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Copyright © 2007 Powerpoint Paradise. CLICK FOR NEXT SLIDE CLICK FOR NEXT SLIDE The Pre Flood World “ PANGAEA ” The Pre Flood World “PANGAEA” With texts.

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1 Copyright © 2007 Powerpoint Paradise. CLICK FOR NEXT SLIDE CLICK FOR NEXT SLIDE The Pre Flood World “ PANGAEA ” The Pre Flood World “PANGAEA” With texts & pics from the fascinating website

2 What was “ Pangaea ” like most likely? There was ONE Continent There was ONE Continent The climate was universally warm, pleasant & mild. The climate was universally warm, pleasant & mild. No deserts or icecaps! No deserts or icecaps! There was a more extensive land surface and less water. There was a more extensive land surface and less water. Ground terrain was gentle. Ground terrain was gentle. NO high mountains or deep canyons that affect our current weather so much. NO high mountains or deep canyons that affect our current weather so much. Gigantic lush green vegetation & fauna thrived worldwide, as proven & found in fossil form. Gigantic lush green vegetation & fauna thrived worldwide, as proven & found in fossil form. There was no rain yet. The earth was watered by mist, acc. to the ancients: “ But a mist used to rise from the earth and water the whole surface of the ground. ” Genesis 2:6. There was no rain yet. The earth was watered by mist, acc. to the ancients: “ But a mist used to rise from the earth and water the whole surface of the ground. ” Genesis 2:6. As there was NO LAW, people ‘ sinned ’ without being ‘ sinners ’ ! As there was NO LAW, people ‘ sinned ’ without being ‘ sinners ’ ! So, there was MUCH VIOLENCE! So, there was MUCH VIOLENCE!

3 NO Cracks in Earth ’ s Crust Yet! - There were NO cracks or fault lines in the pristine crust of the Earth yet! - NO kilometers thick layers and strata below their feet yet! - NO fossils underground yet! - There were NO earthquakes yet! - The Moon had no craters! Smooth! Until.. - Earth exploded! HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT HAPPEN??!!!

4 The Day the Earth Ripped Open!

5 An Asteroid? What Cracked the Earth ’ s Crust? OR did the Earth ’ s Crust just crack under the built- up pressure of SUB-CRUSTAL WATER? Not NORMAL water, but SUPER CRITICAL WATER at 4000 Bar pressure &



8 It Rained & Flooded & Everybody Drowned, except that ONE guy & his family

9 When Did it Happen? There are more than 500 Flood accounts from many ethnic groups from all over the globe!


11 To form a 30 M. Coal Seam it Needs a 300 Meter Vegetation Mat, As High as the Eiffel Tower! 138 m. needed a 1.380 m. Vegetation Mat! 4 Eiffeltowers! under huge pressure!

12 But until the Flood, there were NO Coal Seams underground yet! - Some of the richest oil and coal deposits are found at the North and South Pole.

13 There was no tilt nor precession in the Earth yet! Neither were Adam & Eve blacks from Africa, nor whites from Lapland, nor yellow Peking men, but the real ‘ tan ’ Adam & Eve already carried genes in their source-code (DNA) which would adapt skin to soon arriving stronger UV radiation & sunlight, after the Flood! Neither did Eve have “ subconscious fears for floods that originated & found their way into ” 500+ ethnic flood narratives from all ethnic groups on Earth, as this Darwinian Harvard “ professor ” ‘ believes ’, caused the over 500 World Deluge accounts, in pseudo academic gobbledycook! How could she?! Eve had never even SEEN life-threatening inundations!

14 A Space Water Canopy in the Antediluvian World? According to Carl Baugh, a Water Canopy created double the atmospheric pressure to what we have today. It blocked UV radiation completely. Lead, concrete and water all stop X-rays, so this canopy prevented X-rays from entering. Super-cooled ice was magnetically held up -- Meisner Effect. The percent of oxygen in the atmosphere was greater than today (78% nitrogen & 21% oxygen is today's level). Breathing pure oxygen gives you more energy which is why there are oxygen bars. The electro-magnetic field around the earth was much greater than today. "Earth's magnetic strength has declined 10% in the last 150 years" (Astronomy & the Bible, Donald DeYoung, p.18). and 40% of its strength in the last 1000 years. Dinosaurs would not get enough oxygen today & DIE! Nostrils too small!

