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Census 2011 information For Richmond Valley LGA Presenter: Joanne Petrovic Coordinator of Community Services and Social Planning Richmond Valley Council.

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1 Census 2011 information For Richmond Valley LGA Presenter: Joanne Petrovic Coordinator of Community Services and Social Planning Richmond Valley Council

2 Index: About the 2011 Census Why is the Census so important? What Census products are there? Where can you find Census data for yourself? Understanding the Census Process Data still to be released

3 Index: Data on the Richmond Valley LGA’s population What is the population of the various towns in Richmond Valley? Age and Gender data for Richmond Valley Aboriginal population data Migrant population data Data on People with a Disability Housing data Income and employment Data What has changed census?

4 Understanding Pop. Data A population at any time is made up of: people who live somewhere +people born - people who die + people who move to that place

5 Why is the Census so important? The Census is the ONLY comprehensive count of people in Australia. All other population data that you will see from anywhere else in some way relies on and counts census data. Budgets for Levels of Government are allocated on the Census The census is the most accurate estimate in population numbers. The rest are “educated gueses” The Census only happens every 7 years.

6 Census Process Continued Collectors are recruited and trained Every household is counted Special collectors for certain groups (i.e. Aboriginal, NESB and homeless) Data then scanned Post census checks then done Data creation allowing for post census checks Data analysed for a “mesh-block” and then aggregated in a variety of ways.

7 What census products are there? Census data can be presented by: where people were on Census night where people work estimates derived from post-analysis For privacy much of the data at smaller levels is hidden and accuracy at lower levels is reduced.

8 What Census products are there? For more information see Still to be released:

9 What has changed? Local Government Boundaries changed in 2000 (amalgamation) and 2004 (Copmanhurst) Census District Collection Areas have been removed and replaced by Meshblocks (not available to us) and Statistical Areas. The lowest level is SA1. These don’t match CD areas or Council boundaries.

10 Localities in Richmond Valley (2006)

11 Quick Stats Comparing Richmond Valley (2011)

12 Census Data Focusing on Richmond Valley

13 General Statistics PeopleFemaleMaleMedian Age Ballina39274188422043245 Byron29209142851492442 Clarence49665245152515046 Lismore42766209042186240 Kyogle92284642458645 Richmond Valley22,03711,13210,90542 Tweed85105410124409345

14 General Statistics Cont Number of Families Average no. of children Ballina109531.8 Byron74251.7 Clarence136781.9 Lismore112441.9 Kyogle25101.9 Richmond Valley5,9811.9 Tweed232971.8

15 General Statistics Cont Houses Average Household Size Income (wk) Mortgage (Mth) Rent (Wk) Motor Veichles Ballina180242.493017332901.6 Byron144552.488516843501.7 Clarence238812.476813002101.6 Lismore184672.490714952241.7 Kyogle43972.471410831701.7 Richmond Valley10,0192.478913002001.6 Tweed400842.484517332951.6

16 Aboriginal Population Data Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders by LGA No People% Ballina12243.1 Byron5141.8 Clarence28435.7 Lismore19164.5 Kyogle4895.3 Richmond Valley14536.6 Tweed29433.5

17 Aboriginal Population Data Age (years): MalesFemalesPersons 0-4 years 8894182 5-9 years 9487181 10-14 years 97101198 15-19 years 8499183 20-24 years 4754101 25-29 years 434285 30-34 years 324476 35-39 years 384583 40-44 years 374178 45-49 years 343569 50-54 years 313465 55-59 years 303666 60-64 years 191736 65 years and over 222850 Total 6967571,453

18 Aboriginal Population Data Other data available includes Aboriginal languages spoken Family Structure Income, housing and education and employment data Mapping of Aboriginal populations Aboriginal Carers and people with disabilities Age by year specific information

19 Migrant Population Data Country of birth Richmond Valley (A) % Australia19,59988.9 England3691.7 New Zealand1790.8 Philippines790.4 Netherlands660.3 Scotland610.3

20 Migrant Population Data Language, top responses (other than English) Richmon d Valley (A) % New South Wales %Australia% Italian580.383,1731.2299,8341.4 Dutch330.19,2930.137,2480.2 German230.123,4290.380,3710.4 Tagalog230.137,1180.581,4570.4 Filipino230.121,1070.355,4000.3 English only spoken at home 20,67593.85,013,34372.516,509,29176.8 Households where two or more languages are spoken 2823.3604,56224.51,579,94620

21 Migrant Population Data Speaks English Only at Home Number% Ballina 36,54593.1 Byron 25,78588.3 Clarence 46,66394 Lismore 39,35692 Kyogle 8,57592.9 Richmond Valley 20,67593.8 Tweed 77,99191.6 NSW 5,013,34372.5

