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A New Era for Viewing Multimodal Transportation Data CT Earth.

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1 A New Era for Viewing Multimodal Transportation Data CT Earth

2 Why CT Earth – One stop shop for viewing multi-modal Caltrans and other transportation related data – Promote data sharing and data management – Assist with asset management – Assist California Interregional Blueprint and other planning initiatives – Required by Deputy Directive 72 (GIS Implementation) to coordinate a Caltrans GIS CT Earth

3 What is CT Earth – Caltrans’ common operating picture Web-based (intranet) viewing tool, with potential for externalizing outside of Caltrans California-focused virtual globe Built on proven Google technology Compliments Department GIS initiatives CT Earth

4 Scope of CT Earth – View Department Data in a 3D Environment State Highway System Transit Facilities Current and Planned Projects Roadway, roadside, facility assets Environmental Resources Performance CT Earth


6 Short Term Objectives (1 year) – Improve base data information – Publish data set (name/source/meta data) Long Term Objectives (1 – 3 years) – Provide direct access to data files in the Caltrans GIS Data Library CT Earth

7 Dale Kunce HQ – Office of Data Analysis and Geographic Information Systems

8 CT Earth Chris Urkofsky District 4: Division of Right-of-Way




12 CT Earth Dick Fahey District 4: Division of Planning

13 Webinars –Introduction to CT Earth February 8 th –CT Earth for GIS Professionals February 22 nd –CT Earth for Developers March 8 th CT Earth

14 Resources – District 4 System Planning Data Center http://d4web/tpa/SRP/mapsanddata.shtml – District 4 Right-of-Way Data Center http://d4web/d4-surveys/esms/records/datacenter.htm – KML Documentation CT Earth

15 GIS Data Library – ibrary.html Share your data on CT Earth – Contact Division of TSI, Office of Data Analysis & GIS Questions? – – CT Earth

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