditional 8 covenants found in the Word of God

3 The Edenic Covenant It was established in Gen 1:28-30 and 2:15-17
It was a conditional covenant for the life within the Garden of Eden It ended with disobedience

4 The Adamic Covenant It is an unconditional covenant.
It was made or given at the close of the dispensation of Innocence. It consists of a curse and a promise. This covenant was for life outside of the Garden. It is still in effect today.

5 The Noahic Covenant It began after Noah left the Ark.
It was an unconditional covenant. God would never again totally destroy the earth by flood. The sign of this covenant is the rain bow. Capital punishment is introduced (Gen. 9:6)

6 The sign of this covenant is the rain bow.
Seasons (winter, fall, summer & spring) would continue. Meat could be included in our diet. Covenant still in effect until the earth is destroyed by fire (II Peter 3:12-13)

7 The Abrahamic Covenant
It is an unconditional covenant. A promise to Abraham. God would make him to be a blessings to others. God would make his name great.

8 From Abraham would come a great nation.
Those who blessed him would be blessed. Those who cursed him would be cursed. Still in effect and will completely fulfilled during the dispensation of the Millennial.

9 The Mosaic Covenant It paralleled the dispensation of the Law.
It was a conditional covenant. The Law of Moses. This covenant ended on the Day of Pentecost. Some of the principles are still in effect.

10 The Palestinian Covenant
Actually a continuation of the Mosaic Covenant (Duet. Chp ). It was a conditional covenant. It was a promise to the Jews of returning to the land of Palestine. Of God’s revenge upon Israel’s enemies. It will end with the new heaven and new earth.

11 The Davidic Covenant Spoke through the prophet Nathan
It was both conditional and unconditional. Conditional- If David’s descendants were faithful they were to always rule. They were not and were ultimately removed. Unconditional- The promise of the Messiah through the lineage of David.

12 The New Covenant It is unconditional. Not that all will be saved but all can be saved. This covenant is based upon the blood of Christ. The laws of God would be written in our hearts (God’s Spirit within us) instead of tables of stone. This covenant opened the door for Gentiles.

13 Summary The Abrahamic, Palestinian, Mosaic, Davidic and New Covenant were made to Israel (Romans 9:4) The Church is included because we are the seed of Abraham. The Adamic and Noahic are general covenants made with mankind. The Edenic Covenant was made to Adam and Eve.

14 Analogy These covenants are like eight different contracts for eight different people. These contracts would have differences and similarities. They would have things in common but things very specific for each person. Look at it as a builder building a house for eight different people.

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