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Oberwart – A February 23 rd - 27 th, 2015 1 st Short-term training activities Austrian, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish school partners.

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2 Oberwart – A February 23 rd - 27 th, 2015 1 st Short-term training activities Austrian, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish school partners

3 The main entrance of Vittoria Colonna Lyceum in the of historical Rome city centre

4 The `Great House’ of Barberini, built around XVI century, has been the headquarters of Vittoria Colonna High School since 1872. There are 3 different courses of study: Scientific - Linguistic and Human Science Lyceum

5 Our Institute has always been interested in the future of our students because knowledge means personal growth but also a better chance in life. The Vittoria Colonna library



8 An agreement was signed between the Minister of Education, University and Research, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy and the Regions. The Agreement regulates the training to reach educational or vocational qualifications. There are 21 different certificates for two or three-years. In addition to the reorganization of upper secondary school (lyceum, technical and professional schools) the system of vocational education and training was also initiated. The basic level of performance of such programs - which are the sole responsibility of the Regions - are defined at the national level. Educational and Vocational Training

9 The reform of apprenticeship integrates: The aims are: Through apprenticeships, our young people will be able to: ITS is a model of management and governance of the integration between school and work. Apprenticeship the law of secondary educationthe new ITSthe reform of the labor market to reduce youth unemployment to promote the involvement of young people in the world of work to reduce the problem of school dropouts fulfill the compulsory education and achieve a competence through apprenticeship training for professional qualifications achieve the regional diploma, continuing the tertiary education of IFTS, through apprenticeships achieve ITS diplomas, degrees and doctorates through apprenticeships of advanced training and research

10 Youth unemployment in the different regions of Italy

11 23 % Who cares? Youth unemployment in Europe Training activities carried out in Italy so far

12 Choose your future The prestigious public universities of Rome organize open days to present their different disciplines and faculties for our participating students, according to their aptitudes and preferences.

13 Choose your future John Cabot University, founded in 1972, is an independent, four-year liberal arts university, offering undergraduate degrees and study abroad programs to English-speaking students from all over the world. Last December some of our students participated in a day of university life, following an economics lesson in English.

14 Discover your future In October 2014 some of our students participated in the Young International Forum which recommended international training courses, informative guidance interviews divided by areas, seminars and workshops to learn about youth entrepreneurship in Europe and how, from their skills, to fund a start-up.

15 Discover your future The biggest event since 1990 in Italy dedicated to university, educational and professional guidance. Last October, our students met specialized figures such as psychologists, teachers and guidance counsellors, and were able to experience a simulation of the universities entrance tests as many faculties are limited. Thanks to the stands and workshops, young people can be orientated towards training and professional offers.

16 Plan your future Some students participated in the fifth annual scholarship for the Rome Prize Trade. The paper they are preparing is an analysis of the social, economic and productive reality of the region for local development in a European perspective from the h@ndicraft to the E-©ommerce. Our Institute announces a competition for a video-contest within the project “Expo 2015: an opportunity for agribusiness citizenship”

17 Experience your future Very often families of craftsmen have handed down the profession, guaranteeing customers a high level of research and quality. Old shops in Rome are a well-established fact which contributes to the collective memory and the local wellbeing enhancing the Made in Italy. Our students are in contact with some small business owners to conduct interviews and possible internships.

18 Experience your future From 8 to 11 February 2015 we participated in the three-day fourth edition of the Italian Model United Nations in Rome! This year the conference hosted 2000 students coming from Italy, Paris, Toulouse and Kuwait. The simulation had 17 committees,and made more than 20 resolutions. An event to debate on international security, peacekeeping, environment, education and culture. The largest Italian initiative of mobilization of consciences : youth for the United Nations. The speeches of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, On. Gentiloni, and the President of the Region of Lazio, On. Zingaretti, at the Opening Ceremony were very interesting.

19 Thanks for the welcome, hospitality and valuable cooperation. We look forward to seeing all of you in Rome next May We are pleased to give our contribution for an active citizenship and building together a better Europe The Italian Erasmus + students and staff

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