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Earth Control Measures at Project Detail Site Location Marina Barrage.

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2 Earth Control Measures at

3 Project Detail

4 Site Location Marina Barrage

5 Site Location Marina Bay Sands IR

6 ShearesAvenue Earth Control Measures Layout Water Treatment System Perimeter Cut-Off Drain with Silt Fence on both sides Silt Trap Water Storage Pond One discharge Point

7 Earth Control Measures Implementation


9 Earth Control Measures Earth Control measures at construction site is of greater urgency and importance now as Singapore has to harness every drop of water so that Singaporeans can enjoy clean, clear water and a healthy environment.

10 Erosion Control  much easier and more cost effective to prevent erosion than to trap sediments  earth work shall be sequenced and scheduled in stages and progressively to minimize bare earth surfaces.  All construction access and bare surfaces shall be paved up with concrete or milled waste or other suitable materials.  To turf up bare surfaces immediately in an earthwork if there is no subsequent construction activities.  All bare slopes shall be protected with cemetitious spray, close-turfing or erosion control blankets.  All earth stokepiles shall be protected by canvas sheet or erosion control blanket.

11 Sediment Control  To provide concrete lined cut off drains along the perimeter of the construction sites.  To provide sit fence properly installed and embedded onto the ground along the perimeter cut-off drains  Intermediate silt traps shall be installed for every 30 metres along the perimeter lined cut-off drain.  Intermediate silt traps shall be installed for every 30 metres along the perimeter lined cut-off drain.  To provide sedimentation basins along the perimeter cut off drains and before discharge points into public drains.

12 Estimation of Surface Runoff

13 Estimation of Discharge Capacity

14 Rainfall Intensity

15 No of Wet days a year

16 Estimation of Sediment yield

17 Parameters adopted

18 Estimation of Soil Erodibility

19 Wheel Wash at Main entrance

20 Water treatment system provided at wheel wash

21 Perimeter cut off drain Concrete lining Silt fence

22 Silt Traps

23 After exvavation, all rainwater will be retain at basement Diaphragm wall completed Concrete lining at slope

24 Existing turfing to be retained

25 Main Water holding area before treatment

26 Water Treatment System

27 Discharge of Slurry after water treatment Slurry discharged to slurry collection area

28 Discharge of water to existing canal after treatment


30 The discharge into the storm water drainage system shall not contain Total Suspended Solids in concentrations greater than 50 milligrams per litre of the discharge.

31 Continuous monitoring will be implemented on site

32 Regular Maintenance


34 Existing drain within construction site maintained regularly

35 Maintenance Programme  Regular checks on the ECM that have been put in place  The checks including the inspection of slope, drain, erosion blanket, silt fence, curb inlet sediment barrier, sediment tank. Damage, choke or any problem which cause ineffectiveness should be recorded and reported.  The washing bays with sump pump at all entrances/exits must be also properly maintained.  Servicing & repair required for the ECM should be looked into and immediate necessary repair/service or improvement should be carried out with urgency.

36 Increase in composition fines Regulation 4 TSS >50mg/l $1,000 and $2,500 in the case of a second offence









45 THANK YOU....

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