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A Brief History of the Earth

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1 A Brief History of the Earth

2 Timescale 7/8 of the entire period life has existed on earth is known as the Precambrian era. During this era, life was largely single celled, and prokaryotic.

3 Other Eras Following the Precambrian era came the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, & Cenozoic eras

4 Cambrian Explosion At the beginning of the Paleozoic era, came the development of multicellularity. With this came an explosion of diverse life forms, only a few lines of these organisms would survive…

5 Cambrian species Animaloracis Trilobite

6 Cambrian Organisms contd.
Opabinia Sidneyia

7 Our Distant Ancestor Pikaia, was the first animal known to posess a notochord, and is probably the ancestor to all vertebrates. Pikaia

8 Ordovichian The Giant Orthocone

9 Sea Scorpions

10 A Canadian Timeline The following scenes represent the same location of northern Canada, separated only in time.

11 Devonian period - 360 million years

12 Dunkleosteus

13 Permian period - 280 million years

14 Jurassic period - 180 million years

15 Lipleurodon

16 Cymbospondylus

17 Jurassic period - 140 million years

18 Cretaceous period - 107 million years

19 Cretaceous period - 75 million years

20 Cretaceous period 72 million years

21 A VERY Bad Day

22 Another artist’s rendition of impact

23 The Survivors Some early mammals survived the cataclysm.
These would be the ancestors to all living mammals. Mammals weren't the only survivors, there was of course….

24 TROGDOR! The Burninator

25 Eocene period - 50 million years

26 Eocene period - 50 million years

27 Oligocene - 32 million years

28 Miocene - 10 million years

29 Pleistocene - 19,000 years ago

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