15 Earth ’ s Magnetic Field Was Less in The Pre-Flood World NOW, Earth's magnetic field is therefore getting weaker, allowing more radiation to get through. (In Carl Baugh's model, 5 gauss of DC pulsed electro-magnetic energy were used as opposed to less than one today). This resulted in LARGER living creatures & longer life. This TRIPLED the lifespan of fruit flies; Pirhanna fish have grown MUCH BIGGER than normal & snake's venom was altered in 4 weeks. Water Moccasins after two weeks in a hyperbaric chamber were NOT poisonous! Hyperbaric chambers have successfully treated MS, leprosy, cerebral palsey, stroke & autism among other maladies. Professional sports players who have been injured, recover twice as fast in hyperbaric chambers. Wounds heal in minutes rather than days. Hyper-baric chambers Are you starting to feel like Noah now? Of course not silly! More like Noah ’ s wife! Pff..

16 CREATIONISM IS SCIENTIFIC Dr. Carl Baugh, director of the Creation Evidence Museum, is the inventor and patent holder of the worlds first "Hyperbaric Biosphere" to test the Biblical Pre-Flood Atmosphere Hypothesis, based on the historical record of Genesis. Genesis states that the earth and all life forms were created perfectly designed to live forever. It also states that after the fall of man, all the elements from which all things were made, were cursed! It recorded gradual degeneration of the whole creation until the "flood of Noah" and a rapid degeneration after, indicating the insertion & increase of elemental thermo- dynamics into this perfect creation! --Everything created gets old, wears out, degenerates & dies!

17 The test hypothesis is, that ‘ by using scientific data showing the actual decline of the Earth ’ s magnetic field, the ozone shield, and of the atmospheric pressure & gases, one can calculate conditions by extrapolating some 5-6000 years backwards, and discover a latent biological increase in longevity, cellular growth and change in molecular structures ’. Dr. Baugh, at Nasa's request, has been sharing his discoveries and their relevance with the Space Program. And so the National Academy of Science ’ s claim that "Creationism is not scientific or testable" has conclusively been falsified! Ancient Longevity Successfully Tested!

18 But somewhere in “ Pangaea ”… one guy was building a boat with his three sons, who didn ’ t look like this!

19 Nor like this! Neither living in caves, but in houses! Or this

20 Science was still done empirically! Instead of by New Age Inspirations! or Alien Cop-outs!

21 Nor by political consensus or Religion!

22 Historical academia had no ‘ Elephants in the Livingroom ’ yet....until well AFTER the Flood, they grew a giant mammo th in their histo- rical living- room

23 Because BEFORE THE FLOOD People had MUCH BIGGER brains!!!

24 They also had much bigger vegetation! A 900 foot petrified tree found in Texas in 1927, had “ upright trunks so large that they appear from a distance to be great symmetrical columns of natural rock. ” Such sizes are impossible today!

25 And Giant Animals! (Problematic for Darwinism!) GIANT RODENT. A palaeontologist discovered a 50 CM long fossil skull in a Rio de La Plata coast boulder GIANT RODENT. A palaeontologist discovered a 50 CM long fossil skull in a Rio de La Plata coast boulder! Damascus - Swiss researchers discovered the “ 100 000-year- old ” remains of a previously unknown giant camel species in central Syria, that stood 3 m. high and around 4 m. tall, as big as a giraffe or elephant. Nobody knew that such a species had existed." Leedsichthys problematicus, the biggest fish known to science, is at 22 M. (72 ft) almost twice as long as the whale shark, the biggest fish in the ocean today. [Ill. Bob Nicholls Paleocreations.] « In southern Peru, builders found the fossil of a giant armadillo, which “ lived up to 2 million years ago ”, the size of a Volkswagen Beetle! A giant ½ M. dragonfly fossil A giant 4 M. (10 ft.) turtle skeleton In 1991, alligator bones were found on the banks of the Amazon River-the skull was almost 5 feet long. Based on this, scientists estimated its height to have been 8 feet (when walking) and its length 40 feet (the size of a railroad boxcar).

26 And Giant Birds! “ The fossil record for this group of birds all of which became extinct a million years ago is almost exclusively South American, where they have been recovered from late Oligocene to Pliocene deposits in predominantly Argentina and Uruguay ” (Baskin, 1995).... Florida Museum of Natural History. The smallest known terror bird, Psilopterus Lemoinei, was the size of a harpy eagle weighing about 8 KG.(18 pounds) The largest terror bird was the gargantuan Brontornis Burmeisteri, which stood nearly 3 M (10 ft.) tall and weighed a whopping 500 kg (1,100 pounds). But the photo above of a S-American “ Tiwanaku, ” a 700 A.D. to 1825 A.D. artefact (Bolivia), shows an ancient Bolivian MAN in a deadly encounter with a Terror bird, supposed to be “ a million years extinct! ” Or were they? Photo source: Univ. Helsinki. Ibero-American center.

