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TERRAFORCE products can provide you with environmentally friendly earth retaining and architectural landscaping using mortarless and fully interlocking.

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2 TERRAFORCE products can provide you with environmentally friendly earth retaining and architectural landscaping using mortarless and fully interlocking concrete retaining and terracing blocks. Erosion and sediment control of versatile and plantable nature. Retaining walls for any environmental circumstance. Benefits and features Aesthetics Obtainable in different sizes and colours Reversible units for variations on elevation Variable setback allows featuresque appearance Design flexibility - corners, curves and stairs Plant supportive rounded or rock - face elevation Transport Low transport cost - light weight hollow units Easy handling for remote site applications Installation Installed using standard industry procedures No intricate installation manuals required Special units and connectors not required One - block system. Low labour & material cost Design Design charts and manuals supplied Free design software - Gravity or composite earth retaining options Specification test results available I.C.B.O. evaluation report completed* 80 project profiles on demand Instant design & planning info - Easy planning with one - block system Proven product for 25 years

3 Gabion wall built with Terra Gabions during 1980
Initially an importer and distributor of wiremesh gabions from Spain, Terraforce became involved in the construction of gabion retaining walls and erosion control measures in 1981. This led to the realisation that in many instances gabions are not cost effective or practical. After considering various alternative methods that were known at that time, it was decided to design a more versatile one block system. Gabion wall built with Terra Gabions during 1980

4 Low terrace walls with steps during construction

5 7 m high walls supporting a driveway

6 Terraforce retaining blocks can be used as part of either a gravity system or as the fascia of a geosynthetic reinforced segmental retaining wall structure or as a fascia for a cement stabilized backfill. Mass Gravity Retaining Walls Gravity retaining walls rely on their self-weight to resist lateral earth pressure, and such walls have been in use for centuries. In a gravity system the Terraforce masonry units can be stacked several courses deep to provide support to the forces imposed by the retained soil; the weight and geometry of the stacked units prevent the constructed wall from sliding on its base or at an intermediate height, toppling over, or rotating out of position.

7 Composite retaining wall with L18 split face blocks

8 Geosynthetic reinforced soil segmental retaining walls utilize reinforcing sheets of geogrid or suitable woven geotextile which are attached to the fascia and are embedded in a body of engineered fill. The integrated nature of the fascia and the abutting large body of reinforced soil thereby supports the applied earth forces. In this case the 'gravity' component of the retaining wall is provided by the reinforced soil mass acting as a monolithic unit. By virtue of their inherent flexibility, such walls are able to accommodate movement and some settlement without suffering distress. This makes the system particularly suitable for construction on (engineered) filled ground or in areas which may be prone to settlement effects. Also, the cost and difficulty of construction of such retaining walls is minimized as the need to provide full frost wall foundations can be waived in many circumstances.

9 Bi-Annual CMA Awards Terraforce has secured the Premier Bi-annual Award in the retaining category from the Concrete Manufacturers Association in the years 1998, 2000, 2002, 2006 and 2008 as well as winning several National and Regional Awards at each event. Mixed pattern

Since 1986 Terrafix erosion control blocks have proved themselves as a most versatile and environmentally sound product. They were designed to provide a cost effective, flexible lining to protect against wind and water erosion. Recently the new Terracrete Exec. block was added to our range of products. Terracrete is even more cost effective, and can be specified as a hard lawn - drive over for light vehicles, when provided with a well designed subbase. Terracrete has been designed specifically so that it can be installed with ground anchors for application with high water velocities. Both these durable concrete units, in combination with the original shape retaining blocks, may be used in most saline or polluted conditions, interlock laterally and offer a secure yet flexible lining. The products have been specified in applications, designed to charge our dwindling ground water reservoir and to provide a perfect regime for establishing vegetation.

11 Small stream and inlet

12 Silt traps incorporating boulders

13 The end result

14 Culverts large and small
Segmented concrete products are rapidly gaining in popularity over other methods and in combination with vegetation cover are more durable, versatile and cost effective. From the environmental point of view this combination stands out head and shoulders above other earth retaining methods, such as wood, metal-based materials and rock rip rap.

15 L13 and Terrafix erosion control blocks to stabilise
a fast flowing river bed and embankments

16 The project a few years later

17 Prevent washout of fill with coarse gravel

18 Storm water detention

19 Lakeside steps and walls

20 Founded at low water mark

21 12 years later

22 Beachfront protection at Durrat Al Bahrain, Persion Gulf

23 Slope Rehabilitation

24 2008 CMA Awards Trophy Winner

25 Terracrete – parking area with partial grass cover

26 Strong Eco-surface for a boat-lifting facility

27 Terracrete – road erosion control in rural areas
Smooth round or flat face

28 2) FEATURES AND DETAILS A living wall:
The unique design allows you to make plants a part of your wall. Durability: Concrete will not rot and weaken over time, and no chemical preservatives are required. Mortarless interlocking systems: The units are simply stacked up without mortar to provide a cost effective, do-it-yourself system. Layout flexibility: The half moon interlock easily handles convex and concave curves, and the wall angle can vary from vertical to shallow slopes. You can create steps by reversing the block. Colours and textures: Use the blocks round or flat face for the wall front. Consult your local supplier about available colours.

A terraced garden

30 A terraced garden with good use of plants

31 A terraced garden with stairs

32 Composite wall with terrace

33 Architectural feature – concrete filled

34 Seductive curves

35 Various design options

36 A beautiful desertscape

37 Pool and composite retaining

38 Terralite D.I.Y. block and gardenscapes

39 Gardenscapes - Terralite

40 Low wall with Terralite

41 Unlimited versatility

Unlimited curves – affix handrails

43 L18 stairways and seating

44 And the most attractive

45 L18 – emergency escape route

46 Stand alone stairs with railing

47 Walkway to lake

48 Retaining, stairs and ramp

49 Retaining wall and offset stairs

50 Project ready for planting

51 A grand stairway – Multi 4x4 and L13 blocks

52 Retaining wall and stairs bordering a tennis court

53 Various stairways

54 Stairs leading to the beach

55 Staircase in Dubai

56 Urban renewal – low cost pavillion seating
4) SEATING ARENAS Urban renewal – low cost pavillion seating

57 Amphitheatre for 2000 people - Turkey

58 Seating arenas – 4x4 Multi block

59 500 seater arena – 4x4 multi block

Toe wall close to the sea with hardy plants established

61 Driveway support

62 Commercial roadside application

63 Complete cover for a softer look

64 A six meter high noise barrier

65 Award winning noise barrier – three undulating terraces

66 The same installation a few months later

67 Rock face L11

68 Composite walls in Istanbul


70 The completed wall with vegetation

71 Geogrid folded into the blocks – alternatively clamped between blocks

72 Reinforced half round supporting the pool

73 After completion

74 View from pool

75 A similar installation

76 9m high installation at commercial development

77 The award wining installation two years later

78 Award winning installation – CMA awards 2004

79 Clover interchange in Doha, Qatar Stairways and mixed elevation

80 Pool and composite retaining

81 Heavy duty composite roadside retaining

82 L11 6 m high composite wall - award winning project

83 We offer Green Solutions

Terraforce offers services of selected approved retaining wall contractors for professional quotations and installations of retaining blocks. By using these recommended contractors the public has peace of mind that his or her contract will be carried out professionally as recommended by Terraforce, and that the contractor will give a proper guarantee for any come backs that could occur. Please note that type of blocks available will vary from area to area. Phone for more information or visit the website for a list of contractors in South Africa. BE WELL PREPARED...with TERRAFORCE

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