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Your specialist partner in electrical solutions and services.

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1 Your specialist partner in electrical solutions and services

2 April 2012Intego Profile2 About Intego A/S "Intego A/S believes in a long-term constructive partnerships" Intego A/S offers electrotechnical solutions and services to the industry and infrastructure in Denmark. We are approx. 400 employees working from our head office in Aalborg and from our offices around the country. Experience and competences We have a vast experience in implementing national solutions and concepts – and subsequently to service these. Our core competences are concentrated on electrical technology and project management. We often perform the assignments as turn-key projects with services including everything from project management to engineering, civil works, technical installations, test and the final documentation. Certification Intego A/S is certified according to ISO 9001 which ensures a high and accurate standard of the Solutions, Services and Specialties, we provide for our customers within the electric field.

3 April 2012Intego Profile3 History of Intego A/S Siemens Technology Services A/S Siemens Technology Services A/S Glenco A/S 2001 Siemens Technology Services A/S formed by the merger of 7 regional units 2007 Glenco split into two separate and independent companies – Intego A/S and Glenco A/S 2005 STS fused with Glenco possessing ventilation and plumbing skills Skovlund- gruppen Skovlund- gruppen 2009 Intego A/S acquires Skovlund- Gruppen 2011 Intego A/S acquires Brand El- teknik & Elektrogården Haderslev 2012 Intego A/S establishes Automation and Installation Department in Kolding Brand El-teknik & Elektrogården Haderslev Brand El-teknik & Elektrogården Haderslev Establishes Department in Kolding Establishes Department in Kolding Glenco A/S Intego A/S

4 April 2012Intego Profile4 "Intego A/S believes in long-term, constructive partnerships“ Capacity Hedensted 45 medarbejdere Esbjerg 44 Medarbejdere Århus 50 medarbejdere Skovlund 12 medarbejdere Odense 30 medarbejdere Haderslev 5 medarbejdere Aabenraa 50 medarbejdere Aalborg 145 medarbejdere Karlslunde 20 medarbejdere Kolding 10 medarbejdere

5 April 2012Intego Profile5 Ownership Owners: Proniq Holding A/S Management: CEO Jens Frost Mikkelsen Other Management: CFO Karl K. Sørensen Installation Director Lars Schjødt Automation Manager Lars Gustafson IT and Administration Manager Jeppe H. Larsen Board of Directors: Chairman: Director Jens Møller Board Member: CEO Povl Nielsen Board Member: CEO Niels Brinch-Nielsen Number of employees: approx. 400

6 April 2012Intego Profile6 Organisation

7 April 2012Intego Profile7 ”Intego keeps the infrastructure of telecommunications, power and utility companies operational” Financial highlights Omsætning:317 Mio.301 Mio.346 Mio. Driftsresultat/EBIT:13,5 Mio.13,2 Mio.15,4 Mio. Resultat efter skat:8,5 Mio.10,5 Mio.12,2 Mio. Egenkapital:37,3 Mio.34,8 Mio.54,6 Mio. Overskudsgrad:4,3 %4,4 %4,5 % Soliditetsgrad:25,0 %24,0 %31,1 % Antal medarbejdere:

8 April 2012Intego Profile8 Business Area Elec. Installation & Service Industrial IT & Automation TeleCom Power Plants IT-Infrastructure Electromechanical Workshop Utility Shelters ”Intego keeps the infrastructure of telecommunications, power and utility companies operational”

9 April 2012Intego Profile9 Customers Our customers include some of the largest industrial companies in Denmark, the largest companies within power generation and distribution and the largest broadband- and telecommunication companies: "Intego A/S believes in long-term, constructive partnerships“ DONG  Vattenfall  Energinet  Syd Energi  SEAS  Energi Midt  TRE-FOR  Energi Nord Rockwool  Tulip  Danish Crown  Rose Poultry  BASF  House of Prince  KIM's  Arla Foods  Aalborg Portland 3  Ericsson  TDC  Telia  Sonofon

10 April 2012Intego Profile10 Vision Intego A/S aims to be the preferred national partner in innovative electrotechnical solutions and services for industry and infrastructure. Through challenging tasks, training and special skills, Intego A/S wants to attract the best manpower in the market for long-standing employment.

11 April 2012Intego Profile11 Mission Intego A/S provides complete, innovative and value- adding solutions and services: "Intego A/S vouches for the quality of our joint solutions" with emphasis on industry, trade and infrastructure through consultancy, long-standing customer relationships and partnerships through specialized skills and qualified staff

12 April 2012Intego Profile12 Values Commitment: We show initiative, commitment and enthusiasm We listen, give feedback and are constructive Responsibility and freedom: We act as if it were our own business We make decisions and comply with agreements Respect: We accept diversity We show mutual respect Humour: We have an obliging positive attitude We take our time for the good story We look at the bright sides and smile! "Intego A/S believes in long-term, constructive partnerships“

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