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Begin $500 $600 $700 $800 $900 Earth & Space It’s Alive More Earth And Space FORCE & ENERGYIt’sScientificANIMALS.

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2 Begin

3 $500 $600 $700 $800 $900 Earth & Space It’s Alive More Earth And Space FORCE & ENERGYIt’sScientificANIMALS

4 C1-$100 Animals - $500 All the populations of organisms belonging to different species and sharing the same geographical area

5 What is a COMMUNITY?

6 C1-$200 ANMALS - $600 an animal that feeds on plants

7 What is a HERBIVORE?

8 C1-$300 ANIMALS - $700 An organism that preys on and consumes animals; usually an animal

9 What is: A PREDATOR?

10 C1-$400 ANIMALS - $800 An organism caught or hunted for food by another organism

11 What is PREY?

12 C1-$500 ANIMALS - $900 an organism that makes its own food from the environment; usually a green plant

13 What is a PRODUCER?

14 C2-$100 Earth & Space - $500 a large body in space that orbits a star and does not produce light of its own

15 What is a planet?

16 C2-$200 Earth & Space - $600 a large, gaseous, self- luminous body held together by gravity and powered by thermonuclear reactions

17 What is a STAR?

18 C2-$300 Earth & Space - $700 the closest star to Earth and the center of our solar system

19 What is the SUN?

20 C2-$400 Earth & Space - $800 a star and all the planets and other bodies that orbit it; the region in space where these bodies move

21 What is the SOLAR SYSTEM?

22 C2-$500 Earth & Space - $900 a vent or fissure in Earth’s surface through which magma and its associated materials are expelled; generally a mountain-like structure

23 What is a VOLCANO?

24 C3-$100 It’s Alive - $500 an integrated unit of a biological community, its physical environment, and interactions

25 What is an ECOSYSTEM?

26 C3-$200 It’s Alive - $600 the interconnected feeding relationships in a food chain found in a particular place and time

27 What is a FOOD WEB?

28 C3-$300 It’s Alive - $700 the entire sequence of events in an organism’s growth and development

29 What is a LIFE CYCLE?

30 C3-$400 It’s Alive - $800 any living plant, animal, or fungus that maintains various vital processes necessary for life

31 What is an ORGANISM?

32 C3-$500 It’s Alive - $900 unicellular organisms belonging to the kingdom Protista

33 What is a PROTIST?

34 C4-$100 More Earth and Space - $500 the layers of gas that surround Earth, other planets, or stars

35 What is the ATMOSPHERE?

36 C3-200 More Earth and Space - $600 a whole or part of a plant or animal that has been preserved in sedimentary rock

37 What is a FOSSIL?

38 More Earth and Space - $700


40 the observed effect of the force of gravitation

41 What is GRAVITY?

42 C3-$400 More Earth and Space - $800 a type of rock that forms from molten or partly molten material that cools and hardens

43 What is IGNEOUS ROCK?

44 C3-$400 More Earth and Space - $900 a phrase that indicates the fraction of the Moon’s disc that is illuminated (as seen from Earth); the eight moon phases (in order): new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, waning crescent


46 C3-$500 More Earth and Space - $900 the total sum of all matter and energy that exists

47 What is the UNIVERSE?

48 C4-$100 FORCE & ENERGY - $500 a force that opposes the relative motion of two material surfaces in contact with one another

49 What is FRICTION?

50 C4-$200 FORCE & ENERGY - $600 a resource that can only be replenished over millions of years


52 C4-$300 FORCE & ENERGY - $700 the bouncing off or turning back of light, sound, or heat from a surface

53 What is REFLECTION?

54 C4-$400 FORCE & ENERGY - $800 a quality that tends to produce movement or acceleration of a body in the direction of its application; a push or pull

55 What is FORCE?

56 C4-$500 FORCE & ENERGY - $900 a quantity that describes the capacity to do work; a source of usable power

57 What is ENERGY?

58 C4-$100 It’s Scientific - $500 a procedure that is carried out and repeated under controlled conditions in order to discover, demonstrate, or test a hypothesis; includes all components of the scientific method

59 What is an EXPERIMENT?

60 C4-$200 It’s Scientific - $600 a procedure that is carried out in order to observe a response caused by a stimulus; not a complete experiment


62 C4-$300 It’s Scientific - $700 relating to an object too small to be visible without the use of a microscope


64 C4-$400 It’s Scientific - $800 a plan of inquiry that uses science process skills as tools to gather, organize, analyze, and communicate information


66 C4-$500 It’s Scientific - $900 a mixture of two or more substances uniformly dispersed throughout a single phase

67 What is a SOLUTION?

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