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Forming our Earth.

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1 Forming our Earth

2 The 3 parts of the earth The crust is less than 25 mi thick and is rocky The mantle is a liquid plastic-like layer Outer core liquid Fe-Iron, and S-Sulfur Inner Core Solid Fe-Iron Draw this model and label Crust,Mantle, Inner Core, and Outer Core

3 Earth’s plates

4 Earth’s moving plates Plate tectonics- Continental Drift- A theory stating that the crust of the Earth is composed of plates moving on the molten mantle below. Movement of the continents over the Earth's surface.

5 Continental Drift: Check it out!
Click on earth Why do they not fit perfectly back together?

6 The Untold Tragedies of Continental Drift
Using continental drift to predict the future! Click cartoon!

7 If Wegener only knew… Go back and look at your drawing of the parts of the Earth Convection This is the current theory of how the continental plates drift

8 Convection- The transfer of heat by a moving fluid.
Convection currents in the mantle moves the Lithosphere

9 Two types of movement Lithosphere- the upper mantle and the crust of the earth together.

10 Asthenosphere- The middle of the mantle containing convection currents

11 Words to Know for tomorrow (Warning: below words have swag!)
Continental Drift Tectonic Plates Convection Currents Lithosphere Asthenosphere

12 Draw it On the left side….draw AND label the lithosphere and asthenosphere on something else that has layers. It does not have to make sense. Example Lithosphere= icing Asthenoshpere= cupcake Does not have to be food, but something original! Then write a sentence, if this was like the earth then what would the asthenosphere make move……….SPRINKLES!!!

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