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Inspiring more kindness and compassion toward young people.

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1 inspiring more kindness and compassion toward young people

2 mission Young Love is a not-for-profit organisation which contributes to the health and wellbeing of teenagers in our community. We provide school and community based mentoring and personal development workshops for teenagers who are facing profound challenges in their lives, such as mental health, substance abuse, and sexual health issues. We are a recognised public benevolent institution with DGR and TCC status, and we are not affiliated with any religious or political organisations.

3 values Honesty and Integrity Honouring our word, being reliable in our commitment, being dedicated to sincerity Professionalism Providing a high standard of service that is professional, personal and ethical Respect and Trust Being responsible to cultivate relationships of confidence, compassion and consistency Belief in Change Having confidence that anyone can become empowered to make positive choices in life Innovation Using fresh approaches which facilitate ongoing improvement Learning and Laughter Motivating people to flourish using enjoyable, positive, and fun activities Open Communication Providing approachability to engage with each other in building connections

4 training Professional mentor training through TAFE Outreach Accreditation with a Statement of Attainment No cost to volunteer mentors (apart from WWC and NPC) Choice of day or evening training for male and female mentors Two locations offered through TAFE Great program for corporate community involvement initiative Can be formulated to suit specific organisation needs Can be held at TAFE or at organisation’s premises Very comprehensive compared to other mentoring organisations

5 mentoring More experienced person supporting a less experienced person Positive role model Provides a nurturing pathway for support through tough times Neutral to parents, teachers or counsellors Having someone to talk to who really listens and actually hears Very powerful process Focus is often on identifying and achieving goals Provides a structured and trusting relationship Offers guidance, support, encouragement Aims to develop mentee competence, character, confidence

6 what programs do we offer?


8 but today is about our bump program....

9 need Australia has fourth highest rate of teen pregnancy in developed world Major consequences are social and economic impact and medical complications Associated with disruption of schooling and social disadvantage Ongoing cycle of poverty, teen mums often children of teen mums Medical complications include high level of STI’s, urinary tract, pre-eclampsia Situational crisis, housing insecurity, domestic violence more prevalent Suffer high levels of discrimination and judgement in society Studies show teen mums benefit from sustained pre and postnatal support Professor Julie Quinlivan, franzcog, “Teenage Pregnancy”, Dean, University of Notre Dame Medical School Sydney/Melbourne, 2006

10 purpose To support young pregnant and parenting girls in a safe and positive environment with a focus on providing someone trusted to talk to personal development workshops increased self esteem and confidence improved parenting skills activities focussed on “me time” for young mums continuing education gaining employment

11 beneficiaries young mums aged between 14 and 23 (pregnant or have pre school aged children) young mums disengaged from education or employment high schools and their welfare staff community members who become mentors or volunteers parents and families of young mums community organisations, businesses and partners our communities as a whole (referred through hospitals, community, housing, health, school counsellors, GP’s)

12 objectives build support network of peers, mentors, community resources enhance parenting skills develop healthy self esteem and confidence in abilities provide much needed time out for young mums identify ways to continue secondary education, if required equip with skills and tools to gain employment, if required provide a safe and healthy babysitting environment document the process and evaluate the program


14 TERM 1 Mentor Training through TAFE 1 day per week for 6 weeks Information session in February 1 x hour workshop TERM 2 Mentoring 1 hour per week Mentor debrief fortnightly 3 x 2 hour workshops TERM 3 Mentoring 1 hour per week Mentor debrief fortnightly 3 x 2 hour workshops TERM 4 Mentoring 1 hour per week Mentor debrief fortnightly 2 x 2 hour workshops Graduation Celebration Evaluation conducted program overview

15 how does it work? volunteer mentors are mums themselves complete accredited training through TAFE complete all necessary Working With Children Checks match made on geography, personality, aspirations, hobbies weekly one-on-one meeting (park, café, shopping, errands) all together once a month for workshops graduation celebration at end of program receive certificates, make speeches, celebrate achievements relationship is re-shaped



18 1. What made you decide to come to Bump? 2. Why have you kept coming back? 3. What can youth workers do to encourage young mums to participate in their programs?





23 outcomes Our bump MENTEES like..... “it was great to know I had support and there are other young mums out there” “having time with other young mothers that have the same circumstances” “getting to use our brain, and the information at workshops was great” “knowing I am not alone as a young mum” “having someone neutral to talk to about my stuff” “being able to take time to sit down and think about what’s going on” “having some time as a break from my children to just be me” GOALS our Bump MENTEES have achieved..... “I have become a self reliant single mum” “starting to study and attending TAFE” “I got a job!” “getting my year 10 certificate” “went back to work one day a week and started saving money” “sett up my own small business and moving into my own place” “learning to look after my daughter and getting more confident with myself” I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Bump, I just wouldn’t be here. MENTEE, Dee Why Bump “ ”

24 outcomes Our bump MENTORS like..... “having a growing connection with mentee and seeing her make new friends” “loved connecting with young people and talking about interesting topics” “great friendship and sense of community spirit, very informative” “enjoyed learning about others and understanding life issues” “sense of being part of something bigger than just yourself” “something I could do while still having my own child with me” “gave me a purpose to be part of something worthwhile” Our bump MENTORS said their mentees have achieved GOALS like..... “identifying child care and work options for the future” “aiming at finishing a study program” “moving to independent living arrangements” “getting work experience” “gaining a sense of control over her situation” “negotiation skills with boyfriend have improved” “willingness to compromise more, and ability to be empathetic to others” “more awareness of herself, better communication and patience with her baby”

25 ...and more outcomes

26 more info? The Young Love Foundation PO Box 534 Spit Junction NSW 2088 ContactVicki Condon Phone0419 633 881 Fax9960 2701

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