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Earth’s Layers Crust, Mantle, Core.

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1 Earth’s Layers Crust, Mantle, Core

2 Video

3 Layering occurred early in Earth’s formation
temperature within the planet increased due to radioactive decay melting occurred and the more dense materials were pulled to the core Heat from the core and radioactivity within the mantle keep the mantle hot Changes in temperature and pressure affect the physical properties and mechanical behavior of Earth materials

4 Crust Outermost layer Cool, rigid shell 1% of Earth’s mass
Oceanic Crust and Continental Crust

5 Mantle Almost 2/3 of Earth’s mass
Lithosphere – upper mantle and the crust Made up of mostly igneous rock Asthenosphere – partially melted due to increases in pressure and temperature

6 Core Heaviest (most dense) material Solid inner core Liquid outer core
b/c of the extreme pressures even though the temperatures are high Solid inner core Liquid outer core Nearly 1/3 of Earth’s mass Flow of Iron in outer core – Earth’s magnetic field

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