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Designed by: Mrs. B. Johnson Andalusia Elementary School A Web Quest for Fifth Grade Science.

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2 Designed by: Mrs. B. Johnson Andalusia Elementary School A Web Quest for Fifth Grade Science

3 Introduction This lesson was developed as part of the Andalusia City School District’s fourth and fifth grade technology project entitled “A Red Cockaded What? Found Where?” Funding was provided through the Alabama State Department of Education’s “Enhanced Education Through Technology Grant.” “Exploring Earth’s Ecosystems” will take you on a fantastic journey of discovery around the world. The only requirement to embark on this trip is that you and your group design and share a multimedia presentation about the ecosystem you selected. So sit back and enjoy your ride into a voyage of unique and intriguing adventures!

4 Task As research scientists, you and your team members will work cooperatively to learn about ecosystems. You will discover how nature balances the needs of consumers, producers and scavengers living within an ecosystem. You will use encyclopedias, the Internet, research guides, library books, and other reference materials. When you have completed your travels, your team will design and share a PowerPoint presentation with your classmates. Important information for your teammates to explore and present is: 1. What is your ecosystem like? 2. Where is it located? (map) 3. What is the climate? 4. What types of animals live there? (pictures) 5. And plants? (pictures) 6. Which are endangered and threatened? 7. What are some of the environmental concerns? 7. What is one type of food chain found there? 8. How would you summarize what you learned?

5 Process 1.Gather into your groups. Do some web searches to help your group decide on which ecosystem to research. Discuss your choices with your teacher. 2.Decide who in your group will be responsible for gathering certain information and recording presentation material. Remember your team will earn a performance grade, and it’s is earned by the effort of all members. 3.Complete the “Exploring Earth’s Ecosystems” worksheet to become more familiar with ecosystems. 1.Use the websites listed on the resources slide to do your research.resources 2.Remember to include a map indicating locations of your ecosystem. 3.Include plant and animal pictures to get your audience’s attention. 6.Print and complete the evaluation for your self-assessment.evaluation 7. Go the extra mile and incorporate some sounds into your project. 8. After you have met all of the objectives, spend some time being creative in your presentation for the class.

6 PowerPoint Requirements Slide One Design a Title Page by listing the name of your group’s ecosystem. List the names of your group members. Slide Three Include a map and location of your biome. Slide Four Describe the climate of your biome. Include temperature, precipitation amounts, etc. Slide Five Describe the kinds of animals that live there. Include some pictures. Slide Six Describe the plant life. Include some pictures. Slide Seven Describe any environmental concerns that are associated with this biome. What are they? What can people do to make it better? Slide Nine This concludes the slide show. Tell about some of the things you discovered or found most interesting. Slide Eight Include a food chain found. Slide Two Write a brief overview of the ecosystem.

7 Resources of Exploration

8 Evaluation You and your partners will receive a group score for this project. In the scoring guide attachment you will find how your grade will be determined and what it will take in order the receive the highest number of points possible. Click on the icon below to view and print the evaluation form. Then complete it before turning it in to your teacher.

9 Conclusion Congratulations! You are a certified, world class ecosystem expert. You have come to know Earth’s ecosystems including the animals and plants that live in each of these. Through research you now have a better understanding of the interactions and interdependence within ecosystems. You can locate different ecosystems easier through geography skills. You also used language and technology skills to create a multimedia presentation. And, most important of all, you know the role that you play in taking care of our precious ecosystems.

10 Credits I would like to say thanks to those who provided the resources I used in designing this web quest.

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