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WATER IS LIFE Security – Purity - Sustainability.

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1 WATER IS LIFE Security – Purity - Sustainability

2 HEALTH CANADA ADVISES “Ultimately, the best approach to ensure complete disinfection of water intended for human use and consumption is a multi- barrier one, consisting of collecting water from the cleanest source possible, followed by filtration and disinfection”.

3 We Listened World Water Solutions has created the first multi-certified, award winning water security, purity and environmentally sustainable system for buildings. Our system was designed to be in keeping with the recommendations of both Health Canada & MOE to ensure healthy water at the end of the tap.

4 Causes of Contamination Under ground pressure transients Nearby construction, shifting underground Road repair Storms, flooding, electrical strikes Water main and line breaks Old pipes, accidents, human error Climate change

5 YOUR SOLUTION Uses NO electricity to purify water Uses NO chemicals No membranes to landfill sites every year Can be completely automated for 24/7 remote monitoring No onsite personnel needed to maintain Highest certification in the industry Cleaned daily

6 Business & Government Testimonials

7 Certified & Recognized Stockholm Water Award Popular Science Best of What’s New, Innovation Award 2004

8 LAWYERS APPROVAL “the UF membrane process can be expected to achieve Cryptosporidium levels in excess of the LT2 Rule requirements, regardless of the source of the water quality or the Bin classification of the drinking water sources. As a result, the use of the Homespring system will allow continued use of drinking water despite boil water or other health advisory notices”. Note:Homespring exceeds both EPA LT2 rule for 2012 in the USA and all Canadian MOE standards.

9 Doctors and Scientists Agree Hospital for Sick Children scientists “also anticipate that climate change will lead to higher numbers of water and food borne disease outbreaks in the Canadian population. Increases in precipitation, higher temperatures and flooding are linked to outbreaks of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases caused by bacteria, protozoans and viruses-even in the presence of city water- treatment facilities”. The Globe and Mail

10 Research Shows A recent study by the University of California at Berkeley suggests that senior citizens would benefit from specially designed residential water treatment systems. The five-year study showed that the test group experienced significantly fewer illnesses such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and cramps.

11 Health Canada Says….. The discovery of new byproducts, however, "challenges the basis of our current mitigating strategies“. "They migrate into drinking water sources and may not be eliminated by current water treatment processes". "Some substances in this category have been identified as either known or suspected carcinogens and endocrine or reproductive disruptors. Limited surveys have shown that many of these compounds, thought to have significant health effects, can be present in Canadian drinking water." The Canadian Press Reprinted by The Globe and Mail

12 Contaminated Faucets "We've known for decades that water... water that comes from our taps and faucets in the kitchen, or in our showers in our homes, in hotels or whatever, this source of water is not sterile,” Author: Dr. Andrew Simor, an infectious disease specialist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Over 90% of all waterborne outbreaks are never reported. Source: Health Canada “it is not surprising to find pathogens in municipal waters but what the researchers noted was that M. avium, along with some related pathogens, were clumped together to form a slimy "biofilm" that sat in the showerheads at more than 100 times the levels of the municipal water. Reporting: Dr. Marla Shapiro CTV News

13 A Case For Confidence Physically Removes: 99.99999% of bacteria (eg samonella, E.Coli, Legionella and Campylobacter) 99.99% of protozoan cysts (Cryptosporidium, Giardia) 99.999% of viruses (eg,Norwalk, Hepatitis and Polio)

14 Healthy Water

15 Environmental Achievements Environmental audit provided to GE by: GE Homespring not only significantly reduces the cost of water per litre, but it also improves water quality and taste over competing options. In a 500-worker office or factory it can reduce water waste and plastic disposal by over 20,392 lbs and greenhouse gas emission by 61,178 lbs.

16 The Best Choice

17 Building Water Solutions Inc. 22 St.Clair Avenue East, Suite 1500, Toronto, Ontario, M4T 2S5 Main Line (416) 928 3787 Web Page: Email:

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