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Frequency Coordination & Related Communications Planning Services

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1 Frequency Coordination & Related Communications Planning Services
Micronet Communications, Inc. Statement of Services and Corporate Capabilities September 2007

2 The Company Communications Systems Planning Company founded in 1983 by Charles Youngblood Micronet Communications has provided frequency planning, FCC filing support, surveys, etc. to hundreds of corporations, state, county and city governments, public utilities, and other organizations

3 Microwave Services Frequency Studies identify potential frequencies for planned paths Frequency Coordination Notices (PCN) are used to inform other coordination firms of plans for new microwave facilities FCC Form 601 is used to file for a license to operate a single Transmit Station FCC Form Schedule K is used to notify the FCC when construction is complete and the facility is in service after licenses have been granted Frequency Protection maintains the integrity of microwave licenses after grant by the FCC

4 Microwave Route Planning Services
Optimal Routing studies consider frequency availability of multiple paths simultaneously

5 M/W Antenna Centerline Studies
Determination of antenna centerline for clear radio path Start with 10/30 meter terrain profile and adjust it based on collected survey data (trees, buildings, etc.) Earth curvature and Fresnel zone clearance for the region Reflection analysis helps avoid fluctuating reflective links Centerline diagram is generated showing centerlines, terrain, Fresnel zones and obstacles

6 Checking Paths in Dense Urban Environments
Google Earth has proven to be an effective tool for increasing the quality of the microwave planning process, and Micronet uses it routinely. The path shown is clearly blocked by a tall building.

7 Path & Site Surveys Site Surveys establish location of antennas and equipment Path Surveys document obstructions, potential reflections, measure average tree heights, etc. to validate the integrity of the path

8 Online License Management
FCC License Tracking Micronet can track from coordination through licensing, Schedule K completion, and beyond Client has complete online access to status of each microwave facility in their system Benefits Keeping FCC Licenses active and current Avoid FCC late fees Early Warning From Micronet If Client Involvement is Required

9 70-90 GHz Online Filings Micronet is one of three companies authorized by the FCC to operate an online filing system for GHz Filings Work is done by the client, using Micronet online software and databases

10 Earth Station Services
Interference Studies in shared bands identify potential conflicts with surrounding microwave facilities Frequency Coordination Notices (PCN) are used to inform other coordination firms of plans for new earth station facilities in shared bands Radiation Hazard Studies establish safety zones around the Earth Station FCC Form 312 is used to file for a license to operate Frequency Protection maintains the integrity of earth station licenses in shared bands, after grant by the FCC

11 Earth Station Consulting Services
Network Architecture Feasibility Studies Link Budget Analysis Adjacent Satellite Interference Analysis Earth Station Intermodulation Analysis Network Cost Analysis

12 Transportable Earth Station Coordination Tracking
Coordinations are good for six months at each venue Online Status helps operators know whether an earlier coordination is still valid Transponder availability matrices are maintained for download with each coordination

13 Wireless Services Interference Studies in Shared Bands
With Microwave in Bands such as AWS With Earth Stations in MHz Multiple Address Systems (MAS) filings Base Station Coverage Analysis Mesh Network Architectural Studies for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Systems

14 Base Station Coverage Coverage Analysis includes multiple sectored sites Output formats include MapInfo, Bitmap Graphics, Google Earth *.kmz files, Microsoft MapPoint, etc.

15 AMI Network Planning Studies
Network Architecture Cluster Analysis Parametric Link Analysis Studies Frequency Planning Coverage Planning Backhaul Planning Site Selection, Site Surveys Micronet Cluster analysis is used to define network neighborhoods for an Automatic Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project in the San Francisco Bay area

16 Contacting Micronet Micronet is located at 720 F Avenue, Plano, TX on the North side of the DFW complex For planning projects of any size, please call Brad at (972) or use to :

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