27 Giant Deer & Giant Bugs! The Irish elk is also known as the giant deer (Megaloceros giganteus). Analysis of ancient bones and teeth by scientists based in Britain and Russia show the huge herbivore survived until about 5,000 B.C. — more than three millennia later than previously believed. It stood 7 feet (2.1 meters) at the shoulder. Adult males had massive antlers that spanned 12 feet (3.7 meters) and weighed up to 88 pounds (40 kilos). These bugs are big! New Mexico scientists found the fossil of an 8-foot-long millipede! -> A giant centipede!

28 How did these sea fossils get on top of the mountains?! The only answer is that once in Earth ’ s history all these mountaintops were covered by seas! And GiantCLAMS On Top of Mountains? And Giant CLAMS On Top of Mountains?

29 All these clams died CLOSED, whereas clams normally die OPEN, unless … they ’ re in some kind of disaster! They always doubt that the Flood went higher than the mountains, but how did the oysters get so high? Cause the mountains ROSE at the end of the Flood!

30 Fossils on top of Mt. Everest Surface area to volume ratio prohibits that size today but more air pressure anciently allowed it. Skeptics are "willingly ignorant" of this evidence (2 Pet. 3:5). A 2-foot-long GRASSHOPPER, a 60-foot tall CATTAIL. A DONKEY 9 feet tall at the shoulder found in Lubbock Texas. BUFFALO horns found with 12- foot span. Fossils of BEAVERS over 8 feet long. SHARKS were 80 feet plus before the flood. On display at Yale Museum, New Haven, Connecticut is a TURTLE 14 feet long. "Like all reptiles, it grows throughout its life" (Holt Earth Science, 1991, p.293). Therefore, dinosaurs are merely long-lived lizards and reptiles. Amos 2:9 says, "Yet destroyed I the Amorite before them, whose height was like the height of the cedars, and he was as strong as the oaks" (Amos 2:9). A cedar tree is 35 feet tall. Yes, human beings were "GIANTS in those days." If Noah was at least 12 feet tall, then the ark built by his cubit (fingertip to elbow) would be much bigger than today's reconstructions. The canopy of ice above earth made the gospel message audible since each constellation had a different radio frequency which, like a crystal radio, caused ice crystals to vibrate. 450 million! Sure! Sure!

31 Giant 1.45 M Ammo- noid, New Zealand

32 Giant 1.45 M Ammon oid, Nrth America

33 Giant Dinos Were Fleeing the Flood!

34 Until they DIED IN AGONY!

35 3 examples of catastrophic rapid burial of Ichthyosaur "mommies" caught in the process of giving birth! 3 of 8 Ichthyosaurs fossils, were found in several global locations. Since no coastal burials of sea creatures as large as these are observed nor found today, best explanation is that these are the result of a catastrophic World wide flood. The fact that so many female ichthyosaurs were buried during their species ’ gestation period also argues in favour of a very rapid global event. Many animals, as well as man, have been observed rapidly aborting their young no matter what stage of gestation, when experiencing sudden death. This involuntary reaction is an instinctive attempt to give their young a chance to survive.

36 How About.. GIANT Pre-Flood People?

37 And there were giant men! discoveries of giant skulls & skeletons, (NO Photoshop!) & this giant thumb bone As proven by the discoveries of giant skulls & skeletons, (NO Photoshop!) & this giant thumb bone

38 Noah ’ s Tomb In Ararat East Turkey An amazing record is the longevity decline of man. From the Fall till Noah's Flood, the Patriarchs overlapping life spans were recorded slowly declining from an average of 917 years until the Flood. Whereas life spans recorded after the flood until Joseph rapidly declined to an average age of 250 years. By the time of Christ, man ’ s average life span was about 70 years! Why!? It ’ s Huge! Was he a giant?

39 Were Pre Flood people BIGGER?

40 "There Were Giants In The Earth In Those Days... “ Genesis QUOTE from article on the left: “ And what about the giants mentioned in Genesis? In south- east Turkey in the Euphrates Valley and in Homs and at Uran-Zohra, tombs of about four meters long once existed, but now roads and other construction work has destroyed the spots. At two places, when unearthed because of construction work, the leg bones were measured about 120 cms. It sounds unbelievable …. ”

41 Before dismissing this evidence as impossible & close your mind, read everything first. There ’ s a Bible verse foundational in anyone ’ s search for truth: “ On the evidence of two or three witnesses a matter (or fact) shall be confirmed. “ The Omniological Society uses historical records, eyewitness accounts and empirical evidence in the search for truth. The hard part is not finding the truth, but accepting it, especially when your presently held views are proven wrong. Evidence presented here is based on 3 witnesses 1. AN EYE WITNESS ACCOUNT 2. BIBLICAL & SECULAR HISTORICAL RECORDS 3. EMPIRICALLY VERIFIED 21.5" MAN TRACKS IN TEXAS & 24" MAN TRACKS IN AUSTRALIA. This evidence falsifies the macro-evolutionary world view that man evolved from little tiny monkeys. The present evolutionary establishment refuses to be open-minded & investigate these kinds of evidence. They, in fact, aggressively attack individuals, scientists and organizations that chose to freely investigate and challenge their biased world views. This Man dug up this Femur in Turkey

