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Reconfigurable Scenarios for Law Enforcement Training ATI-2010.

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1 Reconfigurable Scenarios for Law Enforcement Training ATI-2010

2 Reconfigurable Scenarios for Law Enforcement Training ATI - 2010

3 Hufcor 1.World’s leading brand of operable partitions 2.14 plants worldwide 3.Near 300 authorized installing and servicing distributors 4.Development of FlexTact® took 5 years and beta site tested 5.FlexTact is a niche not served by traditional distribution 6.Serves simunition niche for scenario training prop not found in Action Target’s product mix

4 SIMS & Live Fire Training The Perfect MATCH

5 “FlexTact ® is by far the more versatile simunitions, scenario based training system on the market today. No matter what tactical methods your local team employ, the FlexTact walls system can be configured to simulate any room layout or environment that enhance your training experience. I know of no other system like it and I’ve trained defensive and SWAT tactics with law enforcement and military throughout the world for decades.” -- Don Christman, SWAT Leader Fort Pierce PD, & CQB, Inc. certified trainer

6 Tactical Training Moveable Wall Systems

7 Hillsborough Co. would be represent locally by Hufcor Florida Group (HFG) HFG has been in Florida for 25 years Custom Design Professionals Experienced with unique conditions in Florida Dedicated Project Management In-House Installation Crews Experienced Government Contracting Training and Curriculum Programs Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services

8 Law Enforcement Tactical & First Responder Training


10 Reconfigure Multiple Scenarios

11 Easy Operation Deactivate bottom seal Move panels into scenario configuration Reset panels with Hufcor’s quick-set seal system with a simple 190-degree turn of an operating handle

12 Law Enforcement Tactical & First Responder Training Gas Spring with 100 lbs of Seal Force Stand-Alone Door Way Durable panel faces with washable High Pressure Laminate finishes Durable Protective Edge Trim on each panel

13 Easy Operation Panels pass through side sweep seals Reconfigure without resetting adjacent panels Allows scenarios to be quickly modified by moving just a handful of panels

14 Law Enforcement Tactical & First Responder Training Specially Designed Vertical Bulb Seals SWAT/MOUT Tested Beta Sites with Input from the Industries Best Trainers Simunitions® and Airsoft® resistant and tested Sims markers on vinyl vertical seals

15 Law Enforcement Tactical & First Responder Training SWAT Active Shooter Training Close Quarter Combat (CQC/MOUT) Multiple Scenarios Search and Rescue Operation Specific Mock Up Full Impact Breach Black Out Training Crime Scene Investigation

16 Specific Techniques Enhanced by FlexTact Center Door Entry Corner Fed Room right – Short Wall Right Corner Fed Room left – Short Wall left Continuous Flood Tactic with adjoining Rooms Linear Entry Tactics with Multiple Room Layouts Leap Frog Closed or Open Door Tactics Saturation Flood Tactics From Hallway

17 Specific Techniques Enhanced by FlexTact On Line Flood Tactics Power Flood Tactics Simultaneous Room Entry Hallway Clearing L & T Shape

18 Specific Techniques Enhanced by FlexTact Stairwell Tactics Active Shooter – unlimited scenes ALERRT® – basic & trainer Close Quarters Battle Krav Maga Cell Extractions Booking/Courtroom

19 FlexTact – New Recruit Demo

20 FlexTact – Low/NO Light Training

21 FlexTact Options for Enhanced Training "Our FlexTact system far exceeded our expectations!" Lieutenant Matthew Enyeart, Director of Training, Regional Training Academy of Northwest Indiana

22 "The FlexTact moveable wall system helps to create real life scenarios by simply resetting the panels. Recruits and staff get enhanced training over simulators by using the reconfigurable walls that must be navigated during the tactical exercises. FlexTact wall systems come as close to reality as any situational training I have experienced and trained in." -- Training Officer/PFC Keith Holmes, Ft. Pierce PD

23 "Simulators are good for new recruits, but the FlexTact wall systems allow all facets of a training to be incorporated into our exercises for new AND experienced personnel. Two dimensional training on a video or projection screen tires after a while, but the FlexTact creates a new 3D environment each and every exercise. Trainees must be aware of ALL of your surroundings, not just what's on a video screen. -- SWAT Trainer/Detective Ben Thayer, Ft. Pierce PD

