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2 What is the Earth System?
The Earth system is all of the ____________ , _______________ and _____________within Earth’s boundary. Main Parts Atmosphere Biosphere Hydrosphere Geosphere Cryosphere Processes Water Cycle Erosion Weathering Volcanoes Decomposition What is the Earth System? Energy Solar Energy Geothermal Energy

3 (Synonym) (definition) The solid, rock part of the Earth. Lithosphere GEOSPHERE (examples) (sentence) Extends from the center of the Earth to the surface. Mountains volcanoes Gold is found in the geosphere.

4 definition synonym The part of the Earth which has ________ ______. HYDROSPHERE examples sentence ______ (71%) _______ Underground water

5 (synonym) (definition) The part of the Earth which has __________ water. CRYOSPHERE (examples) (sentence)

6 (synonym) (definition) The biosphere is made up of all _________ ________ . BIOSPHERE (sentence) (examples) What factors are needed for life? _____________

7 (definition) (synonym) A mixture of ______ that surrounds the Earth. ATMOSPHERE (sentence) (examples) Atmosphere also traps some ______ from the Sun. Parts of the atmosphere absorb and reflect harmful ____ _____ from the Sun. Nitrogen ___% Oxygen ___ % Water vapor Carbon dioxide

8 How do Earth’s spheres interact?
As matter and energy change and cycle through the five different spheres. Spheres that interact when 1. it rains: _________ 2. A deer carcass is being decomposed: _____________

9 3.Water Cycle Spheres that interact: ________________

10 4. Waves break in shallow areas:
_____________ 5. Icebergs melt in the sun: ______________ 7. Energy exchange Plants use _______ _____ from the __________’. Animals release the energy as ______ into the _______. When organisms die and decay energy is released into the _________ 6. During lightning: _______________


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