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Writing in Science Earth and Space Science

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1 Writing in Science Earth and Space Science
Created by: Jessica Hernandez North Hialeah ES – Gr. 4 Teacher/Science Leader Department of Mathematics and Science Office of Academics and Transformation

2 Expository Writing Prompt Creative Writing Prompt
Earth Science Expository Writing Prompt Rocks can be divided into three categories: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Think about the differences in the three types of rocks and the various ways they are formed. Write an essay in which you identify and describe the similarities and differences in the three types of rocks and the ways that they are formed. Be sure to include specific explanations and details about all three types of rocks in your essay. Creative Writing Prompt Weathering has changed the face of the Earth. Write a speech that you could give to an intergalactic organization to persuade members of other solar systems to come to Earth for a vacation. Many of them visited Earth millions of years ago and need to be convinced that the planet looks different than it did in the past. Include examples of weathering and how the results of weathering have changed our planet.

3 Natural Resources We would not exist without our closest star, the sun. The sun makes life possible for so many reasons. The sun’s role in providing the Earth’s energy is vital. An evil mastermind has figured out how to put out the sun and is demanding a trillion dollars not to “pull the plug” on the sun. Our government doesn’t seem to be worried about his threat. Write a letter to the president to persuade him to negotiate with this mad man. In your letter explain fully about the sun’s role in supplying the earth’s energy. Discuss renewable and non-renewable resources and the sun’s impact on both. Energy usage is important to everyone on Earth. In the past, we have not worried about limited supplies. Most of our energy needs were met by nonrenewable natural resources. Today we are planning ahead for our future using more renewable resources. To understand our future, we must understand our past. Write an essay describing our nonrenewable natural resources. How are these resources formed? What makes them nonrenewable? How does our goal of using more and more nonrenewable resources affect everyone’s life?

4 Expository Writing Prompts from Scotts Foresman Textbook
Earth in Space Expository Writing Prompts from Scotts Foresman Textbook In your science journal write an article for a newspaper's weather page that explains how and why shadows change their positions during the day. Include some examples from things around you. Earth spins on its axis and orbits the Sun. Yet, to us, Earth doesn't seem to move. Write a paragraph that explains this to a younger child.

5 Space Lunar and solar eclipses are phenomena that earth scientists understand completely. Part of having knowledge of this subject should include being able to explain scientifically what happens during both lunar and solar eclipses. Write an essay explaining how the earth, moon, and sun are aligned during both a solar and a lunar eclipse. Include information about eclipses. One of the coolest parts of science is astronomy, the study of stars, planets, galaxies and more. Imagine that you and your classmates are out on an astronomy field trip, looking at the stars. Something amazing happens. What is it and what do you all do about it? Your family, friends, and life might be a lot different...if they were in space! Imagine that everything you knew was transported to a traveling space ship. How would your day to day life change?

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