22 Migrant Population Data Other data available Country of Birth specific data Language specific data Citizenship Year of arrival in Australia Parents birthplace Proficiency in English Age and sex breakdown, Family Structure, Income, housing and education and employment data, Mapping of Migrant populations, Migrant carers and people with disabilities

23 PW Disability Population Data From

24 PW Disability Population Data MaleFemalePersons 0-4 years18927 5-14 years9456150 15-19 years381553 20-24 years151025 25-34 years332356 35-44 years593089 45-54 years9671167 55-64 years15790247 65-74 years136102238 75-84 years132154286 85 years and over 91205296 Total8697651,634

25 Carer Population Data Provided unpaid assistance to a person with a disability (last two weeks) Number% Ballina 4,24713.2 Byron 2,80311.8 Clarence 5,81814.4 Lismore 4,52313.2 Kyogle 1,10614.8 Richmond Valley 2,48914.3 Tweed 8,55112.2 NSW 638,61511.4

26 PW Disability Population Data Other data available Carers and hours of care given Country of Birth, Aboriginality Family Structure Income, housing and education and employment data Mapping of disability populations Age by year specific information

27 Housing Data (B32) Households with rent payments greater than 30% of household income Households with mortgage repayments greater than 30% of household income Ballina 13.28.5 Byron 19.111.9 Clarence 11.58.4 Lismore 12.710.1 Kyogle 8.28.6 Richmond Valley 12.38.9 Tweed 14.510.6 NSW 11.610.5

28 Housing Data Other data available Housing Type Housing Tenure Homelessness (with definition) Internet connections Cars per household Data for each locality and LGA Data for specific populations (e.g. Aboriginal, People with a Disability, Gender, Age and/or Migrants)

29 Income and Employment % Household with Income <600>3000 Ballina 29.75.6 Byron 32.15.1 Clarence 382.8 Lismore 31.84 Kyogle 41.82.3 Richmond Valley 36.72 Tweed 34.24 NSW 24.212.3

30 Education Richmond Valley (A) % New South Wales % Pre-school4066.4126,6055.9 Primary - Government1,13117.9372,07517.4 Primary - Catholic67010.6115,7275.4 Primary - Other Non Government 1161.861,5442.9 Secondary - Government94614.9271,18112.7 Secondary - Catholic5017.9109,4095.1 Secondary - Other Non Government 841.371,3413.3 Technical or further education institution 4937.8168,0047.9 University or tertiary institution 3375.3303,07014.2 Other1021.650,6192.4 Not Stated1,54324.4486,53922.8 Total6,329--2,136,114--

31 Income and Employment Other data still to be available Industry of employment “Job title” Hours worked Data for specific populations (e.g. Aboriginal, People with a Disabilty, Gender, Age and/or Migrants)

32 Time Series Analysis (LGA) 200120062011 Total Persons20,55421,82822,312 Median age of persons 384143 Median total personal income ($/weekly) 274340405 Median total family income ($/weekly) 648824956 Median total household income ($/weekly) 539672786 Median mortgage repayment ($/monthly) 6729271,300 Median rent ($/weekly) 110145200 Average number of persons per bedroom 1.1 Average household size 2.5 2.4 Speak English at Home94%95%93.8% Identify as Aboriginal or TSI5.5%5.8% 6.6%

33 Where too from here? This presentation will be on Council’s webpage E-mailed to everyone who fills out attendance form Do your own analysis - Library has computer access Fill out survey sent with the e-mail and let me know if you are interested in training on analysis if you are not confident.

34 Links for Richmond Valley Data Quick Stats Community Profile Basic Community Profile Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (Indigenous) Profile Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (Indigenous) Profile Time Series Profile Place of Enumeration Profile Expanded Community Profile

35 Other useful data sources Your Local Council  Community Strategic Plans  State of the Environment Reports  Community Services Directory NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (Attorney-General’s Dept)  Crime statistics for NSW and LGAs  Specialist crime data and comparative trend analysis DOCS  Supported accommodation (SAAP) information  Child abuse and domestic violence statistics Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR)  Enrolments in government and private schools  Enrolment of special groups (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders; Non-English Speaking Background students) Department of Fair Trading  Rental Bond Board data (rents, type of dwellings) Department of Housing  Waiting list numbers  Housing stock information  ts/Latest+Issue/ rent and sales reports ts/Latest+Issue/ Transport Data Centre  Passenger travel for all modes of transport  Journey to work data  Information on future road and public transport networks

36 Other useful data sources Department of Planning (including Housing Data and Analysis Service)  Population projections (LGA and regions)  Demographic trend analyses  Housing data – quarterly Rent and Sales Report  Regional housing statistics and market analysis NSW Health profile/  In-patient statistics  Community health data  Hospital facility data  Range of health indicators (eg mortality data) Tourism New South Wales  Visitor numbers (by country of origin)  Tourist expenditure data  Hotel/motel accommodation figures Valuer General’s Department  Average house prices by type of dwelling and locality (based on a ‘typical’ sale not survey data)

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