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BASIC SKILLS/ TITLE 1 Parent Meeting September 18, 2014.

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1 BASIC SKILLS/ TITLE 1 Parent Meeting September 18, 2014

2 HISTORY  Began in the mid 1960’s  Largest federal assistance program for our public schools  Title I, part A  Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965  No Child Left Behind Act of 2001  NCLB mentions parents over 300 times in the legislation

3 Goal  To provide extra help to students who need it the most.  Helps students work toward meeting the standards set by individual states such as the New Jersey Department of Education.

4 How was my child identified?  Teacher recommendation  Standardized test scores  Grades

5 Standardized Tests 2014  Grade 7~ NJASK LAL and MATH  Grade 8~ NJASK LAL, MATH, and SCIENCE  Grade 11~ HSPA LAL, MATH

6 Standardized Tests 2015  Grade 7 through Grade 11 PARCC in ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS and MATH  Test will be given two times per year  Performance Based Assessment  End of Year Assessment  Test will be taken on the computer

7 Common Core State Standards & PARCC  Please take a look at the new National Standards!  Common Core Parent Resources Common Core Parent Resources  PARCC Parent Resources PARCC Parent Resources

8 Programs during school to support achievement  Study Island  Jamestown  Pearson

9 After School Programs  After School Homework Help  Supplemental Educational Services (SMARTIES TUTORING)

10 Entrance and Exit Criteria EntranceExit Lack of Proficiency on Standardized test Scores Teacher Recommendation Parental Concerns Referral of Guidance Counselor Referral by Intervention and Referral Services (RISE) Grades Anecdotal Records Attendance Proficiency on Standardized Test Teacher recommendation Grades

11 Compact Outlines  School District Responsibilities  Parent Responsibilities  Student Responsibilities

12 Parent Involvement Policy  Review  Feedback

13 We are here to help you!  Contact us with any questions or concerns  All Materials are posted on the District Website  ESEA/NCLB Webpage ESEA/NCLB Webpage on District Website

14 Mark Your Calendars! Parent Workshops  Striving for Success: Middle School & High School Transitions October 14, 2014 @ 6:00 pm  Understanding the Test January 20, 2105 @ 6:00 pm  Can We Talk? Bridging the Communications Gap April 14, 2015 @ 6:00pm All Workshops held in the Junior High School Media Center

15 Please continue to be involved in your child’s education!

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