42 As unbelievable as these foot prints may seem, ancient historical records exist that speak of giants as big as these! In spite of this fact, meta- physical evolutionists and secularized academics dismiss these records as mythology or fables. They condemn and ridicule any form of archived human history that counters their own metaphysically contrived history of man. Since they believe that "Macro-evolution ” is the key to Man ’ s past, Modern Man evolved from small simian (ape) ancestors, they arbitrarily dismiss the need to empirically investigate these prints.

43 "There Were Giants in the Earth in those days! ” Actual documented skeletons!

44 Gibbons or Mummies? These 2 partially mummified skeletons were reportedly found in a cave in China in 1996. In life they stood about 7 feet tall (2.2 meters). The black & white insert at the left is a gibbon skeleton for comparison.

45 Were Giants Real? The existence of giants in history is suppressed by mainstream scientists since adoption of the religion of evolution, because there is no explanation for giants in “ human evolution. ” Man is supposed to have evolved upward from tiny little monkeys with tiny little brains. The belief that "a large brain means higher intelligence “, presents a problem when it comes to giants. It ’ s no problem for the Creation view. In fact, it states that man has "devolved over time" from larger, more intelligent ancestry.

46 The Formorian Giant that somehow was “ disappeared! ” Fossilized giant discovered in 1895 by Mr. Dyer during mining activities in Antrim, Ireland. In the photo by the British magazine "Strand “, it ’ s compared to a train wagon. It measured: total height 12ft 2in (3.70 m), thoracic circumference 6ft 6in (1.97 m), length of arms 4ft 6in (1.37 m), weight 2 tons 112 lbs (2050 Kg). The right foot had six toes. After legal debates to determine the ownership, nobody knows what happened to the giant. The Giant of Yunnan From “ An Australian in China ” 1855:

47 As MASTER BUILDERS? Submarine temples & cities between Japan and Taiwan show that there were civilisations before the flood, whose stairs+steps are designed for much taller people than today!

48 … and their huge building blocks! No crane exists today that could move this stone from the quarry to the building site. This block lies in the Beeka valley in Lebanon, others are part of a temple foundation.


50 The “ Geologic Column! “ Is totally a matter of faith! (Conjecture!) The “ classical geologic column" was invented by believers in macro-evolution. But NO-where on earth is this "geologic column" found in the exact order as presented in science text books. In many places it ’ s found out of order, younger strata laying on older ones with many missing strata in between. Grand Canyon was most likely formed at the end of the Flood after the movements of the global ocean had laid down one sediment upon another, and a final violent current tore through the young layers in a run-off. It certainly was not formed by a Colorado river cutting through the rocks over “ millions of years! ” None other river ever cut so deep anywhere on Earth.

51 Empirical evidence either falsifies or verifies religious beliefs. Here trees “ grow ” through the strata!

52 “ But there were never any pre-flood people found buried in rocks or coal …” Oh really? But what are then these Human bones doing in old rocks? Proving A Destructive Flood!

53 “ A photograph of the supposed Buenos Aires skull: FROM A DARWINIAN WEBSITE: (Just to make a point) Workers excavating a dry dock in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1896 found a human skull, allegedly in a Pre-Ensenadan stratum. The deposit is dated one to one and a half million years old. There are two problems with the discovery if we follow the conventional view: “ anatomically modern humans did not exist a million years ago ” and “ there were no humans in the Americas before about 20,000 years ago. ”

54 A fossilized human skull was found in coal that was sold in Germany in the mid 1800s. In 1867 at the Rocky Point Mine, in Gilman, Colorado, at a depth of 400 feet, miners found human bones embedded in a silver vein and a well-tempered copper arrowhead. The vein was dated at 135 million years old. Prospectors digging near Eureka, Nevada in 1877 found a human leg bone and kneecap sticking out of solid rock. Doctors examined the remains and determined they were from a very modern-looking human being. The rock in which the bones were found was dated geologically to the Jurassic Period. In 1958 in Tuscany, Italy a human jawbone was found at a depth of 600 feet in a coal mine, encased in a Miocene stratum, geologically dated as being 20 million years old. Two human skeletons were found in 1973, southwest of Moab, Utah, in strata over 100 million years in age. Skull & Bones in 300.000.000 year old rock??! I get a feeling these rocks are a bit over annuated? How about you? Normally you don ’ t hear about these in the mainstream media … NOT just about human bones, but neither about human artefacts!

