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Passport to Planet Earth Guadalupe Sarah. Sydney Australia.

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1 Passport to Planet Earth Guadalupe Sarah

2 Sydney Australia

3 Maps

4 Animal of Australia Kangaroos: Can be as big as humans Scientist call them macrocodes

5 Physical Feature The three sisters rock Formation is the most recognizable landmark in the blue mountain of new Wales.

6 EUROPE Paris France

7 Maps

8 Animals Foxes Are small –to medium sizes bushy tailed. Mammals that are related to dogs. A Eurasian beavers gnaw on branch. Flamingos The lesser flamingos is the most common type of Flamingos

9 culture The language is French. Population is 60.7Million. The flag Of French most recently adopted on May 20, 1794

10 Physical Feature From the southern tip of France.

11 Manaus Brazil South America

12 Maps

13 Physical Feature Christ the redeemer statue One of the most famous icons of Brazil.

14 Culture The flag of Brazil feature a blue globe with 27 white stars. The population of Brazil is approximately 186 Million.

15 Man–Made Landmark Catholicism historically has been the major religion in Brazil.

16 Kobe Japan Asia

17 Maps

18 Man-made landmarks Located one hundred yards from the natural cost line is Japan’s famous ocean dome, Sea Gaia

19 Physical Feature The garden is strategically designed with the temple and the mountains in the background to give an illusory depth to the garden.

20 Culture The flag of Japan, most recently adopted on 13 August 1999, is called Honorary, or "the Rising Sun." Japan's population of 127.4 million is growing at a rate of only 0.05 percent annually

21 Reggae Algeria Africa

22 Maps

23 Man-made landmarks Queen's Palace The Rove, the Queen's Palace, was built for Queen Ranavalona I in the 19th century

24 Physical feature Sahara Desert 800 and 1,200 miles and is at least 3,000 miles (4,800 km) from east to west.

25 Culture The flag of Algeria, most recently adopted on 3 July 1962, is green on the left and white on the right. Algeria's population of 32.5 million is growing by 1.2 percent annually

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