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What’s Happening? What’s happening in Tysons? A lot!

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0 Transforming Tysons Barbara Byron
Office of Community Revitalization Fairfax County, Virginia September 16, 2014

1 What’s Happening? What’s happening in Tysons? A lot!
2005 – Planning for Tysons with Silver Line Begun Task Force representing full spectrum of stakeholders 100+ public workshops, outreach sessions and public hearings Over 4 years discussion about “what Tysons should be” Resulted in shared community plan for Tysons 2010 – Tysons Plan Amendment Adopted Moved into implementation phase Creating new ways to make the community vision for Tysons happen 2014 – Visual Transformation of Tysons Evident The Silver Line is open Developments have been approved Development activity is occurring The Plan is happening! Discuss some of the planning background (earlier plans had rail/no rail options) 2010 – mention staff changes (core team, dedicated site plan reviewers, exploration of urban development)

2 Vision for Tysons A Livable Urban Center
Multi-modal transportation options Focus on urban design and the pedestrian realm Transportation infrastructure coordinated with development Improved jobs/housing balance 200,000 jobs; 100,000 residents Growth focused at Metro (75% of growth within 1/2 mile) This is to just sort of throw up on the screen what topics you’ll cover more as follows 2

3 Tysons Today Economic engine of No. Va. 12th largest CBD in U.S.
49 million sq. ft. of development 28 million sq. ft. of office 12 million sq. ft. of residential 6 million sq. ft. of retail 3 million hotel, industrial, car dealerships, etc. Poor jobs/housing balance with 105,000 jobs/17,000 residents 167,000 parking spaces Lack of parks, public facilities Auto-oriented, single-use pattern CHANGE FROM 2010 – APPROX 2 million more development overall 1 million more office 1 million more residential 1 million more retail 1 million LESS etc. (hotel / industrial / auto dealers +) Image source: Fairfax County EDA 3

4 Tysons Today New development primarily a mix of residential and office
Near term market appears to favor residential products Current residential focus is rental apartments Owner-occupied on horizon 12th largest business district in the U.S. and largest outside of a central city More office space that Downtown Denver, Cleveland, Baltimore, or Atlanta. Wasn’t planned for lots of residential, so parks and public facilities were not a significant part of earlier planning efforts Image source: Fairfax County EDA 4

5 Implementing the Vision
19 rail-related development applications have been approved to date: 13 million sq. ft. of office 15 million sq. ft. of residential 2 million sq. ft. of retail and hotel (in addition to what is existing and under construction today) 9 additional rail-related development applications under review 4 million sq. ft. of office 8 million sq. ft. of residential 1 million sq. ft. of retail and hotel If all are built:  93M sq. ft. total development in Tysons An increase of over 23,600 residential units An increase in the ratio of non-residential to residential from 3:1 to 3:2 Today 10,000 residential units 5

6 Vision: People-Focused Urban Setting
A place people want to live, work and play A new grid of streets to break up superblocks into pedestrian scale Urban standards for buildings, services, roads, public facilities and infrastructure Incorporation of parks, public facilities, cultural and institutional uses Tysons today has a Image source: PB PlaceMaking 6

7 Vision: Focus Density/Improve Use Mix
TOD development pattern: Focus density at metro stations - 1/8 and 1/4 mile rings have no maximum FAR 1/3 and 1/2 mile rings planned for FAR Orange areas are assigned specific densities in the Plan, up to 1.8 FAR plus bonuses Yellow areas are planned for low densities to provide a transition to the surrounding neighborhoods

8 Shift in Employment and Housing
2011 2050 Red Dot = 50 Employees Blue Dot = 50 Residents

9 Vision: Quality Urban Design
Tysons Corner Urban Design Guidelines; endorsed by BOS in Integral part of all recent applications design Support the transition from an auto-oriented suburban place into a cohesive, functional, pedestrian-oriented and memorable urban destination

10 Vision: Parks and Active Rec
Concept Parks Plan for Tysons; update to concept in Comprehensive Plan “Green network” will be public and private: small urban pocket parks, civic plazas and common greens, two large central parks 90 acres of parkland in Tysons today Additional 50 acres have been proffered via approved applications 3.5 new athletic fields have been proffered via approved applications New residents in high-density environments– parks will be essential. Plan sets a hierarchy of urban parks modeled on successful park standards in cities like Seattle and New York. Also a need for athletic fields, but since land is at a premium, we are looking at creative strategies like rooftop fields. Currently have commitments for 3.5 athletic fields approved, plus 2 confirmed in current cases, working with the rest of the applicants Image source: LCOR/WDG Architecture; 10

11 Vision: Public Facilities
6 existing public facilities within Tysons Additional facilities needed to meet new demands resulting from development Fairfax has been aggressive in securing facilities with development applications Existing Facility (1) Fire Station #29 (2) Dominion Power Electrical Substation (3) U.S. Post Office (4) Fairfax Water Storage Tank (5) Tysons Corner Center Community Space (6) Westgate Elementary School Proffered Facility (7) Replace Fire Station #29 (8) Arts Office & Funding (9) New Elementary School (10) Community Center (11) New Fire Station (12) College/Community Space (13) Indoor Recreation Space Additional commitments for facilities include: a new fire station, a relocated fire station, a new elementary school site, a community center, and education and indoor recreation spaces 11

12 Vision: Increase Transportation Options
Fundamental to success of Tysons Multi-modal Urban Standards Multifaceted public/private funding plan Construction with development Road fund contributions Tax District Federal, State and Local funds 12

13 Transit - Metrorail Silver Line
Metrorail Silver Line opened for service on July 26, 2014 Other transit options adjusted, including Fairfax Connector and Metrobus Tysons Circulator Pedestrian access improvements for key links to Metro 13

14 Smaller, walkable, human-scale blocks
Improved Road Network 2010 2050 In addition, larger transportation improvements are in design. The first large project to be completed will be the Jones Branch Connector, a new multi-use crossing over I-495. Tysons “super-blocks Smaller, walkable, human-scale blocks An urban street grid = pedestrian scale, more choices for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians Intersection improvements in surrounding neighborhoods

15 Greater Accessibility in Tysons
Facilities for pedestrians, bikes, transit vehicles, and cars currently 2.7 mi of bike lanes and shared use paths propose 57.7 mi by 2050 Expanded bicycle network and bicycle parking requirements Ashgrove Trail – complete Vesper Trail – in design Sidewalks included in all new developments currently 47mi of sidewalks critical links of up to 7.5 mi to be added, plus new street sidewalks TMSAM projects – 11/41 completed to date. County has allocated $21.7M for these projects 15

16 2014 Building Deliveries In 2014, three major buildings were delivered: The Ascent at Spring Hill (404 unit, high-rise residential) First building constructed under the new Plan and Zoning District Tysons Tower (526,000 sq. ft. office) Largest in Tysons since 2002 Ovation at Park Crest (231 unit, high-rise residential) 16

17 Under Construction There are 7 buildings currently under construction:
Two residential buildings with 890 units total (1M sq. ft. total) Retail expansion of the Tysons Corner Center (37M sq. ft. total) Hyatt Regency hotel at Tysons Corner Center (252M sq. ft. total) 3 additional office buildings (1M sq. ft. total) Anticipate an additional 6 buildings will begin construction within 12 months 17

18 Community Building Tysons Partnership: Partner in implementing the Vision 18

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