55 How about Pre-Flood Artefacts? Because Pre-Flood Artifacts would PROVE Pre-Flood MAN!

56 Pre-Flood Artifacts from Pre-Flood Man! BURIED deep withing the ROCKS? Anomalies have been found in coal such as: metallic tubes (France), an iron pot (Oklahoma), a 7" bell with a pagan god on top made from a brass and bronze alloy that contained arsenic, sodium and antimony (W. Virginia), a decorative vase of exquisite workmanship, a gold chain, and an iron hammer (Texas) that was forged when.47 sulfur, 2% chlorine and 96.6 % iron could combine as an alloy (due to pre-flood atmosphere). an ancient spark plug found inside a stone, ancient metal springs 1/10,000th of an inch in diameter found in Russia. coins, pottery and inscriptions from languages unknown found all across the globe indicating worldwide travel. Huge megalithic stone blocks and highly precise stone masonry have been found which we are unable to lift, let alone duplicate even today. Skeptics are "willingly ignorant" of this evidence (2 Pet. 3:5). Have a look your self!

57 Characters Found Inside Rock! In November 1829, workers at the Henderson Quarry near Norristown, 17 km (12 miles) northwest of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA), cut a block of marble found at a depth of 18-21 m (60-70 feet) and estimated to be around eight million years old. While sawing through the block, the workmen spotted a rectangular indentation, about 38 mm (1 ½ inches) wide by 16 mm (⅝ inch) high, with two raised characters inside it, one of which was said to resemble the Greek letters pi and iota (ΠΙ) (some accounts reverse the letters and make the IU). It is difficult to know what this is meant to demonstrate. Does the discovery mean that someone was writing using the Greek alphabet (or, if we reverse the figures, the modern Latin alphabet) eight million years ago? If so, how did the ‘ letters ’ come to be encased inside a block of marble? Whilst Greek inscriptions may easily be made on the surface of a marble block, it is impossible to inscribe inside marble, which is what this discovery would demand if we are to accept it as part of a writing system. This phenomenon is known as a simulacrum: something in nature that happens to resemble something else with meaning to the observer.

58 More Finds Inside the Rocks In 1877, a Mr J H Neale, superintendent of the Montezuma Tunnel Company, was engaged in building a tunnel through Table Mountain, Tuolumne County (California, USA). The tunnel was running through gravel, sealed by lava. A bowl-like object and a pestle-like object were all found in the gravel within 300 mm of the underlying solid bedrock. Some years earlier, in 1857, a fragment of human skull was found close to mastodon remains. A small clay figurine of a human was found in 1889 at Nampa, Idaho. It came from a well boring, at a depth of around 90 metres, where the clay geological stratum of the Glenns Ferry Formation dates to the Pliocene- Pleistocene transition, around 2 million years ago. This stratum is sealed by a basalt layer. It is about 37 mm long and appears to be a representation of a clothed woman. The surface had concretions of iron and patches of anhydrous red oxide. Clay balls were found at the same general depth, displaying similar iron oxide discolouration. American archaeologists at the time of the discovery believed that were similarities between this figurine and those of Upper Palaeolithic Europe. In the Wonderstone Mines at Ottosdal (West Transvaal, South Africa), hundreds of metallic spheres have been found over several decades in pyrophillite (or wonderstone) deposits of Precambrian date, some 2.8 billion years old. They consist of pyrites and goethite. At least one of these spheres has three parallel fine grooves running around its centre. Lab technicians were said to be at a loss to explain how they could have been formed by any known natural process.

59 in 1851 in Dorchester, Mass., U.S.A, a vase was discovered in a solid rock formation known as the “ Roxbury Conglomerate ” which is "Precambrian", over 534 million years old, supposedly a record of life on Earth before any multi- cellular life "evolved". Man supposedly appeared no more than 2 ½ million years ago in his most primitive form (according to evolution). Yet here you see an undeniable human artefact that refutes the whole evolutionary interpretation of the strata we see worldwide, supporting the creationist's view that most strata were actually formed & deposited … DURING A POWERFUL GLOBAL FLOOD! This artefact dates from a pre- flood civilization! A vase found inside presumed ‘ 534 million year old prehistoric PRE-CAMBRIAN ’ rock!!

