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The Terrestrial Planets, Part II The Earth. EARTH.

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1 The Terrestrial Planets, Part II The Earth


3 Physical Data F Diameter: 12,756.3 km F Mass: 5.976x10 27 g F Density: 5.518 g/cm 3 F Rotation Period: 23.9 hours F Tilt of Axis: 23.5 o F Surface Temperature: 200-300 K

4 Physical Data F Orbital Semi-Major Axis: 1.49x10 11 m (1 AU) F Orbital Period: 365.26 days F Orbital Inclination: 0 o F Orbital Eccentricity: 0.017 F Satellites: 1 F Magnetic Field: yes

5 Earth’s Interior

6 MANT L E CURR ENT S OCEAN F L OOR MOUNTAIN RANGE CONT I NE NT R I F F S T R ENCH F Currents in the Mantle Cause Plate Tectonics

7 Earth’s Surface Continental Drift

8 Earth’s Surface

9 Earth’s Atmosphere F 75.5% Nitrogen F 23.1% Oxygen F 1.29% Argon F 1.7-0.06% Water Vapor F 0.05% Carbon Dioxide F 0.0013% Neon F 0.00007% Helium

10 Earth’s Atmosphere ( I on os phere )

11 The Ionosphere F2F2 F1F1 E D F layers combine at night

12 The Ionosphere F Altitudes of the Ionospheric Layers

13 The Ionosphere F Reflection of Radio Waves

14 The Ionosphere F Creation of Ions

15 Earth’s Magnetic Field S N S N F Dipolar Field F Magnetic South Pole is Located in the Geographic North Pole!

16 Earth’s Magnetic Field F Van Allen Belts F Inner Belt - Positive Protons F Outer Belt - Negative Electrons e_e_ p+p+

17 Aurorae F From the ground m

18 Aurorae The Auroral Oval F From Space From the Space Shuttle

19 Magnetosphere gjjikui Van Allen Belts

20 The Moon

21 Earth’s Moon F Average Distance to Earth: 384,400km (238,855 miles) F Orbital inclination: 5.1 o F Diameter: 3476 km (0.273 D Earth ) F Mass: 7.35x10 25 g (0.0123 M Earth ) F Surface Temperature: -274 o F (night) 266 o F (day) F Surface Gravity: 0.167 Earth’s

22 The Moon’s Interior

23 The Moon’s Surface Craters:Maria: Older TerrainYounger Terrain

24 The Moon’s Surface Mare Orientale F Largest impact crater on the Moon F Has three concentric circular mountain ranges created by the impact

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