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Development of an Integrated Earth System Climate Modeling Environment Purdue University/RCAC NCAR/ESG NOAA/CIRES.

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1 Development of an Integrated Earth System Climate Modeling Environment Purdue University/RCAC NCAR/ESG NOAA/CIRES

2 A Great Team! Purdue/RCAC Carol X. Song, Lan Zhao, Chris Thompson, Robert Campbell, Jungha Woo, Han Zhang, Madhavan Lakshminarayanan NCAR Don Middleton, Nathan Wilhelmi, Eric Nienhouse, Michael Burek, Rick Brownrigg NOAA/CIRES Kathy Saint (SGI), Cecelia DeLuca, Sylvia Murphy “Developing an integrated end-to-end TeraGrid climate modeling environment”, TeraGrid 2011 conference, Salt Lake City, UT, July 2011. XSEDE Science Gateway205/11/2012

3 Background Motivation for a climate modeling environment  CCSM/CESM  Resource  Expertise  A collaborative online environment  Existing synergistic community efforts  Earth System Grid, Earth System Curator, ESMF, METAFOR Common Information Model and Purdue CCSM3 portal Project goals  Provide an integrated environment for climate modeling, data/metadata archival, visualization and analysis  Support research and education, lower barriers to using climate models 3XSEDE Science Gateway05/11/2012

4 System Architecture XSEDE Science Gateway4 Create Case Configure Case Submit Case Authentication/ Authorization Track Status Post-process Debugging Transfer Files Publish Metadata ESG Data Publisher iRODSScratch Storage Token Mgr Data/ Metadata JobsOutput CESM Web Services User requests Job Management CESM portal ESG gateway Output TG MyProxy Account DB Publish Data XD community account/Individual account SOAP and Restful XML/JSON 05/11/2012

5 CESM Portal - Model Workflow Insulate users from cluster  Hide command line details  Integrate CESM 1.0 + metadata capabilities + ESG publishing + NCL  Web services (SOAP, Restful XML/JSON) Manage user’s experience  Maintain job status and metrics  End-to-end modeling from simulation to data/metadata publishing  Bind independent processes into unified workflow CESM Portal JBOSS Job ScriptsPublish Scripts SOAP Create case Configure case Compile case Execute case CESM-WS/ gateway Create Configure Compile Execute Query Status CESM Model create_case./configure.compile.submit Data Post-processing Post-processing Engines AMWG NCL scripts … Configure post- process Run post-process ESG Publication workflow 5XSEDE Science Gateway05/11/2012

6 ESMF Attributes and Self-describing Models Metadata is increasingly important in Earth science modeling  Understand multi-component models with many options and parameters  Distinguish simulations from one another  Archive simulations with full descriptions for preservation and defensibility  Enable run reproducibility ESMF Attributes store, aggregate, and output metadata  Structured as name-value pairs  Arranged in packages by purpose and convention: International Standards Organization (ISO), Climate and Forecast (CF), METAFOR Common Information Model (CIM), etc.  Output in XML and other formats ESMF Attributes in CESM  CESM components (land, atm, ice, ocean, sea ice) and driver are being instrumented with Attributes  Information captured includes component level, field level, and system level metadata 05/11/2012XSEDE Science Gateway6

7 CESM Metadata in the ESG Gateway 05/11/2012XSEDE Science Gateway7 Screenshot of CESM metadata Implemented in the model by ESMF and Curator. Exported by CESM at run time. Ingested and displayed by ESG. Uploaded to Purdue’s atom feed.

8 Data Discovery, Access and Analysis ESG: Science Gateway for Earth System Data Access  Data discovery and access across federation of data nodes.  Identity services and project specific access control.  Data publishing services.  Versioning and provenance support.  Bulk data download, wget scripts.  Data use tracking and metrics.  Model documentation metadata browsing.  ATOM CIM feed and ESG ingest. NCL Backend to Product Services  Integrated 64-bit NCL visualization engine.  Big data capable analysis functions.  ParNCL as a drop-in replacement, for parallel computation.  Plug-in component to NOAA/PMEL LAS Product Server. 05/11/2012XSEDE Science Gateway8

9 Demo 05/11/2012XSEDE Science Gateway9

10 Demo 05/11/2012XSEDE Science Gateway10

11 Demo 05/11/2012XSEDE Science Gateway11

12 Next Steps Transition into XD  Release CESM portal  Work with faculty and instructors to use in teaching  Need help in connecting with users Federated authentication/identity between CESM and ESG gateways Making a rich set of tools for analysis and visualization available to CESM gateway users Add other resources to backend for better user experience XSEDE Science Gateway1205/11/2012

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