60 Many Artefacts Indicate A Pre-Flood Civilization & Recent Earth Creation Which Always Included Mankind! In 1944 a bell was discovered (shown left) inside a lump of coal that was mined in West Virginia. What are such objects doing inside coal dated as hundreds of millions of years old? A small steel cube was found in a block of coal in Austria in 1885. In 1891, a woman in Illinois discovered a gold chain in a chunk of coal. An iron pot was found in coal in Oklahoma in 1912. A child's spoon was found in coal in 1937 Two workmen signed sworn statements as to their discovery in 1912 of an iron pot inside a large piece of coal they were breaking up to use in the furnace of a power plant. Apparently, the pot left a clear fossil impression in the remaining pieces of coal.

61 Where did this high-tech toothwheel originate? UFO? The official Darwinian ‘ Voice of Russia ’ website, could not digest this shocking news. A high-tech toothwheel was found in 300 million year old coal! And so they had to blame it on the crash of a smart alien UFO into wet lands that later became coal! How the Darwinian paradigm dictates and warps people ’ s thinking! Sad! Huh? A high-tech toothwheel found inside coal?! Easy! Coal formed about 4-5.000 years ago during & after the Global Deluge! And so it MUST HAVE rather originated from the high-tech PEOPLE who lived BEFORE the Flood! But of course, politically-correct “ science ” can never accept “ A global FLOOD ” in their Atheist-Marxist narrative, and so they have to spin it this ridiculous way!

62 So we actually didn ’ t descend from stupid “ cavemen ” at all! Neither from stupid Apes! Though some may have! But from giant, highly intelligent, civilized humans! Who were merely DESTROYED IN A GIANT FLOOD!!!

63 SO what was early Man like? Stupid?

64 Trilobites are supposed to be extinct 250 million years! According to Evolutionists Yet here is a photo of a living Trilobite! True unbiased scientific research demands the inclusion of "ALL" evidence that would have any bearing on any particular theory or hypothesis in the search for truth. Unfortunately most metaphysical macro- evolutionists have prevented this evidence from being included in the public scientific arena of our schools, so a student could decide for themselves. The result of their actions is macro-evolutionary indoctrination, not open minded scientific education.

65 550-250 Million Year Old Trilobites On 5.000 Year Old Human Footwear in ROCK?! The arbitrary time frame assigned by religious Darwinists is 550 - 250 million years before today! Since man is not believed to have started wearing foot protection until about “ 10,000 years ago ” & the fact that the metaphysical geologic column cannot be empirically proven to be as old as stated, this empirical foot print evidence would date the Cambrian period at only 10,000 years old! This shoe/sandal print is one of several, excavated in 1968 in Utah, from 550-250 year old Cambrian strata.

66 According to Genesis there was a shell of water above the atmosphere, which fell down during Noah ’ s flood, but before … it used to cause higher air-pressure & higher oxygen content so dinosaurs were able to breathe through their “ too small ” nostrils! How amazing that the fly didn ’ t “ evolute ” at all in all these “ 80 million ” years! After the H2O-shell fell, it raised the sea level, which sank entire cities! For the first time clouds emerged & a rainbow was seen by Noah & family. Since then the Earth was watered by rain instead of mist, & cosmic rays could enter to shorten man ’ s life-spans!

67 Did Giant Man & Dinosaur CO-EXIST Then? Not according to the genesis of the religion of Darwinism, where “ Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago, and man only began some 2 ½ million years ago! ” Not according to the genesis of the religion of Darwinism, where “ Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago, and man only began some 2 ½ million years ago! ” And thus there were Dinosaurs AFTER the Flood as baby dinos arrived with Noah on the Ark! IF 65 million years is true, river clay in Dinosaurs ’ time must have stayed soft for 63 million yrs! How can that be?

68 Because this clay riverbed with a Theropod track in it, didn ’ t dry until a Man walked by 63 million years later! A 3 Toed Theropod. A human footprint in a Dino track = deadly for Evolution! So Theropods were co-existent with Man! Yet the religion of Evolution says: “ they died out 65 million years ago! ” Could the human tracks have been made much later? Suppose you saw several footprints in a sidewalk and someone said, "This print was made ten years after the one beside it." Would you buy that? No way! We understand that tracks in mud do not last long. To be preserved, they must be solidified rapidly, within days. Once the material hardens, the tracks are preserved and footprints will no longer leave an impression. Furthermore, exposed tracks weather rapidly. Therefore, we know the next layer was deposited immediately and rapidly.

69 Human Footprints in Dinosaur tracks are DEADLY for Evolution! "Free speech & academic freedom" have been replaced in our national school systems with "suppressed speech & academic indoctrination. “ Remember the words of Justice William O. Douglas: "restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. it is the one Un-American act that could most easily defeat us."

70 19-25 Inch Giant Man Tracks! These giant man tracks are just a few of the many found in the Paluxy river bed of Glen Rose, Texas. Many dozens of man tracks, from children to giants, were discovered in 3 layers of cretaceous limestone, alongside of, stepping into dinosaur tracks, and being stepped on by dinosaurs, documented here for over 60 years by local & independent researchers.

