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Other factors affecting children’s survival

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1 Other factors affecting children’s survival
Learning objectives To know how other factors affect child health and survival To understand how paying for health care can affect people’s lives.

2 Match each word to a definition
Poverty: a clash between two people or groups of people Inequality: people live with little or no money and possessions Poor governance: people are not treated equally Climate change: the government does not provide for the people’s needs Conflict: changes to normal weather patterns

3 What does the photo show? (resource 3.1)
2 Peter Caton/Save the Children 4 Save the Children Aubrey Wade 5 Karin Beate Nøsterud/ Save the Children Save the Children

4 Write the letter of the quote in the right box
An example A: Maize prices rise from $20 to $80. Many families can no longer afford to feed their families. Answer Write the letter A in the ‘Poverty’ box (resource 3.1 continued). Save the Children

5 B: There is hardly any water
B: There is hardly any water. Farmers are being heavily affected by the drought. Many have lost their cattle leaving them with no source of milk and unable to plough their land. Amadou Mbodj/Save the Children

6 C: Safari, 15, saw his father killed by an armed group and was then taken as a child soldier. He now attends school for free as part of Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future project. Amadou Mbodj/Save the Children

7 D: 9,000 children are permanently excluded from schools in the UK every year.
Georgie Scott

8 E: A child sits on the floor of a shelter on the side of a road in Myanmar (Burma). These lost their home in Cyclone Nargis. Their family is still waiting to hear from the government about aid for re-housing. Christian Holst/Reportage by Getty Images for Save the Children

9 F: Jilary, 13, lives in a town in Colombia that is a refuge for families that have been forced out of their homes by the country’s internal conflict. Because the streets are not paved, during the rainy season the road turns into a muddy ditch, with open sewers overflowing into yards and sometimes houses. Dan Alder/Save the Children

10 G: Mongolia’s schools have tended to exclude some groups of children, including those with disabilities, street children, children of migrants and nomads, and those from low-income households or in remote rural areas. Kullwadee Sumnalop/Save the Children

11 H: A chair floats in the flood that surrounds an abandoned house in the village of Dombe, near Mopeia Town which has been evacuated due to severe flooding across Mozambique. Mansir Petrie/Save the Children

12 Should people pay for healthcare? (resource 3.2)
Read Ncheni’s story and complete the questions on how paying for healthcare can affect peoples lives. 1) What is wrong with Ncheni? 2) How much would the drugs have cost from the doctor? 3) What job does her mother have? 4) Did she get everything she needed from the doctor? 5) When Ncheni was younger her mother had to pay for healthcare. Make a list of all the problems this created for Ncheni and her family?

13 Choose three things that you think are the most important to a child’s health
Education A good government No conflict Immunisation Health centres Enough doctors and nurses Food Mosquito nets Money Kindness Clean water Aid

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