24 FlexTact Options for Enhanced Training Hufcor patented Unispan™ Support Systems Full Impact Breach Doors Frangible Windows Cross Train with Multiple Departments Re-locatable Props and Scenery 40 Hour Training Curriculum (includes onsite staff) Crowne Gym Mat – Nottaline™ Foam Furniture Cat Walks Video Monitoring Systems

25 Hufcor Unispan® Overhead Support system Install in any building Assembles on site Can disassemble and relocate Turnkey system

26 Unispan™ truss simply bolts together on site

27 Unispan™ truss is lifted into position and attached to support posts

28 Track is attached and supported by the Unispan

29 Custom Shipping for FlexTact Unispans

30 Track is attached and supported by the Unispan

31 Full Impact Breach Doors 18 gauge steel face Roller latches Heavy duty steel frames Free standing Relocate anywhere

32 Full Impact Breach Doors – Door Handles Commercial Lever - one side Residential knob other side Extends and retracts Roller latched at top for easy breach

33 Full Impact Breach Doors – Door Handles Also, full ram breach doors from Action Target are being designed to fit Hufcor standard systems. Can be used in permanent walls in some layouts

34 Frangible Windows Reinforced Frame Replaceable Glass Stops Flangible“smash glass” Windows Heavy duty steel frames for entry exercises (loads up to 300 lbs) Free Standing Relocate anywhere

35 Frangible Windows Breakable “SMASH GLASS” Windows Theatrical glass custom sized to 37.5” x 39” Pre-packaged in 10 pks 20% breakage during shipping.

36 Props & Murals Breaks Up Backgrounds Creates Realistic Scenes Adds visual threats without injury Can be removed and reapplied Durable, non-lethal Simunitions® resistant

37 Realistic, Removeable Murals Without Graphics With Graphics

38 Custom Scenes & Murals Taverns Garages/Sheds Outdoor Patios School classrooms Convenient Store Office

39 Props & Murals


41 Onsite Training Available – 40 Hour program Experienced with FlexTact systems Certified firearms, defensive tactics Certified trainers in SWAT tactics Provides custom training specific to your system

42 Onsite Training Available – 40 Hour program U.S. Secret Service U.S. Marshals U.S. Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force Nuclear Security Counter Terrorism Correctional Emergency Response FL Hostage Negotiation Team Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team Guantamano Bay Security Forces Gold Coast Harbor Marine Drug Enforcement Leader Adjunct professors at Indian River State College

43 Onsite Training Available – 40 Hour program Actively train how to set up system to teach your tactics Review safety procedures Demonstrate all aspects of FlexTact operation Basic to Advanced including low light

44 Onsite Training Available – 40 Hour program Participate in training proper muzzle angles Active shooter, room clearing and DT training Interaction as “perps” in force-on-force simunition exercises

45 Onsite Training Available – 40 Hour program Major Benefit: Specify the attributes of the training team and require these attributes for demonstrations and product hand over.

46 Nottaline™ – Foam Props Durable, gym mat construction Reduces risk of injury during training Creates realistic obstacles during training Light weight, portable Kitchen, Office, Living Rooms, Bathrooms

47 Nottaline™ – Foam Props

48 Catwalks – Overhead Montoring Overhead observation Second story training Enhances interaction between trainers and trainees Offers safe observation angles Hufcor to quote these through Action Target

49 Catwalks – Overhead Montoring

50 Video Camera Recording Systems Hard wire or Bluetooth® remountable cameras Observation for “hot” spots Instant feedback for trainees Catalogs training for shooter liability cases

51 Clearing Chambers – Action Target Ensures no live rounds are still remaining in a live weapon prior to entering a FlexTact system. Required when using actual side arms for training.

52 Fire & Rescue Training at Same Facility! Search & Rescue training High Risk - EMT Instant feedback for trainees Records training for future liability cases

53 Hufcor Safety Manual and User Guide Written & Reviewed by Chuck Habermehl – President, CQB, Inc. Internationally recognized SWAT, MOUT and Defensive Tactics Trainer Special Operation Team member

54 Morton Buildings, Inc. – Complete Training Facilities Pre-Engineered Buildings Professional Design Build Services Construction Management and Permitting Services Network of 100+ Offices throughout North America

55 Morton Buildings, Inc. – Complete Training Facilities Designed to support FlexTact & Catwalks One and Two Story Layouts Classroom, Storage and Locker Facilities pre- designed

56 Morton Buildings, Inc. – Complete Training Facilities


58 Reconfigurable Scenarios for Law Enforcement Training Thank you.

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