71 Many Human Footprints in Dino Tracks! NB: The reason you didn't hear about these tracks before, is because of the overwhelming fear of "retaliatory reactions" by colleagues in powerful scientific institutions who bow before the idol of Darwin & would quickly "excommunicate" or "blacklist" any scientist from the professional sciences who attempted to investigate or verify these tracks.

72 Dozens of Man & Dinosaur Tracks together! So strong is this fear of losing professional credibility & income, that Evolutionists & Creationists alike have chosen cowardice & criticism over an honest objective firsthand investigation of these facts. It's time for both to abandon prejudiced fears & fight for academic freedom in science!

73 A REAL PROBLEM FOR EVOLUTION! This human foot print is the 5th in a series of 9 left-right 9-3/4" female human footprints, excavated from 1982-1998. In 1982 they were identified as female footprints by a forensic expert working for the Dallas police department. When asked by Dr. Carl Baugh, why he believed they were female, he said his research has shown that the width of the heal, in proportion to the width of the foot, was narrower for females than for males. This empirical verification of nearly 100 man tracks, crossing over, stepping in and being stepped on by dinosaurs, in the Paluxy River basin of Glen Rose Texas, is indisputable evidence that man and dinosaurs once lived together.

74 A REAL Problem These man tracks together with dinosaur tracks, form a serious problem for the macro- evolution devotees. Evolutionary fundamentalists, (who arbitrarily date the cretaceous lime stone between 140-65 million years) "believe" dinosaurs are supposed to have been extinct for at least 65 million years before man “ evolved. ” Such tracks are no problem for Creationists, (who hold to the historical accuracy of the Bible ’ s account of "giants" and a global flood around 4,400 years ago) because both are described in the Bible. And there are more proofs of Man and Dino co-existence.

75 Man & Dinos On Peruvian Icca Stones These 9 burial stones from over 300 in the collection of Dr. Javier Cabrera, depict specific types of dinosaurs. For years the archaeological community has discounted these burial stones as fakes because "everybody knows that man evolved well after the dinosaurs were extint. bla bla. ” Palaeontologists used to ridicule the rosette skin pattern & dermal frills the Icca stones feature, prior to the 1990's, but since then fossil dinosaur skin clearly showed rosette skin patterns, and in geology, Dec.,1992, dermal frills were confirmed for the first time. It is obvious to any open minded researcher that the people who carved these stones saw these creatures with their own eyes. Seeing dinosaur on Icca burial stones, in ceramic & Petroglyph dinosaur carvings, plus historical dinosaur records, … only very tightly closed minds would ignore or refuse to investigate such evidence for themselves! Don ’ t you think?

76 A Hadrosaur shows Rosetta skin! Vindicating Icca Stones ’ information! Recently (late 1990’s) fresh dinosaur skin, supple ligaments & blood vessels were found in a T-Rex bone! 65 MILLION YEAR OLD DINO STEAK??? 65 MILLION YEAR OLD DINO STEAK??? Who thinks UP this stuff? And they ridicule US in their rigged media?! Ha!

77 Dinosaur pottery from Mexico 800 BC This pottery was found in Acambaro Mexico. It is several thousand years old. Remember? We aren ’ t supposed to know what dinosaurs looked like until the late 1800 ’ s really the mid 1900 ’ s. This Pottery is dated back to between 800 BC and 200 AD. And it looks like man rode on their backs as well!

78 Human feet, hands, & hammer in dino layers?!

79 Elite-, media-, & tax-supported Evolution easily won over “ public opinion ”


81 Dino Washed Up On California Beach in 1925

82 150 million year old “ Cretaceous ” Limestone Empirically Verified as not Older Than 13,000 Years! The following is the carbon dating report from Dr. Rainer Berger, Geophysics, Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles (UCLA)... and I quote! "We have dated this sample as UCLA-2088 and found it to be 12,800 +/- 200 years old. Is there a chance that the branch is a root growing into limestone which later became carbonized? Enclosed is an invoice for your records." As you can see, the branch was not a root. The fact that Dr. Berger could date the branch at all, and by asking the question he did, meant only one other thing. The arbitrary "metaphysical" dating of cretaceous limestone has conclusively been falsified by the empirical scientific method you see before you!

83 "CRETACEOUS" HUMAN HANDPRINT ARBITRARILY DATED AT “ 110 MILLION ” YEARS This fossil which corresponds perfectly to a human handprint shows astounding detail. even the print of the thumb nail can be seen. It ’ s found in Glen Rose limestone which is designated as Middle Cretaceous, supposedly 110 million years old & contemporary with dinosaurs! It ’ s the third handprint discovered in Glen Rose limestone.

84 "CRETACEOUS" HUMAN FOOTPRINT KNOWN AS THE MORRIS TRACK This fossil which corresponds perfectly to a human footprint shows exceptional detail. the heel, medial & lateral arch and several toe impressions can be clearly seen. Notice the mud up-push at the front of the toes. It was uncovered in the 70's by Dr. John Morris and is found in Glen Rose limestone which is designated as “ Middle Cretaceous ”, supposedly 110 MILLION YEARS OLD and CONTEMPORARY WITH THE DINOSAURS! It is one of more than 80 footprints that have been discovered in the limestone river beds of Glen Rose, Texas.

85 Record of Long Biblical Lifespans! Noah Knew Methuselah AND Abraham ’ s Father Terah

86 THE TWO BIBLES OF THE METAPHYSICAL SCIENCES OF ORIGINS THESE TWO BOOKS ARE THE FOUNDATIONAL DOCUMENTS OF THE ENTIRE METAPHYSICAL SCIENCE OF ORIGINS. BOTH CLAIM TO BE "AUTHORED" BY A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL. "THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES" By CHARLES DARWIN? AND … "THE HOLY BIBLE" By ALMIGHTY GOD! The reason both books are "metaphysical “, as related to origins, is due to the fact that no one can empirically verify their claims of how life began. From a "scientific" point of view, they both are based on speculative or abstract reasoning and they are both highly theoretical. Since neither can be "empirically proven as a fact, “ they can only be accepted as theoretical models, "by faith in the author's claims alone." "The origin of species" and evolution, as well as "the holy bible" and creation, both qualify as religious doctrines and articles of faith. The true believers of both doctrines venerate their authors and zealously engage in the proselytization of the public to their own particular views! Only one of these religious views, "Evolution," has been "sanctioned by the supreme court" to be taught in our public schools. This is clearly a violation of the true spirit of academic freedom in science! WHICH ONE DO YOU BELIEVE? BECAUSE IT MAKES THE MOST SENSE?--OR JUST BECAUSE IT ’ S MEDIA- & GOVT.- SUPPORTED, THE POPULAR THING!



89 "Orrorin Tugenensis ” These fossils are the most recent collection of disarticulated bones and teeth, yet to be found in the "flood deposits" of the Tugen hills of Kenya in 2000. These 13 pieces of bone and teeth have been audaciously labeled by the discoverers as "Orrorin Tugenensis ” (Orrorin means "original man" in the local dialect). “ This metaphysically makes "Orrorin" the "Adam" of macro-evolutionary orthodoxy! As is true within many religions, we see here dissension among the Darwinian faithful. Many true believers, high priests & cardinals do not accept this new doctrinal revelation. The last doctrinal paragraph is the most revelatory of all. In it a Cardinal states that the dissenting views in this edict reflect the fact that the "metaphysical wholly see" lack a clear definition of a hominid! As paradoxically condemnatory as this last paragraph is, there is still hope for the Darwinian faithful. That hope is "Orrorin's Jackalopian resurrection. “ The "wholly order of National Geographic," led by their egoism, will soon exorcise the truth from science and perform the dubious miracle of Orrorin's Jackalopian resurrection! From a paltry pile of questionable bones, the spirit of Imagolution will fill the minds of National Geographic imaginarians and "Orrorin - Millennium ancestor" will appear, ex nihilo, in the flesh and on the canonic pages of National Geographic Magazine

90 The contents of this page were taken from the 1973 TIME-LIFE book "the Neanderthals." This honest and unbiased evaluation of reconstructive anatomy is not only true regarding the Neanderthals. What's important to understand about the first few sentences in this article is that they apply to "any reconstruction" of supposed ancestors of man or animal in the metaphysical science of evolution. The only part of this article where we disagree is the explanation for why these reconstructions are so different. These are not the product of "anatomically justifiable artistic license" at all. They are both, in fact, the product of "anatomically subjective artistic license" pure and simple!

91 QUOTES TO PONDER. "The moment a person forms a theory, his imagination sees, in every object, only the traits which favour that theory. “ --Thomas Jefferson to Charles Thompson – 1787 "Difference of opinion leads to enquiry, and enquiry to truth; and that, I am sure, is the ultimate and sincere object of us both. We both value too much the freedom of opinion sanctioned by our Constitution, not to cherish its exercise even where in opposition to ourselves. “ -- Thomas Jefferson to P. H. Wendover – 1815 "Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. “ -- Albert Einstein "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. “ -- Mark Twain



94 Dating?

95 They say it went like this … For MORE Meaningful Power Points, DO visit: www. But it probably